Allison Plean: Sexercise?


Allison Plean

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Pick someone in the audience who looks like he can pay your rent - and dance for him."

That's what our "Strip Fit" aerobics instructor told us to do. I took my first strip tease aerobics class last week at Canyon Ranch (health spa resort) in Tucson, Ariz., and experienced one of the newest trends in fitness.

The audience was three walls of mirrors. Pretending you are a stripper while standing next to your mother in a room full of strange women can be difficult.

It seemed only fitting to try out this class the week Newsweek's cover featured Paris Hilton and Britney Spears with the headline, "The Girls Gone Wild Effect."

In the article, Dan Kindlon, a professor of child psychology at Harvard and author of "Alpha Girls," calls these young women "the daughters of the revolution, the first generation that is reaping the full benefit of the women's movement."

Yes, we are empowered to accomplish anything we can imagine, and that means we can do our aerobics and be sexy too.

Nothing is shocking anymore. Even adult toy parties have made their way to Steamboat Springs. So as I flew in from our "X-Rated" society, back to our extra fit little valley, I wondered if any of our local fitness habits also have a provocative edge.

They don't - at least not at the Old Town Hot Springs, (formerly known as Steamboat Springs Health and Recreation Association).

"Our clientele is not interested in that type of workout," said fitness director Simonne Oliver. "People want exercises that will help them in another sport or activity they do."

The key words in Steamboat fitness are "core" and "functional" training.

The most popular classes are Total Fitness, Spinning, Step, Poolates, Water Aerobics and the ski conditioning class held every fall.

Beauty and fitness in the world also are becoming more scientific. According to the article "The science of looking good" in the January issue of Vogue, people are paying doctors $50,000 for their health and beauty "checkups."

"Skipping carbs is all very well, but getting a DNA profile to determine the best nutrition or exercise program is better," said Vogue writer Judith Newman.

The article also said at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, you could request a shot of Restylane with your morning coffee. Restylane is a drug that the company claims restores volume and fullness to the skin.

I would be scared if the clubs here started such a service. I like to think that our little town is more organic than that.

I told my best friend this week that I would train with her for an upcoming triathlon. Uh huh. We'll see. I might need a shot of "instant core and functional training" first.


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