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System penalizes

My wife and I make a decent living and have one child. At our current income we do not qualify for any type of affordable housing benefits. The only place we can afford to live on our income is Hayden.

A few years ago, a single acquaintance of mine who chooses to work part-time moved into his new townhouse in West End Village for around $225,000, about $125,000 below market at the time. He rents out a room for 80 percent of his mortgage. It's such a great deal he's cutting his hours back so he can ski more.

The way the current system is set up it penalizes people who work hard and are motivated to get ahead. There is no way I will support anymore funding for the housing authority until they change their focus to helping people who actually are trying to get ahead on their own. Right now the whole thing is a joke.

- housepoor

Live somewhere else

If you can't afford to move here or you do not want to rent (renting is affordable housing), there are plenty of other towns to live in. Why do people have to live in the 'Boat? Just move on. I can barely keep our house afloat. I do not want to buy houses for others. We have bought a new library, increased taxes for schools and are in the middle of trying to build a new community center.

If you couldn't get in at the right time in this town, that's just the way it goes. Hayden is nice and affordable and still has room to make equity. I don't get why people just have to live in Steamboat.

- Tigger

Give me more in HD

Comcast needs to get their act together. Comcast provides these (high definition) channels on the Front Range. I guess Steamboat is less important to them. At the rate HD is growing, Comcast will lose local market share pretty quickly unless they make fast changes.

We just bought a new HD set from Dale at Yampa Valley Sound. After watching the handful of HD channels on Comcast, I absolutely want more HD channels. Maybe Comcast needs to get satellite service from Dish Network or DirecTV so they can properly serve their customers. If/when I drop my Comcast cable service, it will be a long time before they get my business again.

- Lovesteamboat

Sloppy mistake

Does anyone at the Pilot proofread their work? An article about the Hayden Tigers playing Soroco and you have Whiteman scoring points for the "Sailors"? Come on. This is just plain sloppy.

- fish

Lawsuit right choice

I think (the Steamboat Pilot & Today) is doing the right thing, I just wonder why you picked this topic and waited this long. The School Board has been abusing the "Sunshine Law" for a long time now, predating most of the current members and superintendent.

I think some of this is just institutional inertia - "executive session" for anything uncomfortable is the history of this group and they need to learn that it just can't continue.

I hope this lawsuit finally sends the message to this group that they are a public body that has to discuss even uncomfortable topics in public.

I do appreciate the work of the school board, and I don't take it for granted that the board members work hard in a largely thankless role.

- Magpie


panky 10 years ago

Wishing to live the life of someone else (in this case, a homeowner in Steamboat) is a dream (some may call it envy) on which many wannabe homeowners expend incredible time and energy.

But consider that many of the current homeowners in Steamboat are likely dreaming the same dream and planning for the day they can "move up" somewhere else especially with the IntraWest purchase.

Remember, most second homeowners here who have chosen this valley undoubtedly cannot afford Aspen or Telluride. They can have a McMansion here instead of a very modest home in those places.

As advice from someone who bought at the right time many years ago... buy what you can now, wherever that is. Ten years from now... you won't be able to afford your own home either.


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