Pat Gleason's letter to Denise Connelly


The DeVincentis e-mails

— Denise,

Please allow me a few thoughts on the current crisis facing the school district. As president of the board, your leadership is going to be critical in the next few days. Of all the issues facing the district, the board's relationship to the district and the community at large surrounding my resignation and John's e-mails have to be dealt with very quickly. Put the current controversy surrounding Donna on the back burner. Respect her wisdom and years of experience. Let her run the district and use the board's time to focus on solutions to these very public issues.

Denise, you should know that a recall of board members as a course of action is already in place. The funding for the recall has been secured, and a committee has been formed. The only unknown at this point is the names that will be placed on the petition. I am convinced that in the absence of strong leadership from you, your name as well as John's will be on that petition.

Please, advise John to step down to avoid putting the community and the district through another three months of very public conflict. As John himself said the other day, the blood letting has to stop.

Please set aside the board's personal agendas and concentrate on the community's priorities. It is time to stop the insanity that has marked this board. Be responsive, be responsible and urge John to retire.


Pat Gleason


kjmbff 10 years ago

Sadly the only boardmember with the school district and students as priority is now gone, parents take note, get involved. The present board and members needs to get there priority in line, it's about running schools and education of one of our most valubale community members our children & young adults,get it done!!


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