Steven J. Schibline: Misjudgment by CMC


I am writing in regards to a recent article in the Steamboat Today, about CMC's upcoming survey to the community. I would like to bring to the community an issue that I feel all community members should be aware of as they fill out their survey. I have recently learned that CMC will be doubling its fees for many community programs beginning with summer classes in May.

I understand that these price increases will affect ongoing community classes such as art classes, physical activities and others where community residents enroll semester after semester. I am a long-time participant in these community programs and also a property taxpayer.

I have supported CMC with a 3.997 mil levy on my property taxes for 25 years. I also have been a community participant of many of these programs for 24 of my 25 years in Steamboat.

I feel that the community is being unfairly singled out for price increases, compared to the price full-time students pay for similar classes. I would like to make it clear we as a community, carry the college with our mill taxes and should not be penalized by the college or asked to carry any more burden than we already handle. This tells me and our community that we are not valued as much as the out-of-town, full-time transfer student body when we, in fact, monetarily carry the school.

It seems to me that the focus of the college has changed from that of a community college to a transfer school. This is a misjudgment by CMC of the importance of community support in the continuation of the college in Steamboat Springs. This community support has been critical for the survival of the college in the past, and I believe is just as critical right now.

I strongly believe the local college administration should consider the ramifications of their price increases before proceeding. Just a hypothetical thought, what if we recall our mill levy assessment? I don't think losing community support is worth the effort of doubling community program fees. I urge all community members who will be filling out your CMC survey on Wednesday night, to voice your questions and requests for fair measures in the cost of CMC tuition.

We pay enough to live in Steamboat. Don't take the option of reasonably priced community education from us as well! Thank you!

Steven J. Schibline

Steamboat Springs


cheesehead 10 years ago

CMC is not doubling its fees for programs. Two advanced martial arts classes saw an increase in price. These two classes were changed from credit to non- credit classes. The cost went from $1.87 per class hour to $2.87 per class hour. Not bad for advanced martial arts.


toolg13 10 years ago

Lets just take our eyes off of our check books, and credit cards for a moment. we too, the CMC student body live in steamboat as well, and WE too have to pay the same prices for food,gas, and utilities as you do. as well as the same taxes, not all of us have to pay propertie taxes and what not though. Im and instate student and i pay $72 a credit hour. and Im taking 16 credit hours this semester so i can graduate with an associates degree, then transfer to a major state college. now compare the tuition here to that of Major universities and colleges in the state, who care more about out of state students as you claim CMC does, thats a steal. and yes, so what if CMC is a transfer college, ALL community/junior colleges are like that now a days. In town students pay a bit over 40 bucks, if that were to double, i agree that is a bit over the top. But before you write this type of letter to the editor, i suggest getting your facts straight. It is also interesting that this was printed the same the the CMC survery was to be performed through out the community.

-Mike Bogacz (Proud CMC student)


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