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Blissful Mayhem 'keeps people on the dance floor'



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Blissful Mayhem, a newly-formed local band, will perform Saturday night at the Pirate's Pub in Jade Summit Restaurant in Ski Time Square.

Past Event

Blissful Mayhem

  • Saturday, April 14, 2007, 8:30 p.m.
  • Pirates Pub, 1890 Ski Time Square Drive, Steamboat Springs
  • 21+ / Free


— Blissful Mayhem, a recently, formed local band, claims to be user-friendly.

"We don't like to be real loud. People can still converse, talk and dance," said Tom Wood, lead vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and mandolin player for the band. "We are not in your face with a high-voltage, loud and abrasive sound."

Blissful Mayhem is a four-piece band made up of 50-something long-time locals, who will perform at the Pirate's Pub in Jade Summit Restaurant on Saturday night.

"Our big priority is to have fun," Wood said. "Nobody has any delusions of stardom. I've lived the musician's dream in my 30s and got burnt out."

The band primarily plays rock 'n' roll cover songs and some original compositions by Wood.

"We play Jimi Hendrix, old Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Lenny Kravitz and some Incubus," Wood said. "We keep people on the dance floor."

The songs written by Wood are about his life in the Yampa Valley.

"We are on the Rocky Mountain-time pace of life," he said. "I write about people I've met, friends killed in avalanches and going to the city and what a circus it is."

The other band members include Joe King, percussionist; Carol Ives, on bass and vocals; and Johnny Kessler, who plays dobro, square neck, electric and pedal guitars and the harmonica.

"A good description of our mental psyche includes a certain amount of chaos," Wood said. "We don't limit ourselves to rigid copies. We take the main melodies, chorus and verses, and the rest we make our own."

The combined experience of the band members includes being in 40 different bands prior to this project.

"I'm more of a garage drummer because I haven't been in a band for a while," King said. "This is more of a hobby."

Wood has been performing as a solo artist for the past three years, working weddings, private ceremonies and playing at Hahn's Peak Cafe.

"I didn't really have to start a band because I am a successful single act," he said. "But I met these guys and was inspired by their gifts. It came out of happenstance, out of pure joy and fun, and we will keep doing it."


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