Austin Ritzel: Stop the nonsense


Let's face the music. The Steamboat Pilot & Today has never been the most reliable newspaper and often has less than stellar news.

Many have said the same and quite frankly, the Pilot & Today is losing its integrity and lowly making the transformation to a poor supermarket tabloid. I could easily compare quite a few of your recent stories to the stories in the English tabloid The Sun or the well-known American tabloid the National Enquirer.

This melee between the newspaper and John DeVincentis has gone quite far enough. The fact is in excess of the event. Let the man go on with his life and serve his duty as an effective school board member.

Just so I may shed the heavy coat of anger I have been wearing for the past two weeks over this particular issue, I just would like to share this: Dr. D was an exceptional educator who has paid his dues from the extreme anger of those close to and around him. Many hearts are aching over this very issue, so Scott Stanford, stop the nonsense before you lose all credibility.

Austin Ritzel

Eighth grader

Steamboat Springs Middle School


Vince arroyo 10 years ago

great job Austin, See even an 8th grader can see the light in this. !!!!! lets move on


JustAsking 10 years ago

Is this one of the most articulate 8th graders in the world or do we have a ghost writer or editor??


gwendolyn 10 years ago

I was thinking the same thing...that, and I was wondering just how long this 8th grader has been reading the Pilot...

"...never been the most reliable newspaper and often has less than stellar news..."

...not to mention The Sun and National Enquirer...


agentofchange 10 years ago

Right on Austin.

By the way, most folks read the paper at an 8th grade level. So the pilot/today fits right in.


Matthew Stoddard 10 years ago

JLC- urban myth on gaming console forums about some guy who mistyped "owned" by hitting the "p" instead. It's stuck as an online community word ever since.


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