Chip Coe: Children deserve better


The apology letter that Dr. John DeVincentis wrote is yet another refection of his true character and his emotional maturity (or lack thereof). Dr. DeVincentis could have saved a lot of words by simply saying, "I am sorry I was caught." His attempted apology is as pathetic as his conduct over the last many years. Dr. DeVincentis seemingly cannot comprehend that his conduct falls so short of any reasonable threshold of acceptability that there can be no justification for his actions. Mike Johnson misses the point in his letter to the editor. This is not an assassination of Dr. DeVincentis' character, but rather a revelation of his character.

For those to whom this behavior by Dr. DeVincentis comes as a shock, I encourage you to study the history of Dr. DeVincentis' relationships with many prior school boards and district superintendents. Dr. DeVincentis has a rich history of undermining our school boards and our school administrators, even pre-dating his petty feud with Dr. Simms. It could not be more clear that Dr. DeVincentis has no respect for the views of others, and believes that he, and he alone, knows what is best for our children. Make no mistake, this man is a narcissist and a megalomaniac. He has no place in our educational system.

Even if we could get past the governance issues that Paula Cooper Black so rightly points out, and even if Denise Connelly suddenly begins to show true leadership as president of the School Board, there is absolutely no hope of piecing back together the relationship between this School Board and the current administration, so long as Dr. DeVincentis remains anywhere in the picture. The only solution is for Dr. DeVincentis to resign immediately. If he does not, then I would encourage all other concerned parents to support the inevitable recall effort with both time and money. Our children deserve nothing less.

Chip Coe

Steamboat Springs


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