Work slated to stabilize historic More Barn



The More Barn, across from The Pines condominium complex on Pine Grove Road, will be the center of a 4-acre park that has been donated to the city of Steamboat Springs.

— Efforts are under way to stabilize and preserve the historic More Barn.

Wendy DuBord, the city's assistant city manager, announced Thursday that the $116,000 contract for the work has been awarded to Fox Construction of Steamboat Springs. The city received two bids for the project.

"It's an icon for the entire Steamboat community," DuBord said about the barn made famous by Steamboat Ski Area advertising campaigns. The barn is on Pine Grove Road across from The Pines condominium complex.

The barn, which is being preserved amidst the developing Steamboat Barn Village, will be the center of a 4-acre park that has been donated to the city, DuBord said.

The project should be completed quickly, she said.

"Obviously we wanted to get it done before the snow flies," she said. "We just wanted people to know what they were going to be seeing here in the near future."

Linda Kakela, the city's director of intergovernmental services, said the project is the first phase of several designed to save the barn.

"We're really excited," she said. "The purpose of this phase is to preserve the More Barn to the approximate state of the famous 1972 poster, which is a very famous poster in the ski industry."

Kakela was referring to a poster of the barn in winter that features two horseback riders with skis strapped to their saddles.

Being able to save the barn in the form of a park is a huge accomplishment for the city, she said.

"The barn is a significant symbol of the relationship between skiing and ranching in our community," she said.

The project, which could include future projects to preserve surrounding buildings, is being funded through a $150,000 donation from the developers of Steamboat Barn Village.

Steamboat Barn Village, which will include a mix of housing units, is currently under construction on land adjacent to the barn.

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Vince arroyo 9 years, 8 months ago

now where is the historical society now????? The Mores any royalties for all the advertising?


id04sp 9 years, 8 months ago

So, how about coming up with $150k each to help all those folks downtown preserve their 50+ year old "historic" homes.

I can't tell you how disappointed I was on my first visit to Steamboat to see that the "historic barn" with the cowboy motif implied by the famous posters was actually a run-down shed located across the street from the back side of the Central Park Plaza strip mall and dumpsters.

Maybe those cowboys in the poster were hurrying over to Subway for a sandwich, or to rent a video for their "brokeback mountain" weekend together.

If anybody was going to come up with the $$ to preserve this thing, it should have been ski corp or one of the resorts that has an advertising budget to spend on such foolishness.

The only thing that surprises me is that the city council has not appropriated funds to buy clown shoes for themselves to go along with their management style.


Jon Casson 9 years, 8 months ago


One of the "cowboys" is actually a cowgirl....not very "brokeback".


cybergypsy 9 years, 8 months ago

Hey id04sp, have you ever been to San Antonio? The Alamo is in the middle of the city, but it has been preserved as a historic landmark while the city has grown up around it. The More's have allowed the Barn that is iconic for Steamboat to fall into disrepair, and I applaud the City (for a change) to incorporate the Barn into a park and let us all step back in time for a few minutes. And it wasn't that long ago that the entire area around the Barn was not commercial (obviously you are too new to town to know that). The City profits from tourist $$ too, so I think it is appropriate for them to make this expenditure. Remember, the City owns a golf course and a ski area as well, where tourists spend lots of $$ completely apart from the Steamboat Ski Area.


RoxyDad 9 years, 8 months ago

id04sp Take a look at the Pyramids in Egypt. Right next to the city on one side and sand on the other. All photos taken of the pyramids are with the city to the photographers back. Same as Steamboat barn. Egypt sure is paying to preserve those icons.

The barn is very important for Steamboat weather you believe it or not. Great choice to preserve it. Everybody benefits with this image bringing in tourists. Just the same as a marketing logo of a corporation, such as the coke label.

People around the world relate this barn to Steamboat.


id04sp 9 years, 8 months ago

I guess you all missed the point. The city is prohibiting private property owners downtown from simply bringing their residences up to reasonably modern standards for electrical, plumbing, energy efficiency and habitability issues. Should it take an act of Congress to be able to remove your old double-hung single-pane windows and replace them with something that won't rot, waste energy, or fall out of the frame when the wind blows? How about a skylight in the living room, or over the bed, just for fun? Can't do any of that if it's a "historic" (50+) structure.

If the city is going to obtain a falling-down old barn from a private party and spend a bunch of money on historic preservation, then why not also chip in on the improvement of all the other "historic" buildings by funding the extra expense involved in modernizing a structure while preserving the historic appearance?

The way to preserve the "mystique," (or is it the "histique?") of the barn would be to tear it down in the 15 minutes that would actally take some dark night, and let the visitors fan out through the valley SEARCHING for it. In that way, they would discover what the rest of us know; the historic barn with cowboy motif does not exist. It doesn't bother people who visit Disneyland and discover that Mickey and Goofy and Donald and Snow White and everybody else don't really exist, but visitors still come anyway, right?

Why not tell it like it really is? The cow-folk in the photo were rushing to beat the light at Pine Grove and Lincoln.

The only thing unique or historic about that barn is the fact that it appeared in a trumped up photo-op for advertising purposes.

This is once again a case of City officials using taxpayer money just because they CAN for some misguided personal sense of importance while real people with real personal and economic concerns are ignored.


SteamboatJoe 9 years, 8 months ago

id04sp, we should go have a drink. I like your style.

I get it but you are missing the "way historic makes people feel" unless of course it is their house, then it is a different story. Now, get to work finding those clown shoes for the council. I am sure a few of our other organizations can let them borrow.


Lark 9 years, 8 months ago


You may have a hard time trying to have a drink with id04sp - as I recall, he doesn't even live in Steamboat.


id04sp 9 years, 8 months ago

Historic, yeah.

Like the ovens at Dachau.

Like the lynching trees in Mississippi.

Like the slave cabins on my family's old home place.

Historic is "yummy."

My fairly "new" house bears a resemblance to the barn. Maybe I should try to capitalize on that and charge admission for people who want to see inside. I could regale them with stories of cowgirls losing their innocence in the hayloft which is now, uh, just a loft. They could see the bullet hole where my intrepid pioneer ancestors held off the poachers that were shooting at deer in the dark (no kidding). How about the place where an olympian's brother plowed me in, intentionally, and created a REAL danger in the event that emergency vehicles had to get down my street while I waited for my contractor to come and clear my driveway?

They could admire the photo of me standing in the place during construction with a baby robin perched on my finger (it was hatched in the rafters before we got the windows installed). How about that post I was trying to notch out to hold the porch roof support beam when the hummingbird mistook my hat for a flower and almost knocked me off my ladder? Ah, yeah, the stories I could tell.

Yeah, history is a wonderful thing. Fiction sells better, however.


twostroketerror 9 years, 8 months ago

$150K for a f*g broken a* shed? How much dose 5 gallons of gasoline cost? oh the rage..... Sorry, I over re-acted there. 1 gallon would do fine. $3 bucks, no fuss, no muss and great training for our under appreciated Fire Squad. For legal reasons I would NEVER endorse or condone any of the above actions. Ever. $150K. Or, if it was torn down, we could use the wood to bolster up our "World Class" Skate park. More splinters for our future olympians! Go us!


katrinkakelly 9 years, 8 months ago

Ah yes, the Steamboat Springs "Hysterical Society" and their attempts to restore whatever they deem historical?


id04sp 9 years, 8 months ago


Don't be so sure. I do not live in the city limits, but I do come to town when it suits me. I just avoid it as much as possible.


id04sp 9 years, 8 months ago

If there was any justice in this County, the place would be condemned and the owners would be required to tear it down! It's an eyesore and a firetrap. If termites could live in our climate, it would have collapsed long ago. If the neighborhood had a homeowner's association, they'd have sued the owner for allowing an unsightly condition to exist.


RoxyDad 9 years, 8 months ago


Wow... You need to calm down. If you don't live in the city limits how could this even pertain to you?

Sounds like you dont even have a historical property that is involved in these decisions.

I have 2 houses. One in the boat and one elsewhere. The other house is historical "1912" and we have regulations in our neighborhood to maintain that. Purchsed for 225,000 and this year it appraised for 1.1 million. We are also the most desirable neighborhood in our city.

Come and visit and I will show you how Historical regulations work. You have to lose your anger first! and by the way, my windows are single pane that leak - but its worth it!!!


1234 9 years, 8 months ago

do you think that most of this bad talk is because they are jelous because of the stupid a** price they got for it?


bcpow 9 years, 8 months ago

2stroketerror nailed it. Lets have our own labor day barning man celebration.


ranch76 9 years, 8 months ago

The More's have never received any royalties from the advertising with the barn! When it was first used in pictures it wasn't rundown and there was no "strip mall" behind it.


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