Tim Bishop and Jerry Buelter: Proud of staff


Since last week's events involving discontent between members of the school board and our community, many parents offering their support and concerns have approached us. We want to assure the public that what is being written in our newspaper has not and will not infiltrate the doors of our schools or classrooms.

We have never been more proud of our hard working teachers and support staff who have continued to move this school district forward year after year. The Steamboat Springs School District is the state's highest performing district according to CSAP results for schools with a student population between 1,500 and 3,000. There are 22 districts in the state to which Steamboat is compared, but none scored higher than Steamboat in math or writing, and only one scored higher in reading.

As a community, we cannot lose sight of what an outstanding school district we are. Every day, our schools face challenges that need to be overcome. The decisions needed to find solutions to such issues aren't always accepted by 100 percent of those involved. We can assure you that when making such decisions, we have your children's best interests and the forward growth of our school district in mind.

Great things are happening on a daily basis in our schools. The principals and staff will continue to approach our classrooms with the positive energy that we already have. We will continue to move forward with new curriculum, expansions in our programs, and important decisions that are expected in schools of excellence.

We have never been more appreciative to our community which supports a half-cent sales tax that enables us to manage class sizes and expose our children to technology not readily available in most districts. This fall, we celebrated as this community passed the bond issue for a new elementary school and the renovation of two others. The community also voted overwhelmingly to raise the salaries of our hardworking teachers. Our parent advisory and district accountability committees are made up of dedicated volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure student and staff success. Please continue your support for our schools. We assure you your feedback and hard work has not gone unnoticed. We are more appreciative of the Steamboat community than ever before.

Your children are happy and our schools are focused. We want to assure the community that we will not allow the current discontent amongst our board to enter the doors of our schools and damage the positive climate that we have worked so hard to build. Our energies will continue to be directed toward the successes of our students and staff.

Tim Bishop

Principal, Steamboat Springs Middle School

Jerry Buelter

Assistant Principal, Steamboat Springs Middle School


another_local 9 years, 11 months ago

You guys do a great job. Thank you for all you do.


reallocal 9 years, 11 months ago

I only wish you were allowed to reach your upmost potential. Even though you try to ignore it, it's always there. Imagine how much better than the awesome job you are already doing if you didn't have to put up with all this crap, huh? One more reason to sign the petition...


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