Look fundraiser warms family



Terri Montag looks at silent auction items with her granddaughter Abi Berlet, 5, during a spaghetti dinner and silent auction fundraiser for Molly Look on Tuesday night at the Steamboat Springs Community Center. Fundraiser organizers expected 400 people to attend the event.

— Lexy Look, 11, had a simple message for the nearly 400 people who attended a fundraiser for her sister Tuesday night.

"Just pray for her," she said.

Molly Look, 3, is recovering from frostbite after spending about 30 minutes outside in subzero temperatures Jan. 17. She was wearing only a long-sleeved shirt and was found sitting in a snowbank by a passing motorist. Molly had left her home and began walking toward her grandparents' house nearby. Her parents didn't know she had left.

Look spent two weeks at Denver Children's Hospital and has lost several of her fingertips and toetips as a result of the frostbite.

Tuesday's fundraiser was organized by a group of mothers determined to raise as much money as possible for the Look family. Most of the funds will go toward medical costs because the family does not have health insurance.

Audrey Zwak, director of Christian Heritage School's preschool, said the Look family is doing well given the circumstances.

"They are an awesome family," she said. "They love each other very much. They're a team."

Zwak said Molly has visited Christian Heritage School a few times since returning home Jan. 29. Lexy and Kady Look, 8, attend the school.

"Molly sees her buddies and gets right back in the groove," she said.

Molly's father, Del Look, attended Tuesday's fundraiser. Mother Yvette Look did not attend.

Hundreds of family members, friends and community members gathered at Steamboat Springs Community Center to share in a spaghetti dinner, silent auction and live entertainment. A special card table was set up for children to design get well cards for Molly. A large wagon slowly was filled throughout the evening with stuffed animals, gift bags and cards. Event organizers were optimistic that the fundraiser generated more than $20,000 for the family.

"It's very humbling and overwhelming for the (Look) family," Zwak said. "(Del and Yvette) are just so touched. They feel really supported and loved."

Molly's older brother, Justin Baker, 19, said his family couldn't believe how supportive the community has been.

"It's such a blessing, that's what it is," he said. "Our family wants to thank everyone so much."

Baker called Molly "a trooper" and "very independent."

"She puts a smile on my face," he said. "She has such a kind heart for everyone."

Baker said his mother, Yvette, and Del Look are grateful.

"I think the word to describe them is 'hectic,'" he said. "There's a lot of emotion and a lot on their minds."

Lexy said her family has been praying for Molly's recovery and that the girls have spent a lot of time just playing together.

"(Tuesday) morning I put on some music, and Molly and I just danced around," she said. "She's going to be OK."

A second fundraiser for Molly is planned for 6:30 p.m. Feb. 23 at Olympian Hall. Tickets are $5.

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DR 9 years, 3 months ago

Maybe Fourseasons and Flipside should keep their comments to themselves....... You may think what you want....but do you really have to voice every thought. Or could you possibly just help a member of your community that needs you right now?

Let's concentrate on helping this family any way we can. It is what it is........what is important is helping Molly and her family get through this difficult time.

If you don't want to help....then go away and find something else to criticize about. This family is going through enough and doesn't need to read or hear about ignorant comments made by the anonymous.

Why stir the pot? Use this effort to do something useful. Would you like to help with the next fundraiser or just complain and criticize?

Flip....I can't believe the "girlfriend" of the new sheriff would make comments just to stir the pot. Why don't you volunteer to do something productive?

It really isn't anyone's business why they don't have insurance or why they have their kids at CHS. It's not your business to know what and how things are paid for or what their other expenses are. Why does it even have to matter......?

If you care about members of your community.........then help, give, volunteer, and support those members that need it. One day you may need the community to help you. If you want to help with the next fund raiser:.let me know. Let's work together as community members and help this family. Trust me:it will make you feel good to do something that really matters.


JazzSlave 9 years, 3 months ago


I'm not sure if your remark is intended to be sarcastic or not. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that your oft-mentioned Christianity is not the hypocritical claptrap it has been proven to be in the past; and that you grant that each member of entire Look family is pulling together to do everything they can for the little girl. But maybe you have some inside info about her grandfather's balance sheet and attendant ability to liquidate assets. If not, maybe you should just shut the eff up.


Why do you ask about an issue that has been explicitly spelled out for you from virtually the first time this story hit the SP&T? Is reading comprehension a problem for you?

I was in my early 20s when I first began dabbling in the martial arts. Got my clock cleaned by a cat who demonstrated that I had no right to be as cocky as I was, and wound up at the ER as a result. I was uninsured.

I made arrangements to pay off the bill in regular installments. Had the debt been substantially greater than it was, I would have looked to family for help and, if my stupidity had made the press, I suppose it's (remotely) possible that members of the community at large might have been willing to pitch in.

The point is the bill was paid, at no additional expense to my fellow taxpayers. It would appear that one way or another, the Look family and some of their fellow residents of Steamboat Springs will see to it that a similar result is achieved in this instance.

In a perfect world, insurance is ideal. Sadly, we can't all be as perfect as you.


SteamboatJoe 9 years, 3 months ago

What a joke - her parents don't have health insurance and they don't show up to the event - no class. They should have been there to thank all those who attended/donated.
And hey DR - It is our business that they don't have health insurance. Those of us who have insurance end up picking up the tab for those who choose not to have insurance. They took a stupid risk and lost.


DR 9 years, 3 months ago

Misinformed Joe -

The paper is wrong. Del was at the fund raiser. Yvette stayed home with Molly. I'm sure the paper will correct that. Both Grandparents, aunts and uncles were there as well. So....please take back your ignorant statement about their "class" since you don't know what you are talking about.

You aren't picking up the tab. They will make sure they pay even if they are in debt the rest of their lives. They are not the "class" of people to receive services and not pay for them. The community is helping them. Those that have donated are doing so out of the kindness of their hearts. They are a good family and people know that.....when someone is having tough luck...do you ignore them or try to help them out?

You don't have to open your pocket book...no one is twisting your arm. But, you can keep your mouth shut as tight at your pocket book and not make comments you know nothing about.


JazzSlave 9 years, 3 months ago

Joe's mantra: Always Assume The Worst About People You've Never Met.

I'd feel sorry for him, but the cloud over his head is of his own making.


flipside 9 years, 3 months ago

All the personal attacks by all the self-righteous people in Routt County still won't change the fact it's irresponsible for parents to spend money on private school instead of health insurance.

And again, thank goodness that little girl wasn't hurt worse and thank goodness she lives in a community so willing to help.

But, priorities, people!


JazzSlave 9 years, 3 months ago


You, fourseasons, & SteamboatJoe are the ones wrangling over the mantle of self-righteousness here. It must be nice to have never made a mistake, and to have never have needed anyone else's help to get out of a bind; enabling you to condescendingly deride complete strangers in a time of crisis.

I hope your life continues along its path of perfection. I wish I could be just like you. You're my hero.



DR 9 years, 3 months ago

Flip -

Enough attacks. Do you want to help this family? Be constructive....do something kind.


fish 9 years, 3 months ago

I am glad that some on this forum feel safe enough and secure enough to criticize these parents and grandparents about a crisis that can and would put a massive drain on most families. Some families simply cannot afford to have health coverage if it is not part of their employement benefits. I am sure that they already know that the gamble that a lot of us have to make, that you won't suffer from a financially crippling accident or illness , is a gamble that they lost. As far as their arraignment with the Heritage Christian School, I doubt if you know what their personal financial arraignment with the school was. As for not attending a fund raiser, these parents have just been to hell and are not back yet and have probably not had a full nights rest since January 17th, not to mention not seeing the need to expose Molly to the cold germs flowing so freely among us right now. My hope for you is that you never have to walk in their shoes, because it really does work out that what goes around comes around.


DR 9 years, 3 months ago

The paper did correct their error. Del Look DID attend the fundraiser. Yvette was home with Molly. The doctors and family felt that Molly was not ready to attend a large event. She has been through so much and still has a long recovery. They do not want her to pick up a virus that could complicate her recovery process.

The family is very appreciative of all the community support.


vic 9 years, 3 months ago

I find it sad that the family would need to justify why they did not attend the fund raiser. Doubtful that was a prerequisite to those conducting and attending the dinner.

For those of you criticizing this family, until you walk in their shoes, you have no right to pass judgment. You are quite obviously so unhappy in your own lives that you automatically lash out at anyone that comes down the pike. I would guess you have no facts, just assumptions.

And the bottom line...it really does not matter at this point if the family was in the right or wrong...it doesn't even matter why or how this happened...and their financial status not only does not matter, it is none of our business. What matters is the recovery of a 3 yr old child.


flipside 9 years, 3 months ago

Vic, FINANCIAL STATUS??? Who the heck is talking about financial status??? I'm talking about paying for private school ahead of paying for health insurance for children. Thank goodness most parents don't follow that path. Could you imagine?

As for "facts," I'm commenting on what has been reported - the family had NO health insurance, but apparently had the means to send THREE children to private school. Are you kidding me?

And questioning why parents would make such a choice has nothing AT ALL to do with sympathy for the child - or the heartache the family has gone through. As I repeatedly have said (which you and the other self-righteous posters choose not to read): thank goodness the child was not hurt more and thank goodness she lives in a caring community.

I just wonder why parents would choose private school over health insurance. And I'm not talking about daycare here, I'm talking about private primary school. I'm sure there are parents who have to choose to pay for daycare so they can go to work, but can't afford health insurance as well. That's TOTALLY different than paying for school the state provides for free instead of paying for health insurance. Never in a million years would I make that choice.


vic 9 years, 2 months ago

self righteous indeed - take a closer look in the mirror. How do you know this family did not have health insurance before they enrolled their kids? And what difference does it make anyway...it's none of our business. As I said, I doubt you have facts, only assumptions.

If someone is forcing you to donate - against your will - then, yes, you have a right to complain. Otherwise, you can't lay claim to that right. It's absolutely none of your business how much I or anyone else in this community give to the Look family. I seriously doubt that anyone who has given a donation has complained. I hope they raise enough money to pay all of Molly's medical expenses, PLUS those kids' tuition for a year AND a nice family vacation to Disney World. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

I think you are a jerk with a capital B. And someday, someone is going to kick YOU when you are down.


SteamboatJoe 9 years, 2 months ago

Vic & Others - It is amazing to me that if I have a different opinion than you, I'm attacked and I'm the bad guy. If parents make terrible choices and their daughter is almost killed, that's ok. You feel sorry for the parents and go raise money.


flipside 9 years, 2 months ago


That's just the way they are ... they like to call names from atop their high horses.

i suggest the editor remove those lowball-type posts. They obviously can't talk about the issue so they resort to name-calling.



JazzSlave 9 years, 2 months ago


What names have you been called? I believe it was you who began busting out the self-righteous accusations; while remaining hysterically ignorant of how those accusations more accurately reflect your own holier-than-thou arrogance.

It is your comrade in arms, Steamboat_Joe, who sneeringly derides the Looks as having "no class" - again, an appellation that is far more descriptive of himself than of anyone else, particularly since the infraction he accuses the Looks of committing never took place. He was wrong, and lacks the courage & decency to admit it. It doesn't suprise me that you & he are sympatico here. Birds of a feather, and all that.

Since it appears that the medical bill will be serviced by the Looks and whatever assistance is willingly donated by the private sector, I am truly baffled that you're so offended. None of this is costing you or your fellow taxpayers a dime.

You strike me as someone who isn't satisfied unless there is something to complain about - even when it has nothing to do with you, and exerts absolutely no impact on your life.

It must suck to be you.


workerbee 9 years, 2 months ago

Christian Heritage gives out scholarships, did you ever think of that?


JazzSlave 9 years, 2 months ago


Your point eludes me, especially if you're on flipside's 'private school & no insurance' bandwagon (and if you're not, my apologies).

If the medical bills are sufficiently exorbitant, I'm sure the Looks will adjust their budget accordingly. They'll yank their kid(s) out private school; hold off replacing an aging car; not take a vacation for a while... whatever.

If they can secure a scholarship, great. If they can service the debt and make the tuition payments at the same time, even better.

Either way, I don't see how private school enrollment (or lack thereof) is germane to Molly's recovery.


workerbee 9 years, 2 months ago

Jazz-the point of this entire thread eludes me. I was simply stating that there are many resources available to the family and just because the kids are in a private school does not mean that the parents necessarily made the decision to send them there and not get health insurance. It personally does not concern me that they don't have insurance, or any of the story for that matter. I'm just happy that the kid is doing better.


vic 9 years, 2 months ago

joe-don't know why you would address me - not only was I not responding to your post - I never even READ your posts. My response was to fliphead who called ME self righteous. Typically I do not start it, but once started I do not normally back down...until done or bored.

flip - if they remove "lowball type posts", you will be one of the first to go.

Once again I will say, doesn't matter what the Looks do, did, will do in the future. It's none of our business. If you want to be a kind hearted soul, make a donation, if not, then don't. You are the only one that will know and quite frankly, none of us really care. You are not going to receive Brownie Points one way or the other.


JazzSlave 9 years, 2 months ago

For the record, I privately emailed davinchi to get the name & location of flipside's business so I could be sure never to patronize it.

This post to be deleted in 5, 4, 3, 2...


countrygirl 9 years, 2 months ago

You should never choose health insurance over a higher education? Anyone can tell you that CHS curriculum is tougher than SHS. A well educated person has about, I don't know, a 100% chance of using that to benefit them in the future. The chances of having to use insurance to cover a tragedy, I would think has chances significantly lower. If I was a gambling person I might choose education over health insurance if that was even the choice.
Some of us are lucky enough to have jobs that offer insurance. I really don't know what the rate is for someone trying to get insurance on their own.


gwendolyn 9 years, 2 months ago

Individual coverage:

~$900/month -- if you have ANY pre-existing conditions at all.

~$400/month if you're healthy as a horse

Rates vary by plan and deductibles chosen.

Or, if you can't afford that...you can always apply for Cover Colorado coverage...but it has no family plans and each person must pay a per person monthly premium. It's relatively inexpensive for children, though. Not a lot of public coverage on the plan so a lot of uninsured people in this state don't know a darn thing about it.


Maybe the Pilot could do a story on this plan? And, no, you don't have to be on welfare to qualify. It's open to any/all residents....who have been offered coverage at a HIGHER rate than that offered by CoverColorado or have been declined coverage, or who have pre-existing conditions that's preventing them from getting immediate coverage on an ongoing health issue....etc. Income is NOT the qualifier for this plan. If you have income less than $50,000, however, your premiums are significantly reduced.

Given the lack of insurance coverage for many Routt County residents....maybe letting the public know about this plan is a good idea right about now????


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