Beverly Eagerton: Not family-friendly


I just want to comment on this year's Cardboard Classic. I would suppose this event should be held for everyone in this community. I am truly disgusted by the behavior that went on there. Most of the people who participated were extremely drunk. People were totally out of control throwing beer at the crowd and ice balls. I saw at least two people who were bleeding. My daughter was nailed in the face with a snowball, or should we say, an ice ball. The behavior at this event is obviously for the party crowd of Steamboat and not for families. It amazes me how the law can be broken on the slopes. If this went on anywhere else in town, people would be arrested.

Beverly Eagerton

Steamboat Springs


corduroy 9 years, 11 months ago

from many people I've talked to (kids that grew up here and are now adults) the Cardboard Classic isn't a family friendly event. Many kids weren't allowed to go until they were in late teens.

Not everything in Steamboat has to be family oriented


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