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— You should go to the First Friday ArtWalk today.

With 14 downtown galleries, museums and businesses on board for the event, there is a wealth of new art to see. And with this many outlets signed on for the first of what will hopefully be a monthly occurrence, a good turnout will likely mean even more artists and retailers getting involved the next time around.

It could become something non-locals look forward to, and serve as the cohesive, reliable instigator to turning Steamboat Springs into an art destination.

But that's not why you should go. At least, none of those are the main reason.

Art walks are a community event. Because they happen on a set day once a month, the community knows when to show up. And because art inherently has a way of appealing to everyone, art walks are a way to preserve character in a town that is afraid of losing it.

Considering the layout of Steamboat's art community - there's only one main street, and most of the galleries are on or near it - all this event needs to become something to look forward to is a solid initial turnout.

A strong showing at the galleries on Lincoln Avenue from 5 to 8 p.m. today could be enough incentive for more businesses to get in on the act, for venues to try to include music in their First Friday shows, or for more people in Steamboat to attend in the future.

Here's the way I see this developing, if the ArtWalk draws crowds on its first try:

- Music: Euro-house DJ at K. Saari Gallery (break-beats go well with contemporary art); string quartet at the Steamboat Art Museum (quiet, classy background music); bluegrass at the Depot (I think the age of the building is what makes this seem appropriate); acoustic folk rock at Artists' Gallery of Steamboat (with 26 artists on the walls, the unifier that works for American pop music should work here).

- More alternative art venues: Getting the town's more formal art spaces involved is a crucial first step, but getting the restaurants, bars and retail outlets that occupy the rest of the storefronts on Lincoln Avenue is critical to giving Steamboat's ArtWalk its own flavor.

- Specials: This one isn't mandatory, but at least a few early Friday evening art walkers appreciate a good, cheap glass of wine. Plus, it keeps interest up with the 21- to 25-year-old crowd.

- End result: A unified visual and performing arts community, something anyone vaguely interested in cultural pursuits can put in their planner every month, and an event a lot of towns do well, but Steamboat has made its own.


Tracy Barnett 9 years, 4 months ago

I attended the Art Walk last night. I visited every one of the downtown venues. I didn't get to the more remote locations as it took me almost two hours to get to each of the downtown spaces and visit with all the locals who turned out. One gallery owner had thought that the primary attendee would be a tourist, but that wasn't the case. Locals turned out in droves to support the art walk concept. The gatherings remind one of trying to go to the grocery store for milk and eggs and taking an hour just to chat with people you haven't seen for a long time. This will be a monthly event to look forward to. And, if Margaret's prognostications come true, there will be music at some of these venues in the future. Good job to the organizers!


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