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A dollar short

Exceptions will be made if you are demolishing your historic structure to build over priced "urban" loft condo apartments and swanky commercial space.

You're a day late and a dollar short, council, again.


Putting out fires

The reaction may be different if incentives were offered for preserving the character of historic buildings. Low interest loans/grant money would be a cheap way of pointing us in the right direction. What I think is missing is a vision of what this town is going to look like in the next 10 to 20 years. Right now everything is moving so fast we are just putting out fires in an attempt to slow the change. It was the beauty of the valley and the character of the town that brought me here. I hate to see that change due to a lack of foresight and planning.


Real problems

Since there does not seem to be a feasible route to bypass downtown Steamboat Springs, all alternatives should be examined. When moving people along the valley from Craig to Oak Creek and back, the only possibility other than U.S. Highway 40 would be the existing railroad tracks. The owner of the tracks will say no way, but the local govts could cajole, pressure, and if need be, tax them into submission. Build a parallel track to theirs. Another idea would be to build a monorail from the airport to town and then to the mountain, with local and express service where needed. People would use it because it would be fun. Divert the $34 million from an inside swimming pool and start working on the real problems.


Address traffic

Howelsen Hill parkway and River Road should remain in play for possible traffic diversion around Steamboat Springs. Building more infrastructure will take this option off the table and there are few other options to relieve the traffic problem entering town from the east.

NO MORE NEW CONSTRUCTION UNTIL THIS TOWN TACKLES THE TRAFFIC PROBLEM. How long will it take for the community to wake up City Council to this dilemma?


Alter rail line

The rail spur should extend from the mine to Oak Creek and allow the existing rail line through Steamboat to be closed and sold off. The portion through the city could be the traffic bypass we so dearly need.

The balance of the rail line property between Oak Creek and Hayden (excepting the part that would be the bypass) could be sold off to help cover the costs of the segment from the mine to Oak Creek.



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