David Wilson: Tabloid hit piece


Although I have great respect for the Pilot & Today as a newspaper, I am extremely disappointed that you chose to run the tabloid-like "hit" piece on Dr. D. When he ran for the School Board, he made no secret that he had strong concerns about the administration, including Donna Howell. His riff with the previous superintendent is also old news.

Therefore, your publication of private e-mails is not newsworthy, but is merely an attempt to smear and embarrass him. My guess is that if the Pilot & Today's staff's internal e-mails pertaining to Dr. D and Howell were published, one might also find some material that you or other staff members would find embarrassing or that would cast an unfavorable light on the paper and its motives. Would this fact make those e-mails newsworthy?

David Wilson

Steamboat Springs


another_local 10 years ago

It is the fact that Dr D was first a principal and is now in an elected position of responsibility coupled witht the fact that he was using NON_PRIVATE facilities that make the emails both newsworthy and proper to use.

As a community, we have a right to know whether our leaders are fair and balanced. Dr D clearly is not.


geezer 10 years ago

Yes, a "riff" may be old news, but blatant irresponsibility and outright vindictive hate-mongering is news fit to print. Maybe now the voting public will know a little more about Dr. D and they deserve it.


JQPUBLIC 10 years ago

Mr. Wilson... no one was out "to smear and embarrass him", he managed to do that to himself. I'm still astonished at how many misguided people think exposing these emails is worse than the content of them. It appears that he has been the major cause of the hostile work environment and it sounds like he might have been a little guilty of harassment.


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