Greg Dixson, Brian Kelly, Jim Swiggart, Marci and Tom Valicenti, Michael Loomis: Focus on future


The DeVincentis e-mails

— Like it or not, Dr. D's e-mails are public record. They were public record as soon as he signed the district's form acknowledging anything he wrote on school property could become public and as soon as he wrote them on his school computer. He wrote them - the staff at the Steamboat Pilot & Today didn't.

The Board's inability to focus on the long-range future of the district became a topic of concern among many of us well before the e-mail revelation. The expenditure of district funds to "investigate" the source of the e-mail "leak" is another example of poor judgment. The e-mails are out, Dr. D admitted writing them and they were and are public record. The board should not waste district funds and resources on lawyers or investigators. Doing so is inexcusable.

Any viable board, in the face of these e-mails, our district's deteriorating reputation in the state and the discord that a recall will create, should act to prevent it. They should ask for Dr. D to resign.

Had the paper not published these e-mails, the community would not have become aware of how mean-spirited Dr. D was. After reading the content and language Dr. D chose, even our children know that someone who could write them should not be in a leadership position. Suggesting the paper not publish them is like asking a baker not to bake bread. It was not only our paper's job but its duty.

Former Parents for Dr. D: Greg Dixson, Brian Kelly, Jim Swiggart, Marci and Tom Valicenti, Michael Loomis


another_local 10 years ago

Well said again.

Our board needs to focus on the task at hand; making this board an effective body to govern the school district. In order for that to happen Dr D must go. Perhaps others need to go as well if they are so unable to understand how organizations function that they do not realize this is ineveitable and neccessary.


steamboatparent 10 years ago

The board needs to 'do the right thing' for the children and STOP dragging out this unfortunate event. Please do not waste our funds or your time investigating how the paper got the emails. It does not matter.

Dr. D, please step down as the community has asked so that the board can get on with the task of educating our children. If Dr. D refuses to step down and if the rest of the board does not call for his resignation, I suggest we recall the entire board and start fresh. This has gone on long enough.


reallocal 10 years ago

Bravo. It takes real guts to stand up and admit you were wrong. This has been quite an eye-opener for all of us. I'm disappointed in John's manipulation of your interest in the schools to serve his own sexist and irrational agendas. I know you all, and you all deserved much much better.

To John and his supporters-now is not the time to continue pursuing your zealous educational theories. Advise him to do the right thing. He will lose a recall election, and will only cost taxpayers more money than his antics already have. If you were really looking to do the right thing, you'd advise him to resign. Now.


Ann Holmes 10 years ago

Right on former parents for Dr. D!

I also had a student at Strawberry Park under Dr. D and supported him and loved him. But after reading/hearing comments from people I trust (i.e. Darcy Trask, Matt Hermes, et al), Dr. D. must resign. He is not fit to serve on our Board of Education.

I'm sorry so many residents here don't seem to understand that the "information superhighway" is a PUBLIC forum. Having been involved with email and employer/employee rights since the mid 1980s, I can't believe so many people are still unimformed. Maybe it's time people realize what responsible Internet use at work involves--could this lesson be one good thing to come out of this saga?

These PUBLIC emails aside, it sounds like Dr. D's behavior at board meetings has been "beyond what we all should expect of a leader in our community." Trask, 4/10/07.

If the Pilot's "Question of the Week" poll is any indication of the community's feelings, 80% now want him to resign. This is significantly more than the percentage that voted him in a few years ago. Wake up Dr. D, your public life in this community must come to an end.


x3skier 10 years ago

Is Dr D. taking lessons from Don Imus?

Regardless of how the emails got to the Pilot/Today, such an attitude as displayed Dr D. shows a complete lack of integrity and maturity required by a member of any public board. If he does not resign, he should be recalled (or maybe expelled is a better description) if he does not resign.


reallocal 10 years ago

This is a public office, not a business. We expect more from our public officials than we do our business people, at least judging from your posts.


gwendolyn 10 years ago

"...not a man in business anywhere who hasn't expressed similar thoughts about some of the people we are forced to deal with..."

I don't know ANY women who express these sorts of thoughts from a position of business or public interest. Right now, I wish I didn't know any MEN who express themselves this way, either. But we ALL do now, thanks to DeVincentis (and you!).

Think it, don't speak it. Think it, don't speak it. Good mantra to have around. Think it, don't speak it.

Just because Ann Coulter makes big bucks writing a syndicated column like she's in a locker room dippin' snuff and spittin' out nasty juices with the good ol' boys doesn't mean a public SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER should be doing it. Much less doing it on a public computer, on public time, with public money.

Civility and respect and trust. Flushed by DeVincentis in a most public manner. He needs to resign. Period.


reallocal 10 years ago

Gwen-don't even bother. He's in the good-old-boy club and nothing you can say will change his POV because he's comfortable at the top looking down at all of us unskilled, passive-aggressive women. He even called me "girlie" which I hadn't heard outside of an old movie-ever, and actually found pretty funny. I think I'm going to start calling myself that, actually.


gwendolyn 10 years ago

Give me a break.

  1. You don't seem to know anything about Dr. Simms and yet keep invoking what you THINK about her role in DeVincentis' vindictive actions/words.

  2. Dr. Simms doesn't work here anymore.

  3. Tit for tat doesn't mean any of it's right.

  4. If an employee is ineffective and counterproductive then THAT is what is said. Beyond lacking civility, lashing out with ugly name-calling is far more ineffective and counterproductive than any conversation without it.

  5. People don't "listen" to profanity, they either engage in it in a retaliative and counterproductive manner, shut down, turn their backs on it/walk away, or do whatever they can to punish the offender. (A lot of employees like to damage goods and steal things and then quit without notice when they have employers like this.)

  6. Just because you have a foul mouth and find it "useful" to you (or, so you think), doesn't mean everyone else has the same perspective.

  7. Passive-aggressive actions are not gender specific or dominant.

I'm getting the impression (from your postings) that you are a foul mouthed sexist employer who uses profanity to bully people around.....just the kind of person DeVincentis truly doesn't need right now defending him/his actions. Then again, if this is the corner DeVincentis sits in, then, well, he definitely needs to resign.

BTW, where do you work? What business do you run/own? Do you even live in Steamboat?


gwendolyn 10 years ago


and he's old. definitely ol' boys' network. sexist ol' boys' network, that is. probably mean as a coot, too, to all his employees!



JQPUBLIC 10 years ago

real & gwen... there is no winning even one point with this sexist, he sounds just like Dr. D. What do you think our chances are that he will give up and go away if we just ignore him and his testosterone induced ideas? Even if he doesn't go away we can leave him talking to someone that actually cares about what he has to say, himself.


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