Bill Dring: Iraq resolution correct


It is good to see the House of Representatives having a meaningful debate on the War in Iraq. Why could not we have had this debate years ago?

The resolution on the table is exactly correct for right now - that is to let the country and the President know that the great majority do not approve of his escalation of this war, but, while the Commander-in-Chief is putting our troops in harm's way, they will get current funding.

If this resolution does not work, stronger measures will have to be considered to stop this madness. It will be absolutely awful if the Congress has to stop funding to stop the war, but if the President persists, it could come to that.

But right now it is important to expose the phony arguments in support of the War:

Withdrawing our troops would "Embolden the Enemy." I don't think the enemy especially needs emboldening. They seem pretty bold right now. I don't even think that George Bush's bravado; "Bring 'em on!" had very much effect. The truth is that they hate the idea of our being in land they consider holy, and every minute we stay there makes matters worse.

Withdrawing our troops would "Send the wrong message to our friends and make us appear weak." Come on. Most of our foreign friends think we are slightly wacky to have gotten into this mess in the first place, and to keep sticking it out. De-escalation would be seen as our first reasonable act. As for our strength and weakness, we have both. Our weapons and our means of delivery are absolutely unsurpassed in the world. Our fighting men and women are superb. On the other hand it just isn't possible to defeat an unidentifiable enemy, willing to commit suicide. Why do we have to pick fights which expose our weaknesses instead of our strengths?

Now this is a really tough one - withdrawing our troops would "Dishonor those who have already died." Those who have fought in this war have already earned our very great gratitude, our respect, our honor, our highest praise. They are the greatest heroes in America. But, when it is time to leave, it is time to leave. It does no good to pile dead upon dead.

"Failure is not an option." I keep hearing our President himself use this phony line. If failure is not an option, why didn't he think of this before getting us into this reckless gamble. I knew, and many, many others stated that above all, this war could bring some unexpected consequences (remember Vietnam). So, if you cannot stand failure, don't start the war.

Let's continue the debate.

Bill Dring

Steamboat Springs


oofcboy 10 years, 2 months ago

If we pull out now just think how many Iraq civilians would die are be suppressed we started the war on these guys we have to make sure their public is save or their blood will be on our hands. simper fi


Slapper 10 years, 2 months ago

The blood is on the neocons hands. Good letter Mr. Dring


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