Kathy Oberwitte: Beating horse to death


I find it of great interest that the stories continue to focus the recall on the death of my brother. If this were a horse you've beaten it to death.

This petition effort to recall Bonnie Roesink from office goes far beyond my brother. It is for the people of Moffat, Routt and Grand. The people circulating petitions are citizens that are brave enough to come forward, to take a stand, and to say we have had enough. Is it by chance that 80 people have joined together in this movement?

They range from ages 18 to 80 years, are in all 3 counties, and are all walks of life, from parents to grandparents, from business owners to attorneys. Is it by chance that they too want to make a difference for our communities and protect our children?

The facts of the petition are based on the legitimate claims that are available to the public at any courthouse. I have done months of research reviewing case files on numerous felony cases that have been dismissed and the criminal pleads guilty to a misdemeanor or no charges at all. In regards to the costs, if there are 3,802 signatures, Bonnie Roesink can choose to resign within 5 days and it costs the taxpayers nothing. If she doesn't resign, she will incur the taxpayers, not the committee. These numbers are from the election clerks.

Moffat = $20,000

Routt = $20,000

Grand = $18,000

The following is from a letter to the editor written by ten local attorneys on Nov. 8, 2006:

"In the time Roesink has served as elected DA, there's been unprecedented turnover in the DA's office. Every attorney position, except those held by Roesink and St. James, has turned over at least once, many repeatedly. It's wrong and misleading to say this kind of turnover is normal or acceptable. It's a lame excuse to blame the turnover on low salaries. Deputies who have left the office have told Roesink that they are leaving because of management, or rather mismanagement, not because of money. Roesink has ignored their concerns and offered excuses for their departure."

So is it really one citizen with a vendetta?

Kathy Oberwitte



Wayne Eller 10 years ago

I am proud to say that I am one of the eighty that are ciculating a petition. I am very proud of the other seventy-nine. It is time for the concerned citizens to stand up and say ENOUGH!! The cost of a recall will be far less than the continued turn-over and additional training of new and replacement D A 's. The Today should not try to sway the people's opinion and discourage their signing of the petition. Please, report the facts and hold your opinions.


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