Bill Wallace: Bunch of hot air


Regarding Henry Savage's letter of Feb. 7, "Climate change report, study unreliable": As someone who researches, writes, speaks and consults extensively on the these matters, I couldn't disagree more with Henry's insinuations about the IPCC report. Recognizing the significance and implications of its findings, the IPCC has taken great pains to have its work reviewed and vetted by literally thousands of the world's top scientists, making it the most scrutinized report in history.

Readers who really want to do some "truth squading," as Henry puts it, are urged to read Sharon Begley's article in the Feb. 9 issue of The Wall Street Journal ("Climate Pessimists Were Right," page B1). The article notes a number of the earlier IPCC predictions were "spot on" while others "... underestimated how radically gases such as carbon dioxide, emitted when fossil fuels burn, would alter (the) climate." Moreover, scientists are concerned that by focusing on global averages, they might miss the sudden, non-linear climate changes that could have devastating consequences.

In a place such as Steamboat Springs, it's all too easy to do things as we always did, living in a high state of denial while dumping the consequences on future generations. Let's just hope our kids don't figure this out.

Bill Wallace

Steamboat Springs


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