YVHA closes on Fish Creek Mobile Home Park



The Yampa Valley Housing Authority closed Monday morning on the purchase of Fish Creek Mobile Home Park, where residents will be given the opportunity to become landowners as well as homeowners. The Steamboat Springs City Council and Routt County Board of Commissioners discussed the purchase, from former park owners Bob and Audrey Enever, at a joint meeting Monday.

— The Yampa Valley Housing Authority has closed on its $3.2 million purchase of the Fish Creek Mobile Home Park.

Mary Alice Page-Allen, president of the Housing Authority's board, announced the finalized purchase at Monday's joint meeting of the Steamboat Springs City Council and the Routt County Board of Commissioners. The City Council agreed last month to loan the Housing Authority $954,000, at a zero-interest rate for the first five years, to help fund the purchase.

"I need to say thank you to the city because this whole purchase wouldn't have taken place without their participation," Page-Allen said.

Housing Authority officials said current residents of Fish Creek Mobile Home Park will be given an opportunity to become landowners as a result of Monday's purchase. Mobile home owners usually do not own the land beneath their homes, and often lose their plots when mobile home parks are sold.

"We have an obligation under our contract with the city to work with homeowners to see if they want to convert these to ownership units," Page-Allen said.

Even if park residents decide not to convert to ownership units, they will not be asked to leave, Page-Allen said. In a letter from Page-Allen last month, park residents were told that the Housing Authority "will work with homeowners to develop a plan for the future of the park" and "that nobody will be forced to buy their lot or be evicted."

"Nobody's going to lose their home in any conversion process," Page-Allen said. "It's important to preserve affordable housing, which is why we wanted to purchase the park and work toward that."

The city's loan comes from funds designated for affordable housing as part of an agreement involving the loss of Westland Mobile Home Park, a Fifth Street neighborhood that was demolished in September 2006 to make way for Riverwalk, a multi-building, mixed-use development along the Yampa River.

Page-Allen has previously said the Housing Authority plans to finance $2.58 million through Wells Fargo Bank for the Fish Creek purchase. The purchase includes an additional cost of $550,000 to upgrade safety features at the railroad crossing into the park, raising the total price to $3.75 million.

Curtis Church, interim executive director of the Housing Authority, said it is not clear yet exactly what steps the Housing Authority will take with the mobile home park.

"Today, we don't know how that's going to play out, except that we're going to start the discussions," Church said.

The Housing Authority purchased Fish Creek Mobile Home Park from Bob and Audrey Enever, who owned the site for 32 years. In a letter to park residents announcing the sale, the Enevers said Tom Palmer will continue as resident manager of the park.

Page-Allen also discussed the Housing Authority's efforts to hire an executive director at Monday's luncheon. Elizabeth Black resigned from the post in June.

After interviewing three candidates, Page-Allen said the selection committee has decided to reassess the hiring process.

"Our initial attempts to find an executive director led us to believe we need to broaden our efforts in that regard," Page-Allen said. "If you look at the job description, it is a very broad set of skills:It is going to be difficult to find someone."

Page-Allen said the Housing Authority may revisit the job description, reorganize staff, hire a recruiter, expand their search or take other steps to find an executive director soon.

"I don't think there's anything that's off the table," Page-Allen said.

The luncheon also included discussion of a green-building program explored jointly by city and county staff, a traffic study addressing access to U.S. Highway 40 west of downtown and water quality measuring.


joseywales66 9 years, 8 months ago

It's great news for those folks at the Fish Creek Mobile Home Park. But maybe with the purchase something can be done to address what an eyesore the park is when driving into the west end of town.


fish 9 years, 8 months ago

Its great that you don't seem to know Steamboat at all, since you seem to think that Fish Creek Mobile Home Park is on the west end of town unless you think anything past Mt Werner road is west of town. The trailer park that you are referring to is Sleepy Bear.


weststmbtres 9 years, 8 months ago

Not that it has anything to do with the Fish Creek sale but geographically challenged Josey has a point.

We could stand to see both Sleepy Bear and Dream Island cleaned up. Both are terrible eyesores that every skier coming or going to the airport sees.

Theres a rotted american flag hanging on a trailer in Dream Island that should have been taken down years ago. Theres nothing quite like a wannabe patriot desecrating the American flag by displaying it is such poor fashion.

In addition, how about the new gun shop at Dream Island. Nothing like advertising guns on the biggest sign on Lincoln Avenue to every tourist right as they get ready to enter opur quaint downtown shopping district for the first time.


Hadleyburg_Press 9 years, 8 months ago

Approx. taxpayer cost of giving the the YVHA an interest free loan for five years:

($954,000 x .07) x 5 = $333,900


id04sp 9 years, 8 months ago


Holy cow. What a bunch of elitist crap. Are we here for the skiers, or are they here for us?

Maybe you ought to try living for about six months on two slices of white bread, one slice of bologna and one slice of imitation velveeta for lunch like I did. Money for a new flag was the least of my worries at that point.

If you think economic troubles cannot come your way, then you've never been in business for yourself or worked for a small business. Heck, look at all the Ford employees in Atlanta who lost jobs when they stopped building the Taurus last year. What about the people who lost jobs in NYC when the WTC came down?

Yes, indeed, we do harbor our share of drug addicts and alcoholics in the trailer parks, but they may be living alongside some of our most valued citizens, such as cops and fire fighters.

There are many skiers who visit Steamboat and also live in "manufactured housing" back home. No kidding.

Who's smarter? A person who spends $750,000 for a 3000 square foot house in Steamboat, or a person who spends $50,000 for a manufactured home on a couple of acres somewhere and has enough money to spend 2 or 3 weeks skiing in Colorado every year, PLUS, go to the beach in the summer, PLUS NASCAR races, PLUS a bass boat, etc.

For the sum of $750,000 I can have a trailer in a Gulf Coast state, a cottage in New England AND a house in North Routt. Any skiers who want to drive by and thumb their noses at me can stop by and kI$$ my @$$ on their way!


fish 9 years, 8 months ago

Oh my god yes we need to worry about what the skiers might see on their way to the slopes, we would not want them to think that anyone in this town does anything but cater to their every desire. Lets put up a big fences to block the views all the way from the airport to an appropriate location within the city so that Mr. and MRS. Skier won't be offended and take there dollars elsewhere. I wonder what your yard looks like?


Hadleyburg_Press 9 years, 8 months ago

weststmbtres, The affluent and working class people that I know that visit Steamboat year after year do so because of the genuiness of the community. The trailer parks and its citizens add to the realness of the town. Your attitude on the other hand, is the type of thing that would turn off most of the people I know. Do me a favor and try to keep a low profile and keep your mouth shut so as not to embaress the rest of us. Better yet, go out to one of the better bars in town and spew your elitist gentrified rant. Luckily, we are still "quant" enough that you will probably get a much needed response.


Vince arroyo 9 years, 8 months ago

Its the start of a real affordable housing just by keeping the whole trailer park area as a whole. not just inclusion nary. or deed restricted ( which if i recall hearing Isn't deed restriction against the US constitution ?


weststmbtres 9 years, 8 months ago

I've got nothing against the trailer parks. I've lived in those very same trailers myself. All I'm sayign is clean up a little and have some respect for where you live and the other residents of the vally who have to look at your garbage. There are junk cars, trash and appliances lying around and general lack of cleanliness. I have lived for the past 15 years in "manufactured housing" and worked 60 hours a week to afford it and raise a family here.

15 years ago I bought my little piece of heaven west of town for 95K and I don't ever plan on leaving or selling so I don't care if the real estate prices go up or down. If someone has or needs to burn 750K on a house that's their own business, not mine. All I'm saying is take some pride in where we live, do us all a favor and clean up the garbage and junk.

I'm confused about the comments that we sholdn't care about the skiiers coming to our town and they can kiss your A#$. If anyone thinks for a minute that we don't need the skiers they're crazy. Our economy isn't self supporting. We don't live in a bubble insulated from the outside world. We all need, use and buy goods and services from outside our local community. Therefore we need an inflow of money from outside our town. Skiers and summer touristts are that infolw of cash that supports us all.

Without the tourists there wouldn't be a local economy. They come to Colorado for the beauty of this place, not to look at junk lying in the backyard of our homes, and if they decide it's unsightly they may decide to vacation elsewhere the next time around.

And as for the flag comments id04sp, I didn't say you had to cough up money to buy a new one. Just take it down and give it the respect it deserves. It's the American Flag for Gods sake. I'm just saying that it should be displayed with pride in a proper way. If that can't be doen then take it down

If you've got questions look up the Flag Code, Title 4, United States Code, Chaper 1.


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