Luella Boettler Berry: Control needed


A recent article in the Rocky Mountain News motivated me to write this letter to express my concern regarding the aggressive development going on in Steamboat Springs. This is where I grew up on a cattle ranch, and although I realize a certain amount of growth and progress are inevitable and acceptable almost anywhere, when it is carried to the extreme of ruining a beautiful area, it is a travesty.

Steamboat has always been known as an exceptional ranching area, and the town has exhibited a Western flavor. There should be an effort on the part of any developer to maintain this look as has been done in towns like Telluride.

John Waldman was quoted as saying, "Steamboat's not the funky little place it used to be, but it has maintained its soul." On the contrary, if the Wildhorse Meadows development comes to fruition (and there will no doubt be others), this will certainly tend toward destroying that "soul."

What is wrong with the City Council? Isn't that type of thing their job? Why aren't they exercising more control over this? I visited Steamboat this summer and it seemed the Courthouse was about the only remaining original major building still standing. Hasn't the council ever given any thought to such a thing as preservation?

It saddens me greatly to think of what is happening to my hometown. I just hope someone wakes up and smells the coffee before it is too late.

Luella Boettler Berry

Scotts Valley, Calif.


another_local 9 years, 8 months ago

Unfortunately, the decisions that enabled the development now occuring were taken decades ago when the land was annexed, zoned, subdivided and sold.

Much as I am not a fan of the current council, there is not a lot they can do other than enfoce standards of quality.


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