Santa - naughty or nice?


— The holiday season involves many traditions, from lighting the menorah to exchanging Christmas presents.

But some traditions do not make quite as much sense - like the purpose of the Christmas tree, or why we have neighborhood decoration competitions involving such disputes as "My light-up snowman is bigger than yours." Probably the most well-known and silliest tradition is the myth of Santa. This month, the Teen Style staff argued whether the tradition of Santa was a silly pastime or a worthy experience.

They started off by saying that they did not really comprehend the point of Santa.

"Why do parents make that up in the first place?" Paula Ninger, 15, asked, "I don't really get it."

As the conversation continued, ideas of why this fantasy man exists came out.

"I think Santa promotes worthy morals and beliefs," said Molly Parsons, 15. Haley O'Brien, 16, agreed.

"He doesn't expect anything in return, except kindness," she said.

The girls seemed to agree that Santa was created with good intentions, but what did they think about the results?

"I think it's kind of sad, because eventually (the kids) are going to find out he's not real, and it'll be a disappointment," Paula said.

Molly disagreed. "I wish Santa was real, for a giving person to give presents to everyone," she said, "In one sense, I think it gives children something to hope for."

The staffers were completely torn about whether the myth of Santa is beneficial or detrimental to the well-being and development of children. On one hand, it allows children to believe in something and use their creativity, but it also can be hard to find out that something you accept as true is in fact a lie.

"I think it depends when you find it out, if you find out when you're 10 or 11, it's a good time because you're (finding out) from friends," Haley said.

The group seemed to think that it also is a benefit for parents - to see and relive the innocence and naivete of childhood.

"I think as a parent, it'll be fun for children to believe in something (like Santa)," Molly said.

Eventually, the Teen Style staffers decided that Santa is a worthy experience despite the disappointment of discovering that it is a falsehood.

"I think it's fun for kids, just to have something to hope for," Paula said.

"I don't think it does any harm," Haley said. "The only limit for these kids is their imagination."


dimwitiguess 9 years, 4 months ago

Take Santa away from the brats? They don't even know what Christmas is all about except getting presents. Parents tell kids there is Santa to keep them in line. Are you naughty or nice? Gifts or sticks and coal?

Santa was made up by the free marketers! Why do we have Christmas songs and decorations in Sept. and Oct. now, kiddies? To put shoppers in the mood to buy. BUY! BUY!

Imagine our economy if Christmas wasn't celebrated? Santa brings the presents. Who brought Christmas. Even the "wise" men brought gifts! Were they the first Santas? They probably had beards at least they do when you see them standing around on someone's lawn. Hey, someone BOUGHT those yard things too! Even the nativity scene is commercialized! What a concept!

And what kind of values does Santa have if he can even lure Mommy into an embrace under the tree? Does Santa get the cookies for free? Who buys the flour choc chips? Have we bought stuff for that and a slug of milk too?

And I love the lights on the houses at Christmas time! Wait a minute someone bought those lights too and who's paying for the extra electricity? Hey high school kids, bet you don't remember when the energy crisis of the 70s ended most electrical displays. Wonder what your carbon index is now.

Now HS kiddies what is Christmas about? It to create trauma and mental anguish so you can grow up like the rest of us and need to get counseling because of some unknown fear of loss. Hey, who pays for that?

I hope I answered your questions about Santa high schoolers and if I answered any questions about Christmas for you that was probably accidental because I'm just a dimwitiguess.


MtnWarlock 9 years, 4 months ago

Gee Dim, I guess the holiday blues got ya! I'm not big on the holidays however, I don't add to the BS either! Let people believe what ever they want. Some people must of been robbed of a childhood, right?


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