Bob and Margie Huron: A civic duty


As longtime taxpayers in the Steamboat Springs School District, we are appalled at the decision of this School Board to waste $270,000 in tax dollars in an attempt to solve their personal problems.

As the story was presented, the superintendent was successful in her duties and had the support of a number of educators and administrators. The same level of support was not reported for the School Board. From previous stories in the Pilot, it appears that at least one board member has been controversial and evoked a recall attempt. Regardless of the personal issues, the members of this board seem to have forgotten they have a civic duty to represent the best interests of the school district, not their own egos.

It appears that the taxpayers, administrators, teachers and students must now pay the price for unprofessional behavior from a group of individuals who have not learned how to work together for the greater good. The better decision would have been for this board to resign in favor of a responsible team who can represent the community in a mature, conscientious manner.

Bob and Margie Huron

Steamboat Springs


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