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— So the argument is not to allow certain companies open stores in downtown Steamboat because they do too good of a job meeting the needs of the public?

That is beyond communism, it is straightforward ANTI-capitalism. Do not let us purchase what we want. The reason we cannot purchase what we want is because purchasing what we want is too competitive for local storeowners.

- Scott_Wedel

The money will win

The "free market" has outgrown its name. It is now the "corporate market." It is more a Chinese retail outlet organization/consortium. Mom and Pop can't compete. They can't afford to lose millions a year like the big boys because their stock is in their store, not in Wall Street. Council maybe trying to preserve some of what is being destroyed in this country. However, in the end the money will win and a valiant effort will go unnoticed.

- Mr_B

A good thing for citizens

The cost of obtaining public records just became 5 times more affordable than it was before. This is a very good thing for private citizens who want to know the truth and do something about it.

- id04sp

Congrats, 4-Hers

Congratulations to all of the Routt County 4H Youth. It's nice to see an article about something we can be proud of!

- animalfarm

What a showman

Sam Bush, what a showman. Great Concert, thanks Joe K. and Waldman productions. Felt like a little bit of Telluride Bluegrass Festival!

- dreamriver23


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