Bonnie S. Roesink: Support valued


I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of those who supported me during the recall petition drive. My strength came from my family, all of my employees, friends, church and all of the other district attorneys in Colorado. Many of the negative things that were said against me cast aspersions against my hardworking and loyal employees. The result of the criticism has been to draw everyone in the office closer, rather than to divide us.

I am very grateful to the law enforcement agencies who expressed their support, both publicly and to me in person, especially Col. Mark Trostel of the Colorado State Patrol. He is a very courageous man of great character, who stepped forward, on his own, to correct what he believed was an injustice. I also want to thank the Steamboat Pilot for giving guidance to their readers by expressing their view against the recall and telling people not to sign the petitions. In my opinion, newspapers do have an obligation to educate the citizens about important issues by taking a position. Many citizens believe any assertions made against those in authority, even though they may not be based on facts. I want to thank those who wrote to the papers and especially I want to thank Craig's "6th Street Wooden Bear" (it has never made a political statement in the past).

I hope that there can be a positive aspect to this ordeal. Careless driving resulting in death should be a more serious crime. I plan to try and convince my fellow district attorneys to run a bill next year that would increase the penalties in these cases. As I did three months ago, I would encourage the family and loved ones of any victims of this type of crime to step forward and help me in my endeavor.

Bonnie S. Roesink,

District Attorney for the 14th Judicial District


jeannie berger 10 years ago

The banner says 9 comments on this story, I see none.


JQPUBLIC 10 years ago

Scott Stanford... your "delivering today's news today.... The day it was posted it said it had 10 comments, I went there, nothing. Today it says 7 comments, still nothing. Now this forum has none, are the posts being removed or lost? I thought if they removed posts the posters name stayed on and it just says "comment removed by staff". Can you explain Scott?


JQPUBLIC 10 years ago

wow... do the posters that have been banned know it? 34 posts and only two show up. They are writing their little hearts out for only them to see, guess it relieves frustration.


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