Roll safely into springtime


Spring is a good time to make bicycling your preferred method of transportation. To make sure you have a great experience on your bike, we would like to remind you that cyclists in Colorado have "all the responsibilities and all the rights of motor vehicles."

"All the responsibilities" means cyclists need to obey the traffic laws and behave in ways that do not endanger others. These responsibilities include stopping at stop signs and red lights, using hand signals and not riding on sidewalks downtown between Third and 13th streets on Lincoln, Oak and Yampa.

Cyclists should be particularly cautious at intersections, and can reduce the risk of collision by being visible day and night. When possible, cyclists should choose a street with little traffic or a bike path and avoid Lincoln Avenue.

When riding on county roads, cyclists should ride single-file, and when trail riding, they should not ride in wilderness areas.

Don't forget to register your bike to help the police department recover it if lost or stolen.

"All the rights" means cyclists have the same right to use the road as anyone in a car, truck, motor-home or motorcycle. Therefore, everyone should drive or ride in a respectful manner since no vehicle is more important or has priority over another.

Be a good example to your children by consistently wearing a helmet. Make sure your child's helmet fits well and is in good condition. Commute to work and encourage your children to ride to school. Studies have shown that children younger than 14 are five times more likely to be injured in bicycle accidents than older riders, and more than 75 percent of bicycle-related deaths are due to head injuries.

Join your children and their friends to the Bike and Walk to School Day on May 25.

Help your children develop responsible traffic skills by participating in the Yampa Valley Bicycle Rodeo on June 23.

Participate in Ride to Work Day with your coworkers June 27.

For more information on Bicycle Rodeo or safety education sessions for elementary and preschools, contact Tom Whiddon, community service supervisor, Steamboat Springs Police at, 879-4344. For more on Bike/Walk to School Day, contact Danielle Skov at, 871-1646. For more on Bike to Work Day, contact Emmanuelle Vital at, 846-1063.


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