Buddy King: Tossing out lifeline


The DeVincentis e-mails

— I'm having a hard time comprehending the number of people who have jumped ship on Dr. D.

"Let he who had not sinned throw the first stone." (A stone was lobbed from the back of the crowd and Jesus said, "Ma, please don't do that, I'm working here.")

We have all made mistakes in our lives. It is never fair to take statements out of context, that were made in the heat of a very, very volatile situation years ago, and print them today, making them sound like these are statements that this individual would make on any given day.

Of course I am not trying to make light of these e-mails. They were wrong. Dr. D admitted that they were wrong. Do we really need to stone him for these actions? They were supposed to be private. This does not by any means lessen their intent, but do any of us have any "private" laundry that we'd rather not have aired? I'm having trouble expressing this point without feeling that some will righteously stand by the statement that "wrong is wrong." I guess we all have to work this out on our own.

My heart talks to me about what I remember about Dr. D. I don't think an individual changes that much. He was always a good man who put the interests of our children first. I don't see how that could have changed. Yes, he did make a mistake. Go ahead throw the stone, if you feel you are sinless.

He was the principal at Strawberry Park Elementary for all five of our children. They loved him, and he loved them. They still love him and I'm sure he still loves them. How many of you remember what we remember about his tenure at Strawberry Park Elementary?

At the expense of sounding overly religious, what is our impression of Jesus and children? He is sitting with one on his lap and a handful around him laughing and telling him knock-knock jokes. He is very happy and laughing with these innocent children, these children who have not made any major mistakes "yet" in their lives. Will he forgive them (us) when they (we) do? You can picture our subject as either the principal with the kids on his lap, or one of the children who has made that mistake.

I hope we can let this pass and all get on with our lives, and that both the superintendents and Dr. D can move forward in a positive manner.

I am a concerned parent and member of this small community.

Buddy King

Steamboat Springs


linus 10 years ago

Great letter, Buddy! Exactly what I've been thinking. The pile-on mentality of the 'kick him when he's down' crowd makes me cringe.


reallocal 10 years ago

I don't want to stone him, just have him out of a position of public trust. He does not deserve to be there. Maybe if he were as forgiving and kind as you, he wouldn't have gotten himself in this mess. He could have run off Simms and not held Howell responsible for his problems with Simms. He could have declined to speak with a teacher in Howell's new district. He could have let the whole thing drop. He didn't. If what we are teaching our children is so important, how about showing them that there are consequences for their actions? How about teaching them responsibility, maturity, and accountability? How about teaching them that we are fortunate to live in a place that something can be done to correct a flawed system? How about showing them that inaction is worse than getting involved and doing something about it? Or should we just stand by and passively condone his actions with our own inaction?


JustSomeJoe 10 years ago

Hey Buddy - nice letter. There's no doubt that Dr D was a positive influence on many during his tenure at SPE. I have difficulty reconciling his past performance with some of the actions he suggested in his email, private or not. Imagine if someone in a position of trust and influence in the school community approached one of your daughters with the intent of destabilizing your home life, which hopefully would lead to destabilizing your work life/business. That's exactly what John suggested to a Mercer Island teacher, get to Cyndy through her daughter Cammi.

I'm sure that I've committed sins in the eyes of many churches. That doesn't mean I shouldn't ignore this one. What else is he capable of doing in our school district?


fmrstudentlxa 10 years ago

At the risk of sounding completely insensitive, did you really compare Dr. D and his influence on children to that of Jesus and the children?!? I mean honestly of all the arguments this seems to be one of the most ludacris in my mind. People go to war over religious interpretation and views. Leave religion out of it and focus on the facts. He slandered a former employee and used district property to do it. He is now doing the same things with Howell as he did to get Simms out of Steamboat. Dr. D is a man with little concern for anyone's well being but his own.


Kieran O'Halloran 10 years ago

First of all, I respect what each and everyone has had to say on this matter. It is our right as a community to know about our leaders, esp. on the school board and be able to react to what has happened. The future of our children is the most important thing, because one day they will be leading this community and this country. Secondly, lets keep religion out of this. Religion is a personal belief and should not be part of the public school system or government or this matter.

This is an issue with an individual who has chosen a path that is not good for the growth of our community. This communities children are what matter, not a conflict between board members. We are a better then this and we should preserve this. We live in paradise and this is hands down the best place to raise a child. I was born and raised here and I have been given a unique chance to still live here. Lets move past this situation and strive to continually give our children the best living environment possible.


HolySmoke 10 years ago

Great letter Buddy..If more people thought like you the world would be a much better place. I'm really tired of how people latch on to one negative aspect of a situation and will not let it go. Focus on the positive in any and every situation..just a thought.


dogd 10 years ago

Great letter Buddy. The untold story about Simms is that she launched a nearly comprehensive purge of every prominent strong male in the system, those she couldn't "get" were wounded in the process. Dr D decided to not become one of her victims.

Some of the greatest men who have EVER graced this community were destroyed, at least in part, by Simms and her seemingly visceral desire to attack and purge strong males. I am not very respectful of any of the parties who assisted her in this disgraceful process. I am also less than surprised that those same people are doing the GOTCHA DANCE. And I am NOT impressed by the names which have joined them.

Dr D had every right and justification to fight back against the fate that Simms had in mind for him. The fact that she is gone is great for this community. His e-mails were not his finest work, and he must have one thick strong skin to still be standing. But strength and backbone was the original objection which Simms had to those she destroyed. Good luck Dr D . Do NOT give up.


fishbait 10 years ago

No one is doubting the fact that you and your family had a good relationship with Dr. D. The fact of the matter is, what has happened in the past 3 years. He has been vindictive and since being on the school board he has continually caused problems and clearly had his own agenda in mind. I have a daughter getting ready to start kindergarten and I am also a teacher in another district. Dr. D. does not display the kind of leadership I expect out of our school board. I hope for the sake of the students, teachers, and administrators and other board members that he steps down or is fired from his position. Sad but true.


JQPUBLIC 10 years ago

Buddy... if it were just the words (the name calling) and him venting his thoughts the situation would be a little different but it's not, it's his actions to get what he wanted and his suggestions to McGowen to do the same insidious acts to finish what he had started, which was to "ruin her career". Sorry, it's just too hard to forgive and forget when an elected official has abused his power and disgraced his position. Dr. D's credibility is gone and the SP&T's poll proves he has lost the confidence of the people.


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