Gleason resigns from Board

School official: can 'no longer serve in good conscience'


The DeVincentis e-mails

— Steamboat Springs School Board member Pat Gleason resigned Wednesday. His resignation is effective immediately.

The District 4 representative since 2002, Gleason wrote to School Board President Denise Connelly on Wed-nesday that he did not agree with the direction of the current School Board and could "no longer serve on this board in good conscience."

"As representatives of the public's trust, we often find ourselves in the position of having 'to do the right thing' for the district and the community even though the 'right thing' may conflict with the current board's direction and/or board ethics."

Gleason sent a copy of his resignation to School Board members John DeVincentis, Jeff Troeger and Jerry Kozatch. He also sent a copy to Superintendent Donna Howell and to the Pilot & Today.

Gleason did not offer further comment.

"I'm at a loss," Connelly said. "I felt like we had a good working relationship. I know this has been frustrating for all of us."

Connelly added she was surprised by Gleason's resignation. She had hoped Gleason would be part of the solution as the School Board seeks to mend its relationship with Howell and improve communication throughout the district.

Connelly thanked Gleason for his contributions to the School Board.

Howell said Wednesday the School Board lost a valuable voice. Gleason is a business owner, so he represented the business sector and the voices of his workers, who often were not heard, Howell said.

"He's a very intelligent man," she added. "He really brought forward some pertinent questions relative to most issues we were dealing with whether it was educational accountability, operations or compensation."

Gleason was instrumental in the construction of the artificial turf field at the Steamboat Springs High School, and has been heavily involved in the district's increasing collaborations with the city on various projects.

He was appointed to the District 4 seat in January 2002 and was re-elected in 2003. His term would have expired in November. He had served on the School Board longer than any current member and was part of the School Board that hired Howell.

Gleason was Howell's strongest advocate on a board that has been at odds with her for much of the year. On Tuesday, Connelly said, "Everything is up in the air" regarding Howell's future with the district.

Howell said his presence on the board will be missed.

"He brings a tremendous amount of history," Howell said. "He's lived in this town his whole life. He provided a good context with regards to the history of Steamboat."

As a School Board member, Gleason was the liaison between the district and the city, served on the Community Recreation Exploratory Committee, was a board representative on the Education Fund Board, represented Steamboat on the Colorado Association of School Boards, served on the General Safety Committee and was on the School Facility/Building Committee.

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elphaba 9 years, 12 months ago

I'm sorry to see Pat resign and very concerned about what will happen without his voice on the Board.


bluntman 9 years, 12 months ago

what he said, Mr. Gleason. ^

it's too bad you felt the need to resign. all of Routt County needs people like you on that board, especially now.



Tami Havener 9 years, 12 months ago

This is a another real loss for our children, families, staff, and taxpayers in the district. Pat has given tremendously of his time, energy, intelligence, and passion. He will be missed!


jezilu 9 years, 12 months ago

Pat's committment to ALL of those in the education community will never be questioned. He truly has supported our most valuable asset--our students during the time he has spent on the board. His integrity and high degree of ethics--when dealing with people in the community--will be sorely missed, but above all, the level of sanity he added to board meetings will be most difficult to replace.


Hammurabi 9 years, 12 months ago

Mr. Gleason did a wonderful job and this community is grateful for his even tempered representation. This is another example of how the current board is out of sync with community wishes and our children's education.

So far they've driven off dedicated support staff, offended our school Principals and gone so far as to disgust Mr. Gleason and cause his resignation. Can Dr. Howell be far behind? For the sake of the community's children I hope I'm wrong.

I have always supported the schools: the rebuilding of Soda Creek, the sales tax dedicated to education. Now I feel that I can no longer trust this board to do what is right, so I'll be seriously considering any further support. If there were this bullying going on in any school, the student would be suspended. Now the bully is on the School Board and we do nothing. What a shame. Shame on the School Board.


ElBorracho 9 years, 12 months ago

His resignation speaks volumes about how WRONG things are on the board right now. DeVincentis is the person who should be resigning. The man's ego and bravado -- serving himself in the name of teachers -- know no bounds. The only thing that impresses me is his ability to drive other, GOOD people out of the district. I wonder how many good teachers left when he was principal. I have to imagine that working under him if you weren't a buddy must have sucked.


gwendolyn 9 years, 12 months ago

um, didn't Gleason foster in Howell? And, wasn't Connelly the one who just yesterday indicated that Howell's days were numbered?

there seems to be much more going on with this board, the superintendent, and the school principals than meets the eye here....

it would seem that calling for any board member's resignation at this point in time is without merit or direct PUBLIC evidence to warrant this type of action.

those who continuously write to this board with negative commentary about devincentis have me wondering who they are and what they think they know that the rest of us don't know...


linus 9 years, 12 months ago

I agree with gwendolyn. There are a few Devincentis haters out there who write in continually. What has he done that's so awful? He made one big mistake by sending in the angry letter about Howell to a meeting he didn't attend. Otherwise, he's doing what he was voted in to do: try to change some things that weren't working. ElBorracho really has no clue. The teachers who worked under him adored him and there has probably never been a principal in this town who had more positive influence on keeping good teachers.


reallocal 9 years, 12 months ago

Gwen, my fair lady, has your knight in shining armour disappeared in the dark? I can see him fleeing over the horizon in disgrace. His castle has been breached, and not even his moat can keep the angry mob and their pitchforks at bay. Goodbye Sir John of the Strawberry Park. We won't miss you.


zzzz 9 years, 12 months ago

Gwen is obviously clueless. Is she new to town? She clearly doesn't know the history of the school district.


WZ4EVER 9 years, 11 months ago

Hey Pat...if we can get a successful recall going to rid us of Dr. Destructo and Denise, would you stay on the board?

There are many, many people out here who know what you accomplished and we appreciate it. There are unfortunately not many more like you out on the streets to take your place, and we're the poorer for it. Thanks Pat.


formerstudent 9 years, 11 months ago

I am a very recent student of SSHS and I would like to respectfully say it is about time Pat and Donna Howell disappear. Dr.D is a good man that truly cares about the students and staff of steamboats schools. I am very bitter that Dr.D is criticized by so many who truly don't know what it is like in the schools under the recent dictatorship of Donna Howell and Pat Gleason. Finally there are people who stand up to them and Pat throws a fit and runs a way. Dr.D is adored by the people who work for him; the same can not be said for Pat Gleason and Donna Howell. Many of my past teachers in high school were more then willing to voice their opinions of Dr. Howell.


reallocal 9 years, 11 months ago

Populartiy does not equal competence. We should not elect officals to be popular. We should elect them to do a civic duty, and to do the right thing for our community.


stmbtborn 9 years, 11 months ago

Is any one surprised "bluntman" supports Pat Gleason. If you are a real local you wouldn't be.


formerstudent 9 years, 11 months ago

Yes but how can you lead with out respect. May be if Dr. Howell showed a little respect the teacher turn over wouldn't be so high.


reallocal 9 years, 11 months ago

Gleason has resigned. He is no longer serving the public in an offical capacity. Again, deflecting the blame will not save John now. Get over it and start working toward a solution. This is the best course of action now.


sarakg 9 years, 11 months ago


I am not sure what you are implying about my father, but if you are insinuating what I believe you are, let me assure you that my father has never, does not, and will never condone the uses of illegal drugs. In fact, to anyone who has ever had a discussion about this with him knows that this snide allegation is nothing more than laughable. Thanks, you made me smile.

Sara Kathleen Gleason


formerstudent 9 years, 11 months ago

Sara I apologize I did not at all intend to imply he does drugs.


bluntman 9 years, 11 months ago


joined April, 7.

1 total post.

wow. a real local.

it just might be possible that my screen name has more to do with how my position is presented (and, hopefully, staying on topic...hint, hint), rather than an association with something else, as your weak allusion attempts to imply. nice try though, but next time do a bit of reading before your sanctimonious yap gets the best of you.

the respect i have for Mr. Gleason comes from first hand observation of his work ethic, and the straight-up, no b.s. manner in which he addresses a given situation. it's that simple. what was stated in my previous post still stands. you're going to have to try a different angle with your smear tactics. that one was a reach (at best), and you fell waaay short.



sarakg 9 years, 11 months ago

Thank you for your contribution bluntman. This is simply a smear campaign against my father, a man that has served the district for over 14 years. Our family has always been centrally involved in district politics. I have personally been a victim of zealous retribution against my father at the hands of many administrators, teachers, students, and district parents, but my dad has always shared his insights with our family prior to so much as publically commenting and asked our permission. He understands how difficult it can be to step up and take responsibility for a poor action. My dad's political involvement has NEVER detracted from the amount of importance and pride he has taken in being our father. I can only speak for myself, but I am assured that my views are representative of my entire family. It has been a price worth paying, and I am proud and honored to do so.

I am convinced that my father has never run away from a battle in his life, and I encourage you all to reread his resignation letter.  A public declaration of a parting of ways, thoughts, morals, ethics, and general direction of the board is a more than valid reason to resign.  My father has ALWAYS supported the consideration of his consituants in every public office he has held, and, sadly, it appears that his consituants' wishes have rendered him incapable of serving on the current board in an elected capacity.  If he really did not care, he would not be involved in the least after his resignation.  His dedication to the school district in general and his moral (if no longer ethic) obligations regarding this district's future are the responsible reactions of a concerned citizen.  Those of you attempting to avert controversy to any available target should be ashamed.  Attempting half-assed remarks and allegations only serves to weaken an any attempt to justify the sidetracking away from the central issue.  My dad's character is beyond reproach, and, although you may not always agree with his politics (personally, I have not always)  he has, in my experience, been willing to listen to anything put before him that demonstrates a clear, logical and moral thought process.

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