Stories for April 2007


Monday, April 30

The Record for April 28

12:07 a.m. A person reported a drunken pedestrian in the 600 block of Lincoln Avenue.

Luke Graham: Nothing wrong with friendly competition

Two weeks and counting until the 2,346th Danny Noonan Invitational.

Public gets first look at recreation findings

Members of the public on Wednesday will have the first opportunity to hear what consultants hired by the city of Steamboat Springs have to say about recreation needs.

Briefs for April 30

Enrollment is open for Yampatika's summer programs for children ages 3 to 11. Register your child online at or call 871-9151. Yampatika also offers programs for families and adults.

Monday Medical: Shaking out sodium, potassium

Imagine for a minute a two-sided balance scale, much like the mythical scales held by blindfolded Lady Justice. Do you have that image? Now, on one side of the scale, place all the high-sodium, prepared foods you eat on a regular basis: a can of chicken soup, chips, crackers, a frozen dinner. Also add to that side of the balance every meal you eat from a restaurant.

Local author promotes book for people with disabilities

On Friday, Craig Kennedy of Steamboat Springs got all of the assurance he needed that his latest book, "Access Anything: I Can Do That!," will do well.

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Audio slideshow: Scouts rekindle Pinewood Derby

Greg Pohlman says it has been at least five years since Hayden Cub Scout Pack 193 has used its 30-year-old Pinewood Derby racing track.

Sunday, April 29

Soroco Middle School students run the South Routt chess scene

The key to any successful gathering is popcorn.

Rick Dowden: A political cancer

In the words of Alice, the debate about DeVincentis' e-mails gets "curiouser and curiouser".

Best of the Web for April 29

Editor's Note: The following are comments posted on stories at

School limits to expression

Expression is perhaps the most valued and exercised freedom of all Americans, and can be seen everywhere, in art, literature, poetry, clothing, music and protesting, throughout history.

Speechless: Public speaking

It's said that more than half of Americans would rather die than speak in front of others.

Small-town gossip and living with surnames

Familiarities, such as waving to strangers on the street, walking to school daily and never experiencing traffic jams have always been a part of my life.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Noxious weeds

One of the most common misunderstandings about weeds is what qualifies as a noxious weed. When most people think of weeds they picture annoying plants that make their lawn look less than perfect. Dandelions, prostrate knotweed, purslane - all can be a problem when trying to grow a nice turf-grass lawn in the arid West. But none of these pests qualify as noxious weeds. We aren't talking about dandelions, and even crabgrass doesn't make the grade. Noxious weeds are the 900-pound gorillas of plants. They take over meadows, right-of-ways and forests, displacing native vegetation, degrading habitat and ruining hay.

Jimmy Westlake: Conquering the serpent

What has nine heads, poisonous blood, deadly breath, and stretches nearly one-third of the way around the whole sky? It's the dreaded sea serpent known as the Hydra, defeated by Hercules in the second of his twelve labors and now forming the largest of our 88 constellations.

Tips on letting loose

Do you ever feel like you aren't being true to yourself? Do you have a secret desire to run through the halls dressed as Wonder Woman (or am I alone in this wish)? Either way, here are a few tips on how to express yourself fully and fearlessly, because in high school, it's sometimes difficult to do.

CULTURE Club combats racism

Anyone in the Steamboat Sprngs High School CULTURE Club will tell you there is something missing at our school: diversity. Worse, there is a serious lack of acceptance for diversity.

Casey's Pond area eyed for project

The development group that built The Antlers and Cimarron Townhomes has plans to develop two lodges and up to 61 townhomes on a parcel immediately east of Casey's Pond on the south side of Steamboat Springs.

'Intertwined' with Steamboat

New SmartWool president presides over 25 percent growth rate

It's hard to mistake the buoyancy that pervades the SmartWool offices this spring. Maybe it has something to do with the max bonuses received by the company's employees after a robust 2006.

Changing plans just part of life

The plan was simple.

Players, leagues grapple with safety issue of 'super' bats

It's a memory that continues to bother veteran umpire John Richmond.

Dave Shively: On the wild side

I always told the folks I was taking down the Piedra River that they were on one of the country's few rivers designated as "Wild and Scenic." What does this mean? No one really seemed to care. The near-vertical walls of the First Box Canyon that squeezed the early-running Southern San Juan runoff into a gauntlet of tight rapids were cause for distraction. Then there was the mellow run-out that featured a very occasional river otter and stops at natural riverside hot springs.

Steamboat Springs High School honor roll

GPA of 3.5 or higher

Lowell Whiteman students pilot community service project program

Sean Kuusinen has spent the past four weeks in the Routt County wilderness catching pike to dissect their small intestines, spleens and kidneys, corralling grouse to send to southwest Colorado, trimming trees and mending fences.

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Triple Crown study shows dollars behind the diamonds

From June 29 to July 2, the Summer Nationals softball tournament hosted by Triple Crown Sports will bring more than 100 teams from across the country to Routt and Moffat counties.

Director looks down art track with confidence

Marion Kahn has a broad definition of art.

Spring limbo

Hikers and bikers find ways to beat the mud-season blues

It's an odd time of year when you can look out at the sun-soaked green valley floor and decide to go for bike ride, only to have it inevitably shut down the second you head off-road, up the mountain and onto the melt and the mud.

Steve Ross, M.D., and Janice Poirot, R.N.: Vaccinate children

As parents, we want basic things for our children. We want them to grow up knowing that they are loved. We want to provide them with opportunities in life to reach their fullest potential. And we want them to be healthy and happy. There are many things parents want to give their children. But good health is perhaps the greatest gift. Vaccination is one of the most important ways a parent can protect their child's health.

Steve Lewis: Letter skewed

I would like respond to Michael Craig's letter about this "comical council." Thanks Michael, for signing your letter. Unsigned letters are a waste of ink.

Carol O'Hare: Where is the outrage?

In this time of war, I ask, "Where is the outrage?" In the past 10 days, the Democratic leaders in Congress, and in particular Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, have, for all intents and purposes, advocated surrender in Iraq, despite the fact that a military defeat in Iraq is really only possible if we abandon our effort.

Our View: If you build them ...

The economic impact study released this week about a regional sports complex in Hayden underscores that it is a good idea.

Michelle Madderom Mackey: A second chance

I was asked by the Pilot & Today if I would like to comment in Wednesday's article about my husband Mark Mackey, but I felt I needed to clear the air in my own words.

Championship event, favorites highlight 2007 running series

After a year away from the Steamboat Springs Running Series, former director Heather Lyman is back on a committee looking to re-energize the 2007 series for one simple reason: a love of running.

Real estate transactions for April 18 to 24

Real estate transactions for April 18 to 24

Hayden players make waves at MCHS in Craig

When it comes to baseball at Moffat County High School, a storied program that's enjoyed a run of recent success, there's a pipeline of players coming in from an unexpected source.

Gun control sparks debate

Leaders agree regulation isn't always the answer

The local, regional and national debate about gun control inevitably re-sparks itself in the wake of tragic shootings, whether school- or not school-related.

The Record for April 27

Friday, April 27

Saturday, April 28

Local churches come together to sponsor celebration

Eight local churches are sponsoring a Community Leaders Prayer Breakfast on Thursday for the 56th annual National Day of Prayer.

A day of personal bests

Admittedly, Hayden High School freshman Maddison Kopsa was nervous participating in her first ever Clint Wells Invitational.

A relay good effort

Soroco track and field coach David Bruner isn't shy about his love of relays.

The Record for April 26

12:21 a.m. A drunken 31-year-old Hayden man was taken to the hospital from the 1100 block of Jefferson Avenue in Hayden after he passed out while being taken to the Routt County Jail on suspicion of weaving and driving under the influence of alcohol. The man was checked out at the hospital and then taken to jail.

Sailors get legs back at Clint Wells Invite

While some of the Steamboat Springs track and field team took the beaches for spring break, others took anything but rest and relaxation.

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Base area officials respond to Ski Time Square purchase

The purchase of Ski Time Square and Thunderhead Lodge will not change plans for redevelopment at the base of Steamboat Ski Area, redevelopment coordinator Joe Kracum said Friday.

Tom Ross: Watch out for the snake at Mile 177

Welcome home from spring break. I hope you had a swell time. Oh, by the way, it snowed in Steamboat Springs the morning of April 25. The stuff that fell from the sky early Wednesday qualified as "grapple" (similar to sleet, but rounder and thicker).

Briefs for April 28

The Craig-Scheckman Foundation will award $50,000 during its May funding cycle. Applications for funding are due Tuesday. The funding is for the foundation's Youth Advocacy Project for Routt County. Funds will be granted to charitable, tax-exempt agencies that operate programs benefiting special needs, at-risk or low-income youths in Routt County. For information, visit or call Sara Craig-Scheckman at 879-0148.

Trans-America runner taking it one day at a time

Long after midnight on state Highway 257 in Utah, caught in a blizzard less than two weeks ago, Martin Ilott realized he "had to keep moving to stay alive."

Friends of the Yampa meets to discuss future of river, group

The Yampa River's local stewards know the time has come to organize to protect the state's last major free-flowing tributary of the Colorado River drainage.

Friday, April 27

Springs demolition complete

Water slide and hot pools removed from Old Town facility

Pat Carney has been through several construction projects in her 32 years as the director of the Old Town Hot Springs facility, but the current one is the biggest yet.

Briefs for April 27

The South Routt School Board is looking for a new member to fill its District 1 vacancy.

Soroco Rams look to relays in track meet

Soroco High School track and field coach David Bruner thinks today's track meet in Moffat County sets up well for his team to pre-qualify several athletes for the state meet.

Hayden track to solidify lineup before league, regionals

While today's track and field meet in Moffat County is a state pre-qualifying meet, Hayden High School coach Kevin Kleckler isn't going in with the mindset his athletes have to perform their best.

On Scene

You are either are a Will Ferrell fan or you aren't. The manager of Blockbuster told me he can't even watch one of Ferrell's movies because he annoys him so much. I'm not one of those people.

Footloose and fancy free

Community dance a chance to kick up heels

On Tuesday, Susan Merrill was already thinking about what she will wear to the community dance Saturday night at the Depot Art Center.

Barn Village housing plan approved

Planning Commission debates integration of affordable units

Two planning officials said Thursday night that affordable housing units should be integrated throughout neighborhoods, rather than isolated in one area, adding how to create diverse communities to the city's ongoing discussion about housing policies.

Oak Creek OKs updating plan

Anticipated Chelsea's restaurant re-opening moves forward

With several looming annexations knocking on Oak Creek's doorstep, the Oak Creek Town Board decided Thursday it best to move forward with updating parts of the town's comprehensive plan to protect the town's best interests.

Deb Babcock: Happy roots = happy plants

In all of the Master Gardener classes offered here by Colorado State University, one point that is stressed over and over is the importance of preparing your soil for your plants. The vast majority of flower, tree, lawn and vegetable problems stem from soil issues. The roots need the ability to move through the soil as they grow and need to be able to obtain water, air and nutrients from the environment below the surface.

Busy summer ahead with capital improvement plans

The city of Steamboat Springs has approved $800,000 to repave city streets that are in need of repair, and for other improvement projects this summer.

The Record for April 25

4:25 a.m. A 23-year-old Steamboat Springs man was arrested at the Routt County Jail for being a fugitive of justice.

California-to-New York runner hits Steamboat today

A man will jog through Steamboat Springs with a carriage today, but there won't be a baby on board.

Small Sailors squad heads to Moffat County meet

Although the Clint Wells Invitational in Moffat County today will draw some of the top teams from around the region, it comes at an awkward time for the Steamboat Springs track and field team.

Tattoo of the week: Fredi Parks

The tattoo was done by Brad Cramer at Truth Tattoo, and I got it to remind me of the sun.

Tease photo

Starting with a blank canvas

Two new CMC instructors to revolutionize art programs

Cynthia Zyzda is the first-full time art professor to be hired at any of the Colorado Mountain College campuses, and she hopes to change the canvas of the Alpine Campus's curriculum.

Full bellies without empty wallets

Area restaurants offer mud season food specials for locals

Doug Mouton hopes poultry won't take Pollo Loco night personally. His restaurant has made a spring tradition of putting a dent in the chicken population.

Steamboat athletes unite for training

Gary Gianetti knows that Steamboat Springs' prospective endurance runners can't wait another day to hit the streets.

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Ski Time Square sold

Washington developer purchases development, Thunderhead Lodge

The stage has been set for the redevelopment of some of the oldest buildings at the base of the Steamboat Ski Area.

Four peas in a pod

Three-piece band adds guitarist to its groove-oriented show

When the band 3 Peas rides in the car with manager Paul Johnson, the musicians are often forced to listen to Mariah Carey. But the band's sound has no correlation to pop music. 3 Peas is an instrumental band that will play its jazz funk fusion at Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill on Saturday night.

Allison Plean: The middle of the road

My grandmother never purchased a DVD player, a VCR or a personal computer. She still doesn't have a CD player and never got her driver's license or owned a car.

Thursday, April 26

The Record for April 24

7:41 a.m. A 29-year-old Gypsum man was arrested on Colorado Highway 131 near mile marker 40 on suspicion of driving under suspension and speeding.

Briefs for April 26

Position open for Routt County Fair Board

The Routt County Fair Board has a vacancy. The position is for District 2 (Hayden) and expires Dec. 31. While it is not required, the board needs someone to help out in the arena events part of the board. Meetings are the second Wednesday of every month. Contact Jill at the fair office for details. Submit your letter of interest by May 7 to Routt County Fair Association; PO Box 1000; Hayden, CO 81639; or to You also can fax 276-1023.

Hayden to approve head coaches

During a special meeting starting at 6 p.m. today at Hayden High School, the school board is expected to hire head coaches and assistant coaches for next school year.

Chelsea's back on menu?

Oak Creek looking at renewing restaurant's liquor license

Chelsea's famed moo shoo pork and crab Rangoon may soon be back on Oak Creek's plate.

Rams produce at mid-week meet

Normally, the Soroco track and field team doesn't compete during the middle of the week. But having a small meet Tuesday at Battle Mountain didn't keep Soroco coach David Bruner from sticking to his typical training schedule.

Firefighter sues for his job

Man alleges he was fired for voicing safety concerns

A former Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue firefighter has filed a wrongful termination suit against the city, claiming his September 2006 firing came after he raised safety issues with his supervisors.

Steamboat locals struggle to revive and create baseball, soccer leagues

Joe Bender remembers the days when there used to be just three sports choices spread throughout three seasons - football, basketball and baseball.

Scott Stanford: Sorting out the future of newspapers

On Monday, the Denver Post announced it had offered buyouts to 90 employees in an effort to trim 37 newsroom staff.

Former Sailor 'buffs' up football dream

When Joel Adams first walked onto the University of Colorado football team in the summer of 2005, he wasn't the fastest, the biggest or the most experienced player on the field.

Tease photo

TV18 Video: LIFT-UP on its way up

David Freseman had coined 2006 "The Year of the Building" for Routt County LIFT-UP.

Tease photo

Housing plan takes another step

Planning Commission to discuss City Council ordinance changes

Like April rain clouds over Steamboat Springs, the city's inclusionary zoning ordinance changes almost daily - but keeps moving forward.

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TV18 Video: Much ado about Lowell Whiteman

Young thespians study, perform Shakespearean romantic comedy

Memorizing and reciting Shakespearean lines can be challenging for any actor or actress, but it can be especially difficult when you're 13.

Climate adds gravity to Birdathon

Timber parrots won't be on the list May 12, when Yampatika hosts its 12th annual Birdathon in conjunction with International Migratory Bird Day.

Vision 2030 names Tammie Delaney new project manager

A woman who has been a Yampa Valley local all her life has been charged with directing an intensely local project.

Wednesday, April 25

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TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Alexis DeLaCruz of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include an a plan for a regional sports complex; the hiring of new deputies at the sheriff's office; and the approval of a new oil well near Hayden.

Sheriff hires former officer

Mackey resigned from police department last year

A former police officer who left the department after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor crime in May 2006 has been hired as a patrol deputy for the Routt County Sheriff's Office.

Area briefs for April 25

The Steamboat Springs Arts Council docents invite residents to join them on their field trip to the Denver Art Museum on May 9. There are four seats left on the taxi. Call Audrey at 736-8369.

Oil drilling sites approved

Routt County may not be experiencing the energy boom that neighboring counties are, but county officials are noticing an increased level of interest from drilling companies.

Undersheriff gets POST certification

Routt County Undersheriff David Bustos received his Peace Officer Standards and Training certification in March, increasing his pay to about $68,000 a year.

Hope Cook: Inform the public

I make the following comments on behalf of the Community Alliance of the Yampa Valley. On Sunday, April 22, the Steamboat Pilot & Today continued its discussion of the housing policies being proposed for Steamboat Springs. We thank the Pilot & Today for keeping this important issue on the minds of our community.

Our View: Solving our school traffic woes

At issue: School transportation concerns

Kudos to the Strawberry Park Green Team for its initiative to reduce traffic at the elementary school. Too bad the same program isn't being taken on at Soda Creek, where it's needed even more.

Mt. Zirkel's forecast for today: mostly windy

GPS coordinates allow detailed backcountry forecasts

If you thought the weather in Steamboat Springs on Tuesday was bordering on wintry, you should have stood at the summit of Mount Zirkel.

Maggie Bitume: Still a long way to go

As a great fan of baseball and sports in general, I was very disappointed to see there was no mention at all about the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson Day on Sunday, April 15, 2007.

Course openings swing season into gear

The golf season is set to swing into high gear during the next few weeks as Haymaker, the Sheraton Steamboat Golf Resort and Catamount Ranch & Club look forward to planned openings.

Local golf pro moves to Telluride

Fuhrer to leave Haymaker role

For more than nine years, golfers playing the Haymaker golf course have been greeted by Tim Fuhrer's smiling face. But this season golfers will need to look to another smiling face for a pick-me-up.

Tease photo

Triple Crown on deck

County representatives question figures in economic sports study

Triple Crown sporting events could bring $1.2 million in tax revenue to Northwest Colorado every summer, potentially supporting the need for a new regional sports complex in Hayden. However, county officials said Tuesday many of the numbers in the study could be misleading.

Leadership Steamboat: Recreation center location crucial

Location. Location. Location. Anyone who owns a business or has considered starting a new business knows that location is critical. Land options in Steamboat can be financially challenging. With our rapidly growing built environment, traffic considerations also affect site location.

The Record for April 23

12:48 a.m. A Routt County vehicle reportedly was left running for five hours in the 300 block of Clifton Avenue in Yampa. The vehicle was turned off.

Mike Lawrence: Water market heating up

The first time I saw bottled water for sale, the concept struck my childhood mind as strange.

Two for the road

Steamboat swimmers drive to Craig, make waves and qualify for state

Cole Worsley was looking forward to a relaxing spring break. Unfortunately, the Steamboat Springs High School sophomore is now looking at some of the most intense training of his swim season.

Tuesday, April 24

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TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Alexis DeLaCruz of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include an update on justice center construction; a reminder about bear-proof trash containers; and coverage of the Partnership for Prescription Assistance stop in Steamboat.

The Record for April 22

7:51 a.m. A fire alarm went off in the 1000 block of Central Park Drive.

Back in the swing

Golfers head to Haymaker driving range Monday

The threat of rain didn't stop Steamboat's Bill Fink from heading to Haymaker driving range to hit a few balls Monday.

Briefs for April 24

City Council not holding a meeting tonight

The Steamboat Springs City Council will not meet tonight, due to the Steamboat Springs School District's spring break vacation. The next regular council meeting is Tuesday, May 1. Topics for that meeting include the proposed revisions to the city's inclusionary zoning ordinance. For more information, call city offices at 879-2060 or check the city's Web site at:

Providing medicines, cheaper

Service helps patients receive their prescriptions at lower costs

A partnership of pharmaceutical powerhouses is providing lower-cost prescription medications to patients across the country.

Elkhead Reservoir opening day May 5

Elkhead Reservoir's opening day has been pushed back to May 5 to allow time to prepare the site, Craig Parks and Recreation Director Dave Pike said.

Hayden celebrates Arbor Day

Students plant trees at park; Steamboat to hold event in June

Friday was all about the trees in Hayden as the town designated as a Tree City USA celebrated Arbor Day.

Bears endangered by trash

Police to begin issuing tickets to garbage violators May 1

Beginning May 1, the Steamboat Springs Police Department will start issuing tickets to people who put their trash at the curb before 6 a.m. on trash collection day (or after 8 p.m. the night before), unless it is in a wildlife-proof container.

Tom Ross: Honk if you brake for earthworms

I can only hope my neighbors weren't watching early this morning when I ventured out into the driveway with my compost bucket and rescued half a dozen earthworms.

Tease photo

Assessing the wetlands

Report on Justice Center impacts to adjacent land nearly done

A report assessing impacts on wetlands adjacent to the new Routt County Justice Center should be available to the public "in the next 30 days," Routt County building and plant director Tim Winter said Monday.

Monday, April 23

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Responsible Dog Ownership Group of Steamboat

Frank X. Cefaratti talks about the resurrection of the Responsible Dog Ownership Group of Steamboat or R.D.O.G.S.

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Amanda Fuerte of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include Oak Creek's 100th celebration; the outlook for wildfires this season; and a look at the grasshopper forecast.

'Tis the season of soccer, softball

Summer rec sports around the corner

Tighter bat regulations, and the ability for men to play in both the men's A & B leagues top the list of changes softball players can expect this summer.

Luke Graham: As much as you can fit into a 10-hour day

Cody, Matt and Alex know a long day.

Wellness Information Fair provides wealth of advisement

Aging Well, a program of Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association, will host the first Wellness Information Fair in conjunction with Wellness Wednesday at the American Legion building (Shadow Mountain Clubhouse) from 9 a.m. to noon Wednesday. Food will be provided.

Shingles and the Zostavax vaccination

Shingles, or herpes zoster, is a vesicular skin eruption, usually accompanied by moderate to severe pain. Shingles can severely limit activities of daily living, including eating or even moving.

The Record for April 21

12:11 a.m. A male party was given a courtesy ride from the Gondola Transit Center to Fish Creek Falls.

Briefs for April 23

Pet waste removal service ready for business

A dog lover has opened a new business to assist dog owners with pet waste.

Get ready to rock

Teen Battle of the Bands registration deadline is May 11

Kyle Hornor and his four band members have been practicing two days a week to get ready for the fourth annual Teen Battle of the Bands.

Forest budget cuts could haunt

With news that forest officials want to cut more than $4 million from the $230 million spent last year on forest health in Colorado and several surrounding states, one local official says the repercussions in Routt County may not be felt for several years.

Grasshoppers no threat

Infestation of insatiable insects not expected this summer

Grasshoppers consume more aboveground biomass than any other animal in the North American plains, said CJ Mucklow, agriculture extension agent for Routt County.

Monday Medical: Chinese herbs add treatment option

With a history that exceeds 2,000 years, Chinese herbal medicine continues to gain popularity today. Chinese herbal medicine is one of the main modalities used in Traditional Chinese medicine, along with acupuncture, tuina and Chinese nutrition.

Tease photo

The good ol' days

Oak Creek residents celebrate the town's 100th birthday

Sunday was a day to recognize the older South Routt residents as part of Oak Creek's Centennial Celebration.

Sunday, April 22

Dave Shively: A learning curve

When you smack your face on a rock, the last person you want to blame is yourself.

Jail Report for April 22

Saturday, April 14 Skyler James Vanhorne, 21, Steamboat Springs-Possessing an illegal weapon (Steamboat Springs Police Department)

Best of the Web for April 22

So is rent control worse than the promise of restricted ownership? To me they are just the same failure bound to happen, the only difference is who profits from the policy. Since the free market works so well who can name the resort town that depends on free market forces to provide for their labor force? If there isn't one does that mean that free market is also a failure waiting to happen?

Richard Watts: Club 20's scheme

The April 14 Daily Press article "Club 20 committee proposes health care reform" speaks of Club 20's "plan to reform the state's health care system." But medicine in Colorado is not a state "health care system." The intention of the Club 20 plan, and of the newly formed 208 Health Care Commission, is not to reform an alleged "system," but to create one. The system they are striving to create in Colorado is socialized medicine - disguised in euphemisms such as "Mandatory," "Single-payer," "State-sponsored," "Universal," "Expanded coverage" and "Comprehensive." But "expansion of health care coverage" is not expansion of medical services. Socialized medicine causes rationing of medical services - foreshadowed by the proposed "reasonable and necessary limitations." Socialized medicine has proved disastrous elsewhere - Tennessee's (TennCare) and Canada's systems are infamous examples.

Michael Craig: Comical Council

Tuesday night was a first for me. It was the first time I've truly been afraid while living in Steamboat.

Austin Ritzel: Stop the nonsense

Let's face the music. The Steamboat Pilot & Today has never been the most reliable newspaper and often has less than stellar news.

Rick Akin: What is a conservative?

Confusion and misunderstanding abound concerning the definitions of "Liberal" and "Conservative." The labels typically are applied after hearing a person's position on a single issue. This has led to these labels becoming almost meaningless in popular usage.

Our View: Housing policy needs work

The Steamboat Springs City Council was right to delay action on its revised inclusionary zoning ordinance.

Tigers eye pre-qualifying tourneys

Hayden High School track and field coach Kevin Kleckler was going to use Saturday's Eagle Valley Invitational to gauge where his team fits in the Class 2A scheme of things.

Tease photo

Editorial Cartoon for April 22

Joe Roberts' weekly editorial cartoon.

Soroco track on the attack

Girls team nabs second, boys earn fourth at Eagle Valley invite

Whether it's an Oklahoma secret or not, Soroco track and field coach David Bruner has found something with his team.

Depleted Steamboat track team moves at Rifle

Spring break comes at an awkward time for the Steamboat Springs track team.

An inning that wouldn't end

Steamboat Springs baseball team drops a pair of games against Eagle Valley

The Steamboat Springs baseball seemingly had the game in hand.

Steamboat girls lacrosse improves game for final match

Steamboat Springs girls lacrosse coach Jenn Kirkpatrick had said Saturday's matchup against Green Mountain - the Sailors' final game of the season - would be, "ours to win," based on the team's progress Friday against a fast Denver East squad.

John Russell: Awards part of the tradition

Last week, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association announced something that most of us in Steamboat Springs already knew.

Education briefs for April 22

8th grade (all A's) - Caitlyn Berry, Charell Ondrejka, Ariel Rollett, Ceanna Rossi, Michael Rossi, Alexandra Smith

Leaving a legacy

First female city official retires to spend more time with family

In November 1973, the town of Steamboat Springs adopted a home rule charter and became a city, James Golden ended his term as the town's last mayor, candidates ran for the first City Council, and Edna Drennan became Steamboat's first female city official.

Meeting between educators tries to ease transition between preschool, kindergarten

Teacher Georgia Reust broke out in a song Tuesday about being a "cool kid" going to school.

Routt County Spotlight: Douglas Matthew Mouton

Occupation: General manager of Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant and drummer for The Plagiarists

Jimmy Westlake: The diamond of spring

Each season of the year brings its own unique asterism into our early evening sky, and each one is a geometrical pattern made up of bright stars from different constellations. Summer has its "Summer Triangle," autumn has the "Great Square of Pegasus," winter has the magnificent "Winter Circle" and spring offers us the "Spring Diamond."

Elementary schools bring stacking fever to Steamboat

In the split-second, touch-and-go world of competitive sport stacking, what goes up must come down.

Oak Creek tattoo artist creating memories with body art

Like everyone else who snuck out of the house and headed for the tattoo parlor at the tender age of 13, Lawrence Jaconetta's parents told him he'd have to live with his decision for the rest of his life.

The Record for April 20

Friday, April 20 12:49 a.m. A drunken woman was taken to detox from the 200 block of Hill Street.

Schools aim to increase busing, carpooling

Danielle Skov said she and her children are lucky. They live close to the Strawberry Park campus, so walking to school is easy.

March transactions roar like a lion

Unprecedented $141 million total is a record for all months

The dollar volume of real estate closings in Routt County during March surged to unprecedented levels, eclipsing $141.79 million.

Vanatta aims high, reaches elite status

Realtor ranked 29th on Prudential list

Pam Vanatta, co-owner of Prudential Steamboat Realty, was focused on cracking Prudential's list of the top 100 producing Realtors in the nation. But she surpassed her own expectations.

Business File for April 22

SmartWool restructures marketing roles

Tease photo

Officials work on tri-district emergency-response plan

Monday's Virginia Tech shooting shocked the nation as people turned on their televisions to images of students fleeing the Blacksburg, Va., campus and law enforcement officers carrying students out of a building after Seung-Hui Cho took the lives of 32 of his fellow students and teachers and then his own.

Mud season provides businesses with much needed downtime

Tracy Barnett remembers when mud season meant that if you wanted to eat lunch during the workday, you better pack it or allow time to go home.

Real estate transactions for April 12-17

Real estate transactions for April 12-17

Paddling posse makes return trip to Routt County's Slater Creek

The bullet holes that riddle the lone "Moffat County 1" sign are about the only indicator the dirt road on the windswept plateau has been traveled recently. There's little non-antelope traffic that comes off the northwest end of the Elkhead Mountains near the Wyoming border.

Independent bookseller wants to build your custom library

For Erica Fogue, picking up a book is more than a passionate pastime.

Saturday, April 21

Vacation rental permit ban extended

Expansion of so-called vacation home rentals has been put on hold for much of the summer.

Hayden, Soroco compete today, eye May meet

The Hayden and Soroco track and field teams are at a point in the season where coaches are starting to jockey around athletes to see who fits best for the regional meet on May 11 and 12.

The last hurrah

Don't tell Steamboat Springs High School baseball manager Dave Roy that today's doubleheader with Eagle Valley means nothing.

Tease photo

Dipping temperatures slip Yampa flow below historic norms

After surging to flows that were more than five times what is typical in late March, the Yampa River has retreated to slightly below average flows this week. And that could be a good thing.

Sailors cruise to victory

The Steamboat Springs girls tennis team easily dispatched of Columbine, 7-0, on Friday, dropping only one set all day.

Soroco sets 2007-08 calendar

South Routt students to start classes later next year

South Routt students will start classes about 25 minutes later next year in an effort to provide teachers more time for planning and collaboration.

Planting seeds of future

Local students learn message from free trees

Seventy tree seedlings were given out to fourth-graders at Soda Creek Elementary School on Thursday as part of the national pilot project, Fourth Grade Foresters USA.

The Record for April 19

Thursday, April 19

Briefs for April 21

U.S. highway 40 diesel fuel spill evaporated

Tom Ross: Never feed Pacifico to a Mexican burro

If you're not in Mexico this week, you're in the minority

It has been more than 20 years since I vacationed in Akumal on the Mexican Riviera. But I did visit the live Web cam that overlooks the beach on Friday. The temperature at noon was 30 degrees centigrade - that's 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steamboat loses, 23-4

Sailor girls lacrosse can't hang with Angels' wings

Nothing comes easy in the Colorado High School Activities Association's Metro League for girls lacrosse.

Friday, April 20

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TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Alexis DeLaCruz of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include rising gas prices; the decision to continue the investigation into the leaking of the DeVincentis e-mails; and the Sailors' las home soccer game.

Steamboat boys lacrosse ends season with loss

The Steamboat Springs lacrosse team had to deal with some bad timing.

Tease photo

Video: Soccer team routs Delta

The girls on the Steamboat Springs soccer team found the cure for the scoring funk that was ailing them with extra doses of offense Thursday afternoon, cruising to a 5-0 victory against Delta.

News briefs for April 20

Area news briefs for April 20, 2007.

The Record for April 18

The Record for April 18, 2007.

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Drivers pay price at pump as gas costs rise

Gas nearing $3 a gallon across Steamboat

When Michael Flanders watches the digital numbers next to the dollar sign at the gas station nearly triple the gallon numbers, he's at a loss for words. "Unreasonable," Flanders, who commutes to Steamboat from Craig daily for work, said to describe the current state of gas prices. "It's a lot more expensive to go to work. Luckily, I've got enough to cover it."

Closing the gap

McCumber finds family, familiarity and freedom in music

Kort McCumber thinks sibling rivalry can create great music. For two years, he toured with his sister Beth Wilberger in a Volkswagen bus.

Happy Hours

Happy Hours

Inside the interpretation of the outside world

Two artists recreate the palette of what they see

The artists find their inspiration from nature, but the subject of their work has less to do with what they see and more to do with how they interpret it.

The migration south

Steamboat residents flock to warm places for spring break

Long, cold winters elicit warm and tropical spring breaks.

The heartbeat of the lion

Raggafunk band plays music, not cultural misinterpretations

Matt Vagts - the manager, saxophone player and singer for Lion Vibes - often gets dirty looks in the grocery store.

Hospital questions housing fees

YVMC director says proposed policy would stunt growth

Yampa Valley Medical Center's top executive said Thursday that city policies intended to fund affordable housing, if approved in their current form, would significantly limit future expansion and services at the hospital.

On Scene

It was a funny smell

Allison Plean: Gaming at Gate D

My favorite holiday is closing day at the Steamboat Ski Area. It trumps Halloween because you get to dress up and snowboard.

David Wilson: E-mails and the rule of law

As a Colorado attorney since 1986, I remain concerned how and why the DeVincentis e-mails were obtained. Regardless of their content, their disclosure presents serious questions under the law that are getting lost in the discussion over the Board's future.

Yampa Pumpback project discussed

Public comments heard at Yampa/White Basin Roundtable meeting

Douglas Wellman came to the Yampa/White Basin Roundtable meeting Wednesday in part to express his opinion about the proposal to build a reservoir near Maybell and pump the water back to the eastern Colorado.

County supports adding voting machines, centers

County officials expressed support this week for proposals to improve future Routt County elections.

'Painting with thread'

Local quilter wins Best of Show in international competition

David Taylor, of Steamboat Springs, won Best of Show in the International Quilt Association's annual spring judged show, Celebrate Spring.

Science fairs invade Steamboat schools

Science fairs are commonplace in middle schools and high schools across the country, but elementary children in Steamboat Springs didn't want the older students to have all the fun.

Soroco teams finish first, second at Grand Valley

Soroco High School track and field coach David Bruner's strategy is starting to pay off.

Alcohol awareness month aims to educate

Grand Futures offers tips on abstinence, damage control

Many young people get conflicting messages about the use of alcohol. In response to that, Grand Futures Prevention Coalition is using April's National Alcohol Awareness Month to focus on the positive side of educating youths about the dangers of alcohol, and how adults and community members can play a key role in supporting abstinence and making good choices.

Hayden school calendar options up in air

District wants more feedback before making decision

The Hayden School District will wait one month before finalizing its 2007-08 school calendar after the School Board tabled a decision during Wednesday's meeting.

Jane McLeod: Sage is both culinary and decorative

Picture a bustling kitchen at Thanksgiving and the aroma from the turkey and stuffing permeating the air. From the stuffing comes a kind of woodsy - even slightly minty - scent of common sage (Salvia officinalis) grown around the world for culinary purposes. This herb is from the large mint family of plants that contains about 3,500 species identified by their aromatic qualities and ease of cultivation and includes many widely used culinary herbs such as rosemary, basil, marjoram and more.

School Board to continue e-mail investigation

Board president wants to make sure no confidential information policies were violated

The Steamboat Springs School Board will continue its investigation into how e-mails sent by John DeVincentis in 2004-05 were obtained and given to the Steamboat Pilot & Today.

Thursday, April 19

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TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Alexis DeLaCruz of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include Pat Gleason coming forward as the source of the DeVincentis e-mails; a new clinic in Craig for veterans; and a preview of the fourth annual march for medical marijuana.

Scott Stanford: Page 1: Reserved for seminal events

I got a message Tuesday from an anonymous caller complaining about our front page. The caller was blunt in his assessment, so let me paraphrase what he said: "How the heck could you put a picture of a girl with a horse on the front page of the newspaper when 33 people died at Virginia Tech University? How dad-gum stupid are you?"

Pat Gleason's statement

Several weeks ago, I announced my resignation from the School Board. My reason for doing so was because as a representative of the public's trust, I found myself in the position of having to "do the right thing" for the district and the community even though the "right thing" conflicted with the current board's direction and board ethics.

Skiers earn top results at final meet

A small group of skiers from the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club traveled to Arapahoe Basin last weekend where they capped off the season at the Landon Sawyer CU Bump Bash.

The Record for April 17

Tuesday, April 17

Briefs for April 19

Children's danceworks runs though May 24

Local hockey players tapped

Three youths to compete in camp at Salt Lake City

Three local youth hockey players have been selected to compete in the Rocky Mountain District Player Development Camp the first week in May in Salt Lake City.

Steamboat hips don't lie

New procedure at YVMC allows hip resurfacing

Jay Petersen was willing to give up running to stop the pain.

Delta's force

Sailors soccer faces potent Panthers squad today

Steamboat Springs soccer coach Rob Bohlmann knows the true measure of a team's character is in how it responds to adversity. The Steamboat girls hit a rut Saturday, tying an outmatched Palisade team in overtime, but Bohlmann thinks the team is back on track.

Riverfront changes proposed

Realtor/developer Jim Cook has entered the city planning process with a proposal to replace three small buildings on Yampa Street with three new buildings.

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Victory for veterans

Veterans Affairs to open community clinic in Craig

Veterans in Northwest Colorado will be able to get medical care in Craig this fall. U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar and U.S. Rep. John Salazar, Democrats and brothers, announced Wednesday the Department of Veterans Affairs will open a community-based outreach clinic in Craig. A VA press release said the nurse-run clinic will open no later than Sept. 30 and will provide part-time service five days a week "in leased or donated space."

Marching for marijuana

Hayden resident encourages support for medicinal use

Hayden resident Don Nord says being able to smoke marijuana or eat banana bread and oatmeal cookies baked with pot has helped him live a more productive and fulfilling life in light of the myriad of medical conditions he lives with.

Everyone loves a parade

Month of the Young Child hosts parade for tiniest residents

Two blocks may not seem like a long parade route, but try telling that to more than 100 children.

Board to OK 2007-08 calendar

South Routt School Board meets tonight in Oak Creek

After an information-gathering process that included two public meetings and paper and online surveys, the South Routt administrative team is prepared to present its selection for the 2007-08 school calendar to the School Board tonight.

Wednesday, April 18

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Gleason: I'm the source

Former School Board member gave e-mails to newspaper

Former School Board member Pat Gleason said Wednesday he is the source of e-mails anonymously dropped off at the Pilot & Today. The series of e-mails were written between School Board member John DeVincentis and a teacher in Mercer Island, Wash., between August 2004 and May 2005, while DeVincentis was in his final year as principal at Strawberry Park Elementary School. The e-mails were highly critical of Cyndy Simms, a former Steamboat superintendent and the current superintendent in Mercer Island.

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Alexis DeLaCruz of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include John DeVincentis meeting with constituents; Girl Scout sending cookies to Iraq; and Steamboat Springs' baseball game against Moffat County.

Tease photo

No easy solution

City Council gets an earful on housing policies, tables revisions

Creating a one-size-fits-all affordable housing policy may be an impossible task for the Steamboat Springs City Council. After several hours of discussion Tuesday night, and after hearing extensive public comment from business owners, developers, homeowners and community representatives, the City Council tabled any action on proposed revisions to the city's inclusionary zoning ordinance, which regulates how the city provides and funds affordable housing.

Tease photo

DeVincentis: I am not that person

School Board member says he is not same as three years ago

The easy thing would have been to resign. Instead, embattled Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis stood his ground, apologized for a series of harsh e-mails he sent about a former school district administrator three years ago and said he is willing to talk "face to face" with any community member interested in hearing the "real deal."

Scouts send troops cookies

Local Troop 311 gets philanthropic with its leftover treats

Some people opt to eat leftover Girl Scout cookies. Katie Guptill got more creative - and philanthropic.

Errors lead to loss

Steamboat Sailors fall to rival Moffat County Bulldogs, 16-3

When a single passed ball allows two runners to score it does not bode well for your defense.

SSWSC finishes strong

Snowboarders have solid rides at junior worlds

Jon Casson thought a hectic travel schedule might have taken its toll on some of his riders. The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club snowboard program director traveled with athletes straight from the USASA Nationals in Northstar, Calif., to the 2007 FIS Snowboard Junior World Championships, April 11 to 13, in Bad Gastein, Austria.

Mike Lawrence: War's impacts reach far

While watching President Bush's brief address Monday following the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech, I had to wonder about the substance behind the president's promises.

North Routt icon Rilla Wiggins dies at 89

A longtime reporter of summer happenings in Hahn's Peak passed away Saturday evening at the Sandrock Ridge Care and Rehabilitation Center in Craig, where she had been staying for the past four months.

The Record for April 16

The Record for April 16, 2007.

News briefs for April 18

Tickets are on sale for Cabaret 2007, an Arts Council fundraiser and local comedy revue. This year's theme is "The Times Are A-Changin'" and will be held May 17 to 19 at Steamboat Mountain Theater.

Bonnie S. Roesink: Support valued

I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of those who supported me during the recall petition drive. My strength came from my family, all of my employees, friends, church and all of the other district attorneys in Colorado.

Ken Brenner: Just say 'no' to water plan

There will be a presentation at 6 p.m. today in Craig at the Holiday Inn. The presentation is by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District to the Yampa/White Roundtable.

Our View: Fixing the education fund

At Issue: Gov. Bill Ritter's plan to stabilize public education fund

Gov. Bill Ritter is to be commended for trying to address anticipated shortfalls in the state's Education Fund.

Leadership Steamboat: Recreation needs offer opportunities for partnerships

With Steamboat's ample resources, creative minds and talented people, there are many opportunities for partnerships to leverage impact. One issue that could be addressed through partnering is recreation needs. Such collaboration could address where to locate recreation facilities and how to provide identified program priorities.

A night to remember, honor

Future, past wrapped up in Winter Sports Club's awards night

It's the one night of the year the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club sets aside to remember the people who have left a lasting impression on the club, and to honor those who might.

Tuesday, April 17

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TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Scott Stanford of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include 911 tapes reveal miscommunication on police call; group moves forward with recall of John DeVincentis; and a preview of tonight's City Council meeting.

Sailors sink Pirates

Steamboat boys lacrosse piles on offense, beats Englewood, 16-5

The Steamboat Springs Sailors boys lacrosse team rode the heavy winds Monday afternoon at Gardner Field to an easy win against the Englewood Pirates.

The Record for April 15

12:49 a.m. Police arrested a 24-year-old Steamboat Springs woman on Whistler Road on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

A review: High school captures classic 'Fiddler'

Rusty de Lucia's production of "Fiddler on the Roof" was cast and choreographed well. Choosing a slim Tevye and Golde faithfully served the story of a poor milkman struggling to support his wife and five daughters.

Briefs for April 17

Student injured after hitting a tree while skiing

A 16-year-old Steamboat Springs High School student was taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon after she hit a tree while skiing at the Steamboat Ski Area. Steamboat Police Capt. Joel Rae said the girl appeared to be intoxicated and sustained a head injury in the accident.

A reason to dance

Free Cone Day benefits theater scholarship program

Mike Kinnecom said the local African dance and drumming group Kiki Mato is like a family.

Ranch struck with strangles

Disease running its course after infecting 15 horses

A contagious horse disease known as "strangles" is lingering at Sidney Peak Ranch, a month after most of the unusually large outbreak subsided.

'A historic document'

Council reaches home stretch with housing policy

Tonight is one of the last chances for Steamboat Springs residents to comment on proposed revisions to the city's affordable housing policies, which could increase financial requirements for developers and regulate how the city provides housing for its growing workforce.

Charter school contract approved

Operating agreement with North Routt Community renewed

The Steamboat Springs School Board voted unanimously during its monthly meeting Monday to renew the operating agreement with the North Routt Community Charter School effective through June 2010.

DeVincentis recall proceeds

Petition language must be approved before circulation

A group of Steamboat residents announced Monday it will proceed with plans to try to recall Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis.

Tom Ross: Telepathic pets know more than 'fetch'

I'm a skeptical journalist when it comes to the paranormal. However, I had an experience during the weekend that left me convinced that my pooch is telepathic.

Tease photo

Tapes show mix-up

911 reports about trashed house not relayed to officers

A "demolition party" nearly destroyed a home on Walton Creek Road despite multiple complaints to Routt County Communications about the party, records show. On Monday, the Pilot & Today obtained audio recordings from Routt County Communications that contain conversations among dispatchers, police and two people complaining about a party April 3 at 2075 Walton Creek Road.

Monday, April 16

33 killed at Virginia Tech University

A gunman opened fire in a Virginia Tech dorm and then, two hours later, in a classroom across campus Monday, killing at least 33 people in the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history, government officials told The Associated Press. The gunman was killed, bringing the death toll to 31. "Today the university was struck with a tragedy that we consider of monumental proportions," said Virginia Tech president Charles Steger. "The university is shocked and indeed horrified."

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Michelle Hess performs

Singer Michelle Hess gets a second chance Tuesday to perform a program she was unable to do during her senior year at the University of Dayton.

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Nicole Miller of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include closing day at the Steamboat Ski Area; Habitat for Humanity's next groundbreaking; and a report on a DUI accident.

Tease photo

Audio slideshow: Bull Sale

The fifth annual North Western Colorado Bull Sale served dual purposes Saturday afternoon at the Routt County Fairgrounds. The sale provided an outlet for local cattle producers who were either buying or selling, but it also provided the Routt County Livestock Judging Team with an opportunity to practice. Coach Rod Wille guided five members of the 4-H team through the pens containing the bulls.

Crawford continues to help young skiers with fund

Marvin Crawford's exploits in the skiing hills made him a legend in Steamboat Springs, and thanks to a memorial fund set up by his family after his death his legacy continues.

Soroco relay teams improving

Girls finish in eighth place, and boys pick up 18th spot

Soroco track and field coach David Bruner went into Saturday's meet at Glenwood Springs knowing the prior week had been spent working on relay exchanges.

Steamboat girls finish 12th, boys take fourth

The Steamboat Springs track and field teams both placed in the top 15 on Saturday at the Demon Invitational in Glenwood Springs.

Local swimmers help Bulldogs

Two local swimmers, who swim for the Moffat County swim team, both helped lead the Bulldogs in a meet at Grand Junction on Saturday.

Hayden track team looks to future

With an intense schedule ahead, Hayden track and field coach Kevin Kleckler came away from Saturday's track meet in Glenwood Springs excited for the next two weeks.

Luke Graham: Where have you gone beautiful sports world?

Crises, political banter, social conundrums, shock jocks, so-called political leaders, overzealous district attorneys and some guy named Imus have taken over the sports world.

Workshop helps participants cope with chronic diseases

The snow has melted and the streets are clear. Spring has come just in time for seniors ready to exercise and start other healthy habits.

The Record for April 14

12:25 a.m. A Steamboat Springs Police Department officer made a traffic stop on Routt County Road 129.

Roll safely into springtime

Spring is a good time to make bicycling your preferred method of transportation. To make sure you have a great experience on your bike, we would like to remind you that cyclists in Colorado have "all the responsibilities and all the rights of motor vehicles."

Habitat to break ground

Organization to start construction on its second duplex

The Routt County Habitat for Humanity will break ground on its second duplex April 21 in conjunction with a statewide celebration for Habitat for Humanity.

Man arrested in DUI accident

A Fort Collins man drove his Toyota Sequoia into a light post and speed limit sign on U.S. Highway 40 on Sunday evening, then jumped the median into oncoming traffic. No injuries resulted from a crash that could have been far worse.

Hospital remodel begins

Privacy issues to be addressed in lobby, but hospital will not close

Patients and visitors at Yampa Valley Medical Center will notice several changes in the coming weeks.

Tease photo

A festive end to ski season

Gorillas, superheroes, butterflies and angels crowded the slopes of Steamboat Ski Area on Sunday, as skiers and snowboarders once again gave a festive end to the ski season by donning colorful clothing - or lack of it - and costumes of all kinds while taking a few final turns down Mount Werner.

Partnering to prevent infections

Sometimes it's good to be below average. Yampa Valley Medical Center's hospital-acquired infection numbers are below the national average, and Infection Preven-

Briefs for April 16

Comunidad Integrada is looking for local talent to participate in a talent show during the Third annual Craig Cinco de Mayo Festival. The event is from noon to 5 p.m. May 5. Talent show participants will perform from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m. Please give Summer Laws a call at 846-5521 to participate.

Sunday, April 15

Tease photo

Editorial cartoon for April 15

Joe Roberts weekly editorial cartoon.

Mountain Chic: Body Maintenance

Toxin buildup in body can lead to sickness, fatigue

There's a new trend at health spas across the country, and Allyse Eggleston is taking notice.

Tease photo

World travelers blend aspen views with Asian influences

Ann Butcher's clients in Valverdant have always enjoyed a spacious home on a rare secluded lot within the city limits of Steamboat Springs. But the master bath was from another era.

Tease photo

Modern home balances Western theme

Home interiors

The extensive remodel of Randy and Gail White's home in Strawberry Park began with a single area rug they jokingly refer to as "the million dollar rug."

Tease photo

Welcome home to the New West

Home Interiors

Steamboat Springs may have a reputation as a cowboy ski town, but some of the valley's finest homes are beginning to reflect a more sophisticated look.

Tease photo

Capture nature's beauty in photos

Steamboat photographers show you how to document the perfect petal

The scenic beauty surrounding Steamboat Springs provides professional photographers with an inspirational setting to create images they hope will last for generations.

Planting trees and shrubs: It all begins with the soil

Gardening guide

Of the problems faced by Yampa Valley gardeners, probably 80 percent can be attributed to soil issues, master gardener Deb Babcock said.

Remembering water conservation

Gardening guide

Steamboat Springs benefits every spring and early summer from an abundance of snowmelt flowing off the Continental Divide in the form of rivers, streams and seasonal creeks. But there are limits on how much treated water the community can afford to devote to the irrigation of gardens.

Tease photo

Heat up the night

Gardening guide

Steamboat is notorious for cool summer nights. Many homeowners long for an outdoor fire, but few residents understand the process for obtaining a city permit.

Tease photo

Containers help plants grow

Gardening guide

Container gardens offer one of the best opportunities for condominium and townhome owners to grow a Rocky Mountain flower garden. But to succeed, you must understand that the plants in your clay pots live a very different life from those planted in a flowerbed.

Tease photo

Coax native blooms

Gardening guide

The first European gardener in Steamboat Springs was probably Margaret Crawford, who homesteaded at the big bend in the Yampa River with her family in July 1875. You can still see evidence of her affinity for yellow roses in the large bushes that thrive throughout Steamboat's Old Town.

Tease photo

Cooking with: Chef Mike Murphy

Part-time teacher, full-time student

Chef Mike Murphy can dance around the kitchen like nobody's business. And he should - he's spent a lot of time there.

Tease photo

Take a trip off the beaten path

The ski mountain has closed for the season, most of your shoes and pant cuffs are muddy, the trails are too sloppy for hiking or mountain biking, the weather is warming but the streets feel oddly quiet, and for some reason, you just can't shake the feeling that all you're doing is sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Tease photo

Artists at Work

Photographer John F. Russell goes behind the canvases and into studios. Writer Tom Ross talks to artists, including painters, a wood carver, a quilter and more, about the inspiration behind their work.

All in a day's work: Saving Lives

Routt County Search and Rescue crews battle weather, time and full-time jobs to save the stranded

Routt County Search and Rescue responds to about 80 911 calls for help each year. Most of the calls are from residents and visitors who are lost or injured in the rugged terrain that surrounds the county's few cities and towns. The number of calls for help has increased in recent years as more people move to and visit Northwest Colorado.

Tease photo

New businesses

Who's opened their doors recently

Who's opened their doors recently

Tease photo

Ask a lawyer

Protect yourself from rental nightmares

So you've decided to rent out your three-bedroom condo near the ski area, and it's suddenly become apparent that your renters probably will be a group of college-aged ski bums or a young married couple who may or may not have a couple of dogs hiding out in the back of their car.

Group plans Dr. D recall

A coalition of former Steamboat Springs School Board members and John DeVincentis former supporters is weighing an effort to recall DeVincentis from the School Board.

Sailors tennis finishes 1-1 after cancellation

With the countdown to the state and regional tournaments at less than three weeks to go, Steamboat Springs tennis coach John Aragon now has a better idea on where the Sailors stand.

Sailors drop Delta doubleheader

It was just one of those days for the Steamboat Springs baseball team.

Tease photo

Best bets

Things to do around town

Sailors fall to Cougars in OT

Stick penalty leads to emotional loss

It's a mistake that only happens once in a lacrosse player's career.

Welcome to spring

Spring is in the air. You can see it in the first green patches starting to appear throughout town and the dogs frolicking in the river.

Tease photo

Road Trip

Cabin Fever - Catch it!

Columbine Cabins, in the heart of Routt County's historic gold country, are just 29 miles and 110 years from Steamboat Springs.

Steamboat girls bring best effort against talented Kent squad

Steamboat Springs girls lacrosse coach Jenn Kirkpatrick knows getting better means playing - and learning - from the best.

Tease photo

Crossing Borders

Patients look beyond Western medicine for cures for what ails them

Americans increasingly are turning to non-conventional health care treatments for their ailments and general well-being. The trend is no different in Steamboat Springs, where the number of complementary and alternative medical practitioners has increased significantly in recent years.

Best of the Web for April 15

Attagirl, Denise. Let's avert our eyes as we pass this wreck and get on with our real task: finding and shooting that messenger who dared to expose Dr. DeVincentis' reprehensible behavior. And let's use that stalest of reasons: our lawyer made us do it. Horse pucky. The board can't be sued for the actions of someone who wasn't a board member at the time he acted. If the district is sued for what he did as a principal (for what? bad taste? having the potty mouth of a 14-year-old?), his actions were outside the scope of his duties and therefore entirely his responsibility.

Tease photo

Breaking the ice

Out-of-the-way angling options for early spring fishing

If the beginning of trout-fishing season in the Yampa Valley was the subject of a reality TV show, it might be called "Ice-capades, Season 5."

Tease photo


Getting to know Developer Jim Cook

Realtor and developer Jim Cook is a principal in three major downtown Steamboat Springs redevelopment projects - Howelsen Place, Alpenglow and Riverwalk. Each includes a mix of residential and commercial spaces. Together they offer the promise of kicking off a renaissance in the downtown commercial core.

What is a conservative?

Confusion and misunderstanding are abound concerning the definitions of "liberal" and "conservative." The labels are typically applied after hearing a person's position on a single issue. This has led to these labels becoming almost meaningless in popular usage.

Tim Bishop and Jerry Buelter: Proud of staff

Since last week's events involving discontent between members of the school board and our community, many parents offering their support and concerns have approached us. We want to assure the public that what is being written in our newspaper has not and will not infiltrate the doors of our schools or classrooms.

Jail report for April 7 - April 13

Saturday, April 7

The Record for April 13

Friday, April 13

Class notes for April 15

Dean's list

Silverton Mountain opens unguided tracts of untracked spring lines

Jen Brill was having a rough winter last year.

Club 20 committee proposes health care reform

Two months of discussion, and input from a wide range of interests, were used in formulating a Club 20 plan to reform the state's health care system, members said.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Every day is Earth Day for ranchers

On April 22, residents will celebrate the 37th year of Earth Day.

Joanne Palmer: Construction Town U.S.A.

Steamboat Springs officially changed its name today from Ski Town U.S.A. to Construction Town U.S.A. Residents in an uproar!

Routt County Spotlight: Eva Hermacinski

Routt County Spotlight: Eva Hermacinski

Bethany Aurin: Fallout shameful

I am writing to express my extreme distaste regarding the current state of affairs with our School Board. I am a 33-year resident of this school district, a 1977 Steamboat Springs High School graduate, the proud parent of an Strawberry Park Elementary School third-grader and Steamboat Springs Middle School sixth-grader, and a six year employee of the district as a school bus driver.

Mountain-area condos priced below $250K

In this era, when the price of admission for a new ski area townhome is north of $800,000, it's still possible to find small condos less than a mile from the ski area for less than $250,000.

Grabbing an opportunity

Steamboat gymnastics coach fills void with new gymnasium

A Steamboat Springs math teacher and gymnastics coach has opened a new gymnasium to fill a void left when the Steamboat Gymnastics Center closed its doors in early March.

Business File for April 15

Prudential Steamboat Realtor honored

Pam Vanatta of Prudential Steamboat Realty was honored with the PREA 100 Award by Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, a Prudential Financial company, March 20 in San Diego.

Jimmy Westlake: Cancer the crab

Of the 12 constellations that mark the Sun's annual path through our sky, called the zodiac, Cancer the Crab is the faintest and most challenging to locate. The Crab rides high in the sky on spring evenings, tucked in between the more prominent constellations of Gemini the Twins to the west and Leo the Lion to the east. Finding this celestial crustacean requires a dark, moonless night, so the middle two weeks of April this year are perfect for crab hunting since the new moon falls on April 17.

Dave Shively: It's the adrenaline, stupid

Before the end comes - when the closure sets in and the recreational umbilical cord is ripped from the gut of the sunburned diehards- before I burn my ski socks and check the kayak for spiders, I take a brief look back before throwing another season in the bag.

Base area project details unclear as contruction begins

Work on the multi-year, $23 million redevelopment project at the base of Steamboat Ski Area begins this week, but many of the details - such as agreements with private property owners and a permanent source of maintenance funding - have yet to be finalized, or figured out at all.

Tease photo

Staying fit with Michael David

Boxing is a complete body workout. Surprised? You shouldn't be.

Tease photo

Designing the way to downtown

Architecture standards will highlight U.S. 40

Tracy Barnett, program manager for Main Street Steamboat Springs, won statewide recognition in March for her work promoting and bringing vitality to downtown Steamboat. Said Vince Martinez of the Colorado Community Revitalization Association, the state's oversight body for cities that participate in National Trust Main Street Center programs: Steamboat "truly has the feel of a real community - you feel that local flavor right away."

Tease photo

Hayden's all-day kindergarten catches Steamboat's eye

Justin Fry isn't shy. Before he started reading about eggs Thursday, he wanted to share what he thought about the students in Christine Epp's kindergarten class at Hayden Valley Elementary School.

Tease photo

Asian touch adds spice

The hard-rock miners who toiled to extract precious metals from the Colorado Rockies in the 19th century often built their families statuesque Victorian homes - if their day jobs proved successful.

Tease photo

Honoring the West with sophistication

Home interiors

The days when Jace Romick's clients ordered custom aspen log beds are all but over. The log furniture has been relegated to the children's "bunkhouse."

Click on this: Web sites worth a whirl

With the never-ending advances in consumer electronics, one too many blinks and you might miss the latest technology release.

Mountain Chic: Keeping your skin healthy and fresh

Soak up the sun - sans the sun

The dangers of tanning beds are well documented but widely disputed, which is why many women are choosing to steer clear of the argument by using sunless tanners.

Steamboat girls can't finish shots, tie Palisade, 1-1

The Steamboat Springs girls soccer team dominated its game, Saturday against Palisade, in every facet of play except one - scoring.

John F. Russell: Bowlers don't get no respect

Some young athletes dream of becoming Olympians, others dream of playing in the National Football League or driving a ball out of the park like Barry Bonds. But how many children these days grow up hoping to be just like Pete Weber or Norm Duke?

Our view: County should not be surprised it made list

We appreciate Routt County Clerk Kay Weinland's efforts to correct the election problems that occurred in November 2006. We think the formation of an Election Review Committee was the right step, and we agree with the committee's recommendations of more machines and more voting centers.

Starting down the right path

Eighth-graders learn more about careers at Boys2Men conference

Jerry Buelter wanted to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers when he was in eighth grade.

Community comes together to support special-needs child

When Tanner Tritz's little brother Peyton began to sign Tanner's cast, his parents thought it would have something to do with hockey, a passion of Peyton's.

Looking back for April 15

New water mains in Steamboat

The last criminal case that came up for trial in the district court, that of E. Gwynn charged with operating a confidence game, went to the jury at noon April 7. The jurymen were out two nights and brought in the verdict of not guilty Saturday morning.

Serious about clowning around

This jokester is professionally trained

If clowns are wearing rainbow wigs or have painted their upper lips, they are considered amateurs.

High demand for loft living

Third phase under way at Blackhawk Lofts on Village Drive

Sales of Blackhawk Lofts townhomes got off to a slow start in 2003, but the situation has reversed itself dramatically this spring.

Real Estate Transactions for April 4 to April 11

Real Estate Transactions for April 4 to April 11

Millie Beall: Leader of dissent

Here I sit, in Lhasa, Tibet, and all I can think about are the years I served the Steamboat Springs School District from 1992 to 2000, with four of those years as president of the board.

Saturday, April 14

Dogpile Industries picking up

Yard cleaning business brings the scoop to waste removal

In Ski Town U.S.A., the spring thaw serves as a reminder as to why Steamboat Springs also is sometimes referred to as Dog Town U.S.A.

Gathering focuses on climate change

Yampa Valley residents concerned about the effects of global warming can help call attention to the issue and have fun doing it today during the local observation of Step it Up 2007.

A happenstance second chance

Michelle Hess performs the program she's always wanted

Singer Michelle Hess gets a second chance Tuesday to perform a program she was unable to do during her senior year at the University of Dayton.

Dispatchers recognized

County honors communications departments with barbecue

During a barbecue meant to honor the men and women of Routt County Communications on Friday, several of the dispatchers were called back into the center when an emergency call came in for Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue crews.

Buzz about housing policies

Commission divided on proposal's substance, organization

Proposed revisions to Steamboat Springs' affordable housing policies are stumbling through the first step in the public process.

Tease photo

A sunny, warm farewell

Temperatures to exceed 60 degrees on closing day at ski area

Skiers and snowboarders likely will want sunscreen and light clothing during the final weekend of the season at the Steamboat Ski Area.

Report criticizes Social Services

State: Moffat County department 'does not assure child safety'

A recently released report finds that Moffat County Department of Social Services is not in compliance with state rules and "does not assure child safety."

Steamboat lacrosse starts trip with win

Mountain Range High School's boys lacrosse program may only be in its first season, but its team gave Steamboat Springs a game Friday afternoon in Thornton.

Weather wrecks plans, Sailors find alternatives

Tennis coach John Aragon had hoped the Steamboat Springs High School girls team would open the Mullen Tournament on Friday afternoon.

The Record for April 12

Thursday, April 12

Briefs for April 14

Comunidad Integrada needs talent show participants

Tom Ross: Everybody's in show biz, and everybody's a star

Just when I thought Sanjaya Malakar had cured me forever of my reality TV addiction, FOX comes back at me with its newest prime time drama masquerading as a reality show that was never really real.

Paul Fisher: Who's the real Dr. D?

Dr. D was a brilliant educator. He instituted an educational process at Strawberry Park that started with clearly identified goals for educating students. Dr. D tested all students every year to assess progress that each of them made toward those goals. He critically assessed curriculum to assure that it appropriately led to desired results. Dr D integrated ethics and values education in everyday teaching. Dr D initiated performance awards in the District. He would reward outstanding efforts by staff with awards with financial value. Dr D also regularly surveyed staff and parents to gather information about direction for the school. He established an ongoing line of communication with parents and staff that was unsurpassed in the District. The bottom line was that Strawberry Park students were well educated and the school won awards for it.

Mary and Jim Darcy: Newspaper biased

As parents of children at Strawberry Park, we have watched with amazement the level of venom directed toward John DeVincentis. For twenty-some years he has been a smart, funny, excellent principal, admired and loved by many. And now we see shock and awe at e-mails from two years ago that don't come close to what the two of us said to each other during the last presidential election.

Steamboat goalie Tim Higbee carves Canadian niche on road to hockey dreams

Tim Higbee is the first to admit his pursuit of the hockey dream has been a bit of a "journeyman's path."

Elisabeth Mullen: Article deplorable

I found the April 6 article "E-mails Reveal Anger" deplorable on many levels.

Friday, April 13

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Nicole Miller of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include coverage of Thursday's School Board meeting; a report on February sales tax; and a preview of Saturday's ice skating show.

The final stretch

Boys lacrosse looks to close out season at full strength

Steamboat Springs boys lacrosse coach Bob Hiester needs only two words to describe the four games his team will play in the next week to close out its season - big time.

County track teams converge

Sailors, Rams, Tigers prepare for meet

While all three Routt County track and field teams will be competing in Glenwood Springs on Saturday, all three go into the meet with different goals.

Sailors defeat tenacious Bears

Steamboat girls fight off Rifle, 2-0

Sailors coach Rob Bohlmann wasn't surprised by the slimmer-than-expected margin of victory after the Steamboat girls defeated Rifle, 2-0, on Thursday.

Sailors tennis looks forward to competitive tourney

Steamboat Springs tennis coach John Aragon was intent on getting his girls to play today in Denver.

Tattoo of the week: John Newbold

This graffiti spells my nickname, "Newbie." Brad Cramer of Truth Tattoo did the tattoo.

Figure Skating Club includes 10 guest skaters at ice show

Upper level ice skaters like Braden Overett have to practice at least three to four hours a day on ice and one to two hours a day off the ice.

The Record for April 11

Wednesday, April 11

Briefs for April 13

Tobacco-free quit kits available at VNA

Betsy Chase: Forgive Dr. D

I would like to share my experiences working directly with John DeVincentis for eight years at Strawberry Park Elementary School and indirectly with him for more than eighteen years.

Beverly Eagerton: Not family-friendly

I just want to comment on this year's Cardboard Classic. I would suppose this event should be held for everyone in this community. I am truly disgusted by the behavior that went on there.

Omar M. Campbell: Illegal alien crackdown

A letter to Rep. Tom Tancredo:

David Lacey: Rethink decision

I think I'm pretty well-informed and aware of what's going on in my city, having been here 35 years. But I hope it's not too late to rethink something that has a lot of us local parents scratching our heads.

Tease photo

Students shine in 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Local teens portrayed a tale of hardship and poverty with an amazing wealth of ability Thursday night. In Steamboat Springs High School's opening performance of the Broadway musical "Fiddler on the Roof," a talented cast treated an audience of about 100 to an entertaining, impressive production that raised the bar for high school theater and contained scenes of hilarious dialogue and inspiring vocals.

Deb Babcock: Horseradish - not a radish, but hot stuff all the same

Cocktail sauce for shrimp wouldn't be right without tangy horseradish. It's a key ingredient in a creamy topping we use for fish and pork. My dad spreads it on his sandwiches.

Tease photo

'We're moving forward'

DeVincentis to address community concerns about e-mails next week

Steamboat Springs School Board member John DeVincentis will not resign, but he will hold three sessions next week to take input from residents about e-mails he sent during his final year as principal at Strawberry Park Elementary School.

Tease photo

Piecing it together

Vinyl artist works in layers

You may have to stand back to see Mike Benninghoven's images more clearly.

On scene

I could have rocked around the clock Friday night if the '50s and '60s dance deejay didn't have to go home. And I wasn't the only one. Even after the lights were turned on, people were twisting, hopping and strolling.

Tease photo

Somewhere over the Rainboat

Ski Town Productions serves up another local lampoon

Imagine what would happen if the Steamboat Springs City Council took an investigative peace retreat to the Rainbow Gathering last summer.

Tease photo

Just for kicks

Blissful Mayhem 'keeps people on the dance floor'

Blissful Mayhem, a recently, formed local band, claims to be user-friendly.

Tease photo

Hear the band you've heard of

Young Dubliners blend Irish, American rock at free concert

Although the Young Dubliners are labeled as a Celtic rock band, they are not as popular in Ireland as they are in the United States.

YVHA to hold homeowner education

Yampa Valley Housing Authority Executive Director Elizabeth Black knows the hardships of being a first-time homebuyer.

Moose injures Steamboat pet

A moose doesn't discern between a Labradoodle and a wolf. And because wolves are the sworn enemies of moose, the large ungulates tend to show aggressive behavior toward domestic dogs.

Base area sales tax booming

Monthly report shows 140 percent jump from last year

On the verge of a multi-year makeover, the base of Steamboat Ski Area is generating rapidly increasing sales tax revenues for the city.

Allison Plean: The bottom line of the finish line

It was about 8 p.m. Thursday night when I arrived at the quiet construction site. I was well aware of our forthcoming challenge - making Little Miss Sunshine proud with our replica bus and perfectly prepared costumes at the Cardboard Classic two days later.

Thursday, April 12

Tease photo

Video: DeVincentis speaks out

The Steamboat Springs School Board held its first meeting today since angry e-mails sent by John DeVincentis became public.

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Fiddler on the Roof

High school play is tonight, Friday and Saturday

Steamboat Springs High School students Grace Stockdale and Cody Poirot (Golde and Tenye) perform a scene from Fiddler on the Roof on Steamboat Today, the morning show on Steamboat TV 18. Fiddler on the Roof is tonight, Friday and Saturday in the Steamboat Springs High School auditorium. Tickets are $5 to $10.

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Alexis DeLaCruz of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include a preview of today's School Board meeting; a look at the impact of a busy summer construction season; and the first draft of a new affordable housing ordinance.

Student heading to Washington

Sydney Finkbohner selected for national leadership conference

Sydney Finkbohner can't wait to see the White House, but she's also excited to see the Capitol. And she is looking forward to getting on an airplane by herself for the first time in her young life.

Students, staff to ski free

Ski Corp. offers tickets to Yampa Valley teachers, children

Students and staff enrolled or working in area schools will enjoy a free weekend of skiing and snowboarding Saturday and Sunday.

Tease photo

Bracing for construction

Base area, downtown projects on tap for summer

Construction will drastically change Steamboat Springs in the coming years.

Tease photo

School Board meets today

Board holds first meeting since release of DeVincentis e-mails

The Steamboat Springs School Board will hold its first meeting today since angry e-mails sent by John DeVincentis became public.

Briefs for April 12

Help solve a local crime

Steamboat celebrates first Moffat County victory in 7 seasons

In manager Dave Roy's mind, it's never OK for the Steamboat Springs baseball team to strike out.

Colorado Sports Hall of Fame accepts local tennis player

Steamboat Springs resident Carol Baily said when she was playing competitively she never dreamed of being inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. But when the moment finally came Tuesday night, the idea of speaking in front of 800 people made it difficult to fully enjoy the moment.

Forensics coaches resign

Lamanskys have 45 combined years at Steamboat

Longtime Steamboat Springs High School forensics coaches Marty and Shauna Lamansky have resigned from their positions.

Scott Stanford: Pilot made right choice on e-mails

In the past week, the Pilot & Today staff has taken criticism for how we handled e-mails sent by School Board member John DeVincentis during his last year as principal at Strawberry Park Elementary School.

The Record for April 10

Tuesday, April 10

Steamboat grad transferring to UNLV soccer squad

Kelly Labor had to make the toughest decision of her life.

Housing plan ready for review

After months of meetings and debate, a revised ordinance to amend Steamboat Springs' affordable housing policies is ready for public review.

Wednesday, April 11

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Scott Stanford of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include a committee recommends that the city not move forward with a study into alternative uses for the Steamboat Springs Airport; a preview of the Steamboat Springs School Board meeting Thursday; and a visit with the new director of Historic Routt County.

Buddy King: Tossing out lifeline

I'm having a hard time comprehending the number of people who have jumped ship on Dr. D.

Greg Dixson, Brian Kelly, Jim Swiggart, Marci and Tom Valicenti, Michael Loomis: Focus on future

Like it or not, Dr. D's e-mails are public record. They were public record as soon as he signed the district's form acknowledging anything he wrote on school property could become public and as soon as he wrote them on his school computer. He wrote them - the staff at the Steamboat Pilot & Today didn't.

Tease photo

Taking history into his hands

Fourth generation rancher chosen to lead Historic Routt County

A fourth generation Routt County rancher has been chosen to lead Historic Routt County into its next ten years.

Dialogue Before Decision: Analyzing rec center uses

In August 2006, a survey of 300 Steamboat Springs voters indicated that 65 percent support the general concept of a community recreation center. The most important factor in the decision making process for those surveyed was the kind of facilities offered, followed by cost and then need. The poll also asked residents to rank possible amenities in the order of overall importance. The amenities identified were:

Drive to address shortage

Bonfils to visit Yampa Valley Medical Center on Thursday

Donating blood usually takes less than one hour, but the results can last a lifetime.

Sailors take rare win from Bulldogs

Steamboat's victory is first in three years

A drought was snapped Tuesday afternoon at Craig Middle School in the Steamboat Springs versus Moffat County High School baseball rivalry.

Sailors suffer hard loss at Thomas Jefferson

Lacrosse coach Jenn Kirkpatrick felt like her girls could have won Tuesday's game against Thomas Jefferson High School.

Tease photo

Airport consultant chosen

Group split on whether city should fund alternative study

A citizen committee has chosen a consultant to study alternative uses for Steamboat Springs Airport, but it is unsure if the city should fund such a study at all.

Mike Lawrence: Riding rails in the Rockies

Idea of a passenger train to Denver picking up steam

I wish I had more time to write this column, but I gotta run - the 5:30 p.m. train to Denver is boarding at the Steamboat Depot. I've got a window seat booked in the coach car, a few crossword puzzles to pass the time and tickets for a show at the Fillmore on Colfax tonight. Rabbit Ears Pass is a mess in all this wind and snow, but the clear railroad tracks should be smooth sailing.

Sailors distance runner pre-qualifies at Grand Junction meet

The suspense is over for another Steamboat runner.

The Record for April 9

Monday, April 9

Briefs for April 11

Tread of Pioneers Museum closed April 15 to 30

Youth boarders bring home medals

Steamboat Springs snowboarders posted some big results at the biggest snowboard competition in the world - the USASA National Championships - Saturday at Northstar at Tahoe, Calif.

Against the wind

Steamboat girls soccer turns tide on Moffat County for 2-0 win

Frigid winds blasting across Craig on Tuesday leveled the playing field for what the girls on the Steamboat Springs soccer team thought would be a blow-out.

Crowded roads ahead

Transit official warns of busy summer for Steamboat drivers

Drivers in Steamboat Springs could soon get a ticket if they don't yield to Steamboat Springs Transit buses.

Our View: Mobile home park purchase good

The preceding five years have persuaded us that it is easier to conserve the existing stock of community housing than it is to create new entry level homes.

Tease photo

Girls to women

Conference opens doors, young minds

Charell Ondrejka changed her mind about becoming an actress after attending Tuesday's Girls to Women Conference with 134 other eighth-grade girls.

Richard B. Berkley: Respect zoning

We have a problem. Under current vacation home rental permitting rules, your neighbor(s) could obtain a "stealth" VHR permit without your knowledge, and open a "mini-hotel," with a commercial kitchen, housekeeping, ski rental, shuttle, massage, hot tub, and allowing special events, with very little review, expense, and no public hearings whatsoever.

Tuesday, April 10

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Rock, Paper, Scissors regional championship

Eli Campbell of Steamboat TV18 covers the recent Rock, Paper, Scissors regional championship at the Smokehouse in Steamboat Springs.

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Scott Stanford of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include the Yampa Valley Housing Authority's efforts to buy Fish Creek Mobile Home Park; the School Board's investigation into who released John DeVincentis' e-mails; and the death of ski patroller Cody St. John.

Briefs for April 10

County Democrats to host Colorado Water Law talk

The Routt County Democratic Party will meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday in Olympian Hall. The event includes a short potluck dinner and business meeting. Following the business meeting, Ken Neubaucher of Trout Unlimited will lead a discussion of Colorado Water Law and Potential Transbasin Digressions. Contact Ken Brenner at

The Record for April 8

1:21 a.m. A noise complaint was made in the 3300 block of AprÃs Ski Way. Steamboat Springs police issued a warning to people at a loud party.

Tom Williams: Upset at system

I have been reading about the effort to recall District Attorney Bonnie Roesink. I dealt with her for more than 18 months concerning a case where the driver wrecked his automobile and his passenger was killed. I am one of the victim's family members.

Darcy Trask: Find out more

You may be trying to decide whether to get involved in the debate regarding the School Board. You may be wrestling with the question of whether Dr. John DeVincentis is a gifted educator - as we know he was in the past - or if something has changed and the person revealed in the e-mails is the DeVincentis who now sits on your School Board.

Mitch and Lynn Wunder: For our children's sake

One of the reasons we chose Steamboat Springs as a place to live was the quality of its schools. The Steamboat Springs School District had schools that were ranked among the best in the state. We were impressed not only by the teaching of the basics, but also by the teaching of values. As we visited Strawberry Park Elementary School, we were impressed by the conspicuous posters that extolled the virtues of honesty, integrity, respect, compassion and love. Unfortunately, we don't see many of these values being expressed by certain leaders in our school district or by our local newspaper with its narrow lens. Virtues are not taught from posters but by example. We are saddened to see the venomous rhetoric or our national politics and media filter down to our local school board and paper.

Chip Coe: Children deserve better

The apology letter that Dr. John DeVincentis wrote is yet another refection of his true character and his emotional maturity (or lack thereof). Dr. DeVincentis could have saved a lot of words by simply saying, "I am sorry I was caught." His attempted apology is as pathetic as his conduct over the last many years. Dr. DeVincentis seemingly cannot comprehend that his conduct falls so short of any reasonable threshold of acceptability that there can be no justification for his actions. Mike Johnson misses the point in his letter to the editor. This is not an assassination of Dr. DeVincentis' character, but rather a revelation of his character.

Stuart Orzach: Double standard

The double standard of this newspaper disturbs me.

Spring flight schedule changes

Spring flight schedules at Yampa Valley Regional Airport have changed from the schedule described in an article in the April 7 edition of Steamboat Today.

Roesink recall petition fails

A petition seeking to oust 14th Judicial District Attorney Bonnie Roesink from office failed, the Colorado Secretary of State's Office announced Monday afternoon.

An excuse to pig out

Partners fundraiser benefits county mentoring program

Dave Daggett believes, as co-owner of a business in Steamboat Springs, it is his responsibility to help other residents of Routt County.

Patroller remembered

Car accident injuries prove fatal for Dean "Cody" St. John

Near the end of a day on the slopes in the spring of 2006, patroller Dean "Cody" St. John skidded his snowboard to a sudden halt.

E-mail investigation ordered

Connelly: Board wants to determine if policies were violated

Steamboat Springs School Board President Denise Connelly said the board will order an investigation into how the Steamboat Pilot & Today got copies of e-mails sent by board member John DeVincentis when he was principal at Strawberry Park Elementary.

Tom Ross: Climate change could spoil our fun

When is a candlelight dinner unromantic? When global warming and the collapse of society necessitate it. OK, maybe I'm being a little melodramatic. But in Steamboat Springs, the only thing more scary than impending plagues of grasshoppers and the unraveling of civilization is the prospect of a bad snow winter followed by dry paddling and angling seasons.

Tease photo

YVHA to buy Fish Creek park

Plan is to keep property as it is, with 68 mobile home units

The Yampa Valley Housing Authority will buy the Fish Creek Mobile Home Park, providing security to 68 households at the eight-acre park along the Yampa River southeast of downtown Steamboat Springs.s

Monday, April 9

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Nicole Miller of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include Strawberry Park students undertaking environmentally conscious efforts; the preservation of the heart spring at the Old Town Hot Springs; and the latest on School Board member John DeVincentis.

RMYC seeks construction help

Workers needed to train crew heading to Gulf Coast

Traditionally, the young adults who opt for a summer of hard manual labor with the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps give back to the country through conservation work in Colorado's backcountry.

Girls track finishes first before break

It's starting to look like Hayden High School head track coach Kevin Kleckler's plan is starting to pay off.

Luke Graham: This time ... I'm money

One week ago, I would have sworn the economy of Denver shut down.

The Record for April 7

12:21 a.m. A burglar alarm reportedly went off in the 500 block of S. Lincoln Avenue.

Briefs for April 9

The Steamboat Dance Theatre is now accepting applications for dance scholarships for spring or summer dance. Anyone, child through adult, with financial need is welcome to apply for tuition assistance to study dance. Scholarship Application Forms are available through your local dance teacher or you may download it from or call Wendy Smith Mikelsons at 736-1005. Applications may be mailed to SDT, P.O. Box 774284, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477.

Tease photo

Preserving Heart Spring history

Facility will remain sacred during waterslide renovations

Marian and George Tolles begin every weekday at 5:30 a.m., swimming in the Old Town Hot Springs.

Youths lead green charge

Strawberry Park Student Council wants more recycling

Four active and motivated Strawberry Park Elementary School students believe their school can be a community leader in environmentally-friendly initiatives, so much so, they delivered a presentation to the Steamboat Springs School Board on April 2 outlining their vision for their school - and town.

Monday Medical: Understanding depression

You have a bad day. You feel a little sad. This is not depression.

How much will it cost: A new recreation center

This week Dialogue before Decision, looks at how a community recreation center might be funded. Any construction project requires asking critical questions:

Sunday, April 8

ELL students struggle with language barrier in tests

Lupe Macias always is up for a challenge, so it should come as no surprise that the Hayden junior, less than one year after moving to the United States from Ecuador, sat down with a pencil and a limited understanding of English to take the ACT test last spring.

Tease photo

More than 70 crafts show up for Cardboard Classic

His reputation preceded him. Jim Fletcher is the mastermind behind such cardboard constructions as a replica gondola car and a replica Hummer. On Saturday, Fletcher was the mastermind behind the replica race car made famous in the box office movie hit "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby."

Steamboat drops two to Glenwood Springs

The Steamboat Springs baseball team is just a hit away.

John F. Russell: A game forgotten

I only had to swing a bat one time to fall in love with baseball.

Tennis finishes 5th in tourney

This was exactly what the Steamboat Springs tennis team needed.

Mustangs dominate against Sailors

Steamboat's girls lacrosse falls hard to No. 3 Colorado Academy

The Steamboat Springs girls lacrosse team got a picture of where they want to eventually be.

Sailors call it a draw against Huskies

This is what you'd expect from the two top soccer teams in the Western Slope League.

DeVincentis issues apology for e-mails

Steamboat Springs School Board member says he will not resign from his seat

Steamboat Springs School Board Member John DeVincentis apologized Saturday morning for a series of e-mails he sent in 2004 and 2005.

Ralph DeYoung: Not coming back

I am sorry to read the Steamboat no longer welcomes the older skiers.

Neil Bergman: Steamboat's loss

I just found out that the Young Senior Season Pass (age 65 to 69) at Steamboat is a thing of the past. The new owners have decided to continue in the tradition of the previous owners and level one more "kick in the teeth" to the long-time Steamboat residents.

Greg Dixson: Dr. D must resign

In the fall of 2002, Strawberry Park Elementary was at risk of losing an effective and dedicated Principal, John DeVincentis, due to strained relationship with Superintendent Cyndy Simms and how she and the board operated under the governance process. Several parents "Parents for Dr. D" joined in support of him to ensure one of two possible outcomes. We wanted to see that either his contract be renewed as principal of Strawberry Park Elementary or that he had a fair package for retirement as compensation for his long-time commitment to the district. We invested considerable time and energy attempting to protect a principal we believed was good for the kids and staff. The end result was that John was able to serve as Principal and retire on his own terms, and Simms was able to accept opportunities elsewhere. At that time, I believed we were doing the right thing for the kids and teachers in the district. Had I known what would transpire later, my personal choice to support John might have steered me in another direction.

David Wilson: Tabloid hit piece

Although I have great respect for the Pilot & Today as a newspaper, I am extremely disappointed that you chose to run the tabloid-like "hit" piece on Dr. D. When he ran for the School Board, he made no secret that he had strong concerns about the administration, including Donna Howell. His riff with the previous superintendent is also old news.

Oak Creek gym offers fun with useful gymnastics skills, safe place to play

When he's not busy "fixing houses, helping people, killing monsters or playing with toy police cars," 4-year-old Travis Rankin's favorite thing to do is jump around.

Jim Gill, Tom Miller-Fruetel, Paula Stephenson, Tom Sharp: Urge resignation

As former elected representatives of our school district, we have, during the past several months, been concerned about the direction of our current school board. Of particular importance is the loss/lack of vision for the greater needs of the District. Issues like the half-cent sales tax, the relocation and transition of Soda Creek Elementary School and its students, our faltering status in the statewide education community and a complete disregard for any long and short term strategic plans that had been put in place are being ignored in deference to long-standing, personal issues with our current and past superintendents.

Mike Johnson: Dr. D is a leader

The books Good to Great and Mind Set both define successful leaders as people who encourage and invite questioning of the direction they and their organizations are headed and through this questioning head off and prevent group think. DeVincentis has, what those books describe as, a growth mindset, which invites questioning, and not a fixed mindset.

Matthew E. Hermes: Venom and anger

As an elected member of the Steamboat Springs Board of Education (1997-2000) I can only react with contempt at the pathological behavior of John DeVincentis in his efforts to discredit the person and reputation of Cyndy Simms.

Paula Cooper Black: Connelly must act

Given the grave situation with the Steamboat School Board and the effects that they are having, and will continue to have on the education of our most precious asset, our children, I have several comments to make.

Our View: DeVincentis should resign

John DeVincentis should resign from the Steamboat Springs School Board for the sake of his constituents, his school district and his community. His Saturday apology was necessary, but it doesn't change the fact that he must go.

Class notes for April 8

Draper to intern at North Carolina State

Jail Report for April 8

Clint Daniel Metzler, 25, Steamboat Springs - DUI (Steamboat Springs Police Department)

The Record for April 6

2:28 a.m. An intoxicated person was reported in the 400 block of Lincoln Avenue.

Kids show learning can be fun

Christian Heritage kindergartners use interactive game to get close with nature

Barbie Do Right did well.

Run and done?

'Boat boaters and weather experts weigh in on early Yampa runoff

Kevin McBride and his hydrologist buddies at the Stormwater Quality Program in Fort Collins used to have a springtime office pool to guess the state rivers' peak runoff days.

Dave Shively: One day in the valley

I always thought spring break trips were overrated. Probably because I never had the "gone wild" experience that I imagined happened at every Senor Frog's foam party from Cancun to Mazatlan. I spent each college break in East Timonium, Md., waiting to play another rainy lacrosse game against another obscure Division III opponent.

Pat Gleason's letter to Denise Connelly

Please allow me a few thoughts on the current crisis facing the school district. As president of the board, your leadership is going to be critical in the next few days.

Statement from Board President Denise Connelly

As president of the Steamboat Springs Board of Education, it is important for me to address the community regarding the situation that has arisen in the past week. I want everyone to know that this unfortunate situation is not being ignored. We are trying to address all aspects of this situation to determine what will be the best course of action for our district and our students.

Community Agriculture Alliance: Greater sage grouse

If you are a landowner and are thinking about chopping brush, think about timing and habitat for the Greater Sage Grouse. Sagebrush is necessary for sage grouse habitat.

Jimmy Westlake: The queen of the night

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight ...

Routt County Spotlight: Don Heineman

Age: Older than dirt!

Looking back for April 8

Quick thinking saved man's life

Generally speaking, the snow on the Routt National forest was deeper than average at the close of the month of March, according to reports from the forest office. In fact, only the two scales at the head of Wheeler Creek and the one in Pinkham Creek show a deficiency from average, while the depth on Little Grizzly Creek exceeds the average 31 inches.

Real estate transactions for March 28 to April 3

Real estate transactions for March 28 to April 3

Managing change

New general manager to steer expansion of Steamboat Motors

Jeff Steinke has a big job ahead of him as the new general manager at the Steamboat Motors car dealership. On his desk Thursday was a blueprint for the dealership's eastwardly expansion at its 2310 Lincoln Ave. location.

Business file for April 8

Business File for April 8, 2007.

Nordic Lodge owners convert rooms to suites

The combined Banas and Golaszewski families are pushing forward with their long-term plan to expand and upgrade the Nordic Lodge Motel at Eleventh Street and Lincoln Avenue in downtown Steamboat Springs. They plan to add 2,000 square feet to the motel they've operated for a decade, but no new rooms.

Record valuation seemingly certain

Building department anticipates construction values to rise in 2007

Routt County and Steamboat Springs flirted with a new record for construction valuation in 2006 but never put it over the top. But Chief Building Department Official Carl Dunham says a record is more certain in 2007.

Joanne Palmer: Dog insanity

Insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result.

April recognizes importance of early childhood learning

When a child is struggling to walk or struggling to talk, unseen development is going on inside his or her head.

Saturday, April 7

Gleason: Recall funding, effort in place

The following is a letter sent by Pat Gleason, who resigned from the Steamboat Springs School Board Wednesday, to School Board President Denise Connelly.

Tease photo

DeVincentis apologizes, won't resign

Pat Gleason warns board president that recall is coming

School Board member and former Strawberry Park principal John DeVincentis issued an apology Saturday morning for e-mails he sent in 2004 and 2005 that were highly critical of Cyndy Simms, a former Steamboat Springs Superintendent. Asked if he had any plans to resign from the School Board, DeVincentis said, "the letter speaks for itself." His letter states, "In the future I will serve as the board member the public expects and deserves." The following is his letter as submitted to the Steamboat Pilot & Today...

The Record for April 5

Thursday, April 5

Local bull sale approaching

Local cattle producers once again will not have to go far to buy top quality bulls and heifers.

Briefs for April 7

Ski patroller remains in critical condition

Dr. Kerry Hart: CMC prices reasonable

I write in response to the commentary by Steven Schibline in the April 4 edition of the Steamboat Today. Mr. Schibline took issue with the tuition charged for some of the community courses offered at Colorado Mountain College.

Johnson, Winter Sports Club skiers shine at Nationals

Austin Johnson always knew he could do it, but at the U.S. National Alpine Skiing Championships, the Steamboat Springs skier proved that he could get it done.

Kathy Oberwitte: Beating horse to death

I find it of great interest that the stories continue to focus the recall on the death of my brother. If this were a horse you've beaten it to death.

Mike Coffman: Commissioner's remarks are off target

I am writing in response to the April 5 article, "County officials fire back," written as a result of my decision to place Routt County on the Election Watch List.

Western State names head coach

Former Steamboat Springs Sailors' assistant takes charge in Gunnison

Former Steamboat Springs High School assistant basketball coach Mike Moskowitz has been named the new men's basketball head coach at Western State College in Gunnison.

City helps residents with spring cleaning

Homeowners encouraged to call Waste Management for extra pickups

The quick snowmelt has many getting a head start on spring cleaning.

Swanson awaits launch date for mission

Steamboat Springs High School graduate Steve Swanson is patiently waiting for his first space mission aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Steamboat's Floyd heads into tennis finals

When Steamboat Springs girls tennis coach John Aragon surveys the Class 4A field, he sees four teams that will battle for a state championship.

Denver flight times change

Salt Lake jets resume for the summer on June 8

Travelers who plan to fly frequently between Yampa Valley Regional Airport and Denver this month will want to pay close attention to changing schedules.

Easter egg hunts planned throughout Steamboat

The 32nd annual City of Steamboat Springs Easter Egg Hunt is at 11 a.m. today at the base of the chairlift at Howelsen Hill.

Tom Ross: My first love was a Hawthorne

I awoke on the couch one night this week in time to watch the Colorado Rockies come from behind to defeat the Arizona Diamondbacks in the bottom of the 11th inning. I'm pretty sure I wasn't dreaming all of this up, but I'm quite certain I was groggy.

Tease photo

E-mail reactions mixed

Some want DeVincentis to resign, others support him

John DeVincentis remains a member of the Steamboat Springs School Board, but for how long remains unclear. On Friday, the Steamboat Pilot & Today printed excerpts of e-mails written by DeVincentis to Mercer Island, Wash., teacher Joby McGowan that were harshly critical of former Steamboat Springs Superintendent Cyndy Simms.

Girls to Women event teaches self confidence, sufficiency

Even though Paula Ninger had never thought about getting involved in public speaking, she joined the speech team at Steamboat Springs High School this year.

Friday, April 6

Excerpts from the DeVincentis e-mails

The following are direct quotes from a series of e-mail exchanges between former Strawberry Park Elementary School and current School Board member John DeVincentis and Joby McGowan, a teacher in Mercer Island, Wash., about former Steamboat Springs Superintendent Cyndy Simms.

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Nicole Miller of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include e-mails reveal an angry side of School Board member John DeVincentis; a car accident leaves a popular ski patrol member in critical condition; and vandals nearly destroy a $700,000 house.

Statement from former chairman of the Parents for Dr. D Committee

Jim Swiggart, who served as the chairman of the Parent for Dr. D. Committee, offered the following response to DeVincentis' e-mails.

Deb Babcock: April flowers in Steamboat

Audrey Enever told me this week the Yampa River Botanic Park is spongy underfoot and not quite ready for viewing, but the gardens along Oak Street are blooming with colorful crocus and daffodils. (Audrey is one of the founders of the Botanic Park and a knowledgeable, talented gardener.)

Sailors roll past Demons

The Glenwood Springs Demons threatened in the first half, but the Steamboat Springs Sailors' speed prevailed in the second.

Baseball dominates against Huskies

When it comes down to it, the Steamboat Springs baseball team had everything it needed in Thursday's doubleheader against Battle Mountain.

Steamboat tennis wins again, remains undefeated

The Steamboat Springs High School girls tennis team remained perfect Thursday evening by downing Fruita Monument, 6-1, in Grand Junction.

Jade Summit hearing moved to July

Despite the objection of city officials, the Steamboat Springs City Council decided to postpone an administrative hearing regarding the future of Jade Summit's liquor license.

Ski patroller hurt in auto wreck

Cody St. John critically injured after colliding with logging truck

For Steamboat Springs ski patroller Dean "Cody" St. John, life was about working hard, playing hard and loving those dearest to him with everything he had.

Walking and talking green

Local architect to lead off green buildings monthly series

A Steamboat Springs architect who is designing and building a home that produces all its own electricity will lead off a new series of monthly events that focus on green buildings.

Underwater education

Aquarium owner teaches kindergartners about oceans

If Gavin Graham's dream of a 600-million gallon aquarium doesn't pan out, he may have a future as a teacher.

The Record for April 4

The Record for April 4.

Area briefs for April 6

Area briefs for April 6.

Tenants trash house

New owner, police looking for 'demo party' hosts

Steamboat Springs resident Jon Wade and his investment partners closed on a $705,000 rental property Tuesday afternoon. The next day, he discovered the four tenants he had inherited had thrown a "demo party" the night before that resulted in what he estimated is in excess of $100,000 in damage.

Ski area construction starts soon

Base improvements begin April 16, go until October

On April 16, one day after the end of the ski season, construction on base-area improvements begins. Construction is scheduled to last from mid-April through October. Initial projects include sewer and water upgrades and the development of 300 feet of roadway on Ski Time Square Drive.

Immigrant aches

High school musical tells universal back-story of many immigrants

The 30 students in Steamboat Springs High School's performance of "Fiddler on the Roof" have recreated the sentiments of a small Russian town in 1909.

Tease photo

Remember when

'50s and '60s dance brings back more than memories

The 1950s and early '60s was a time when American Bandstand was on every TV set, people snuck into drive-in movies and cornfields and sock hops occurred every afternoon at home.

Happy hours

Go ahead. Stop and get a drink after work.

Framing a vision

Five months into business venture, artists are pleased with results

Twenty-six artists came together to open the Artists' Gallery of Steamboat five months ago. Each brought an artistic talent, and each learned something from the strengths of the others.

On scene

When in doubt about how to affix your helmet cam to your helmet, filmmaker Michael Martin suggests using both Velcro and duct tape.

Not just a juggling act

The Gizmo Guys juggle technique, musicality and comedy

Allan Jacobs and Barrett Felker both have a phobia of being called on stage when sitting in an audience.

Allison Plean: Not the life it used to be

Did you know going to circus school is just like going to a regular academic university?

Thursday, April 5

Tease photo

E-mails reveal DeVincentis' anger

School Board member has history of attacks on superintendents

During his last year as Strawberry Park Elementary School's principal, John DeVincentis repeatedly attacked Cyndy Simms in e-mail exchanges with a teacher in Mercer Island, Wash. Today, as a member of the Steamboat Springs School Board, he has made current Superintendent Donna Howell his target, colleagues say.

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Alexis DeLaCruz of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include Routt County's placement on the Secretary of State's Election Watch List; the resignation of School Bard member Pat Gleason; and a court appearance by a man classified as a sexually violent predator.

Skaters to show off top skills

A winter full of top-level competitions has been reduced to one final event for the members of the Steamboat Springs Figure Skating Club.

Hamil signs with Hastings

Steamboat senior to play soccer for Broncos at Nebraska school

Max Hamil's journey to Hastings College in Nebraska began with an 8.5-hour road trip with his childhood soccer coach.

Golf returns to Yampa Valley

The bad news is closing day at the Steamboat Ski Area is a little more than a week away. The good news is, if all goes as planned, golfers could be back on the greens of the Steamboat Golf Club by Saturday morning.

The Record for April 3

The Record for Tuesday, April 3

Area briefs for April 5

On April 10, 135 eighth-grade girls will gather at the Steamboat Sheraton Hotel for the ninth annual Girls to Women Conference to discuss career choices as they transition to high school.

Routt County Easter services

There will be an Ecumenical Stations of the Cross presentation starting at United Methodist Church at 12:15 p.m. Friday and visiting several downtown churches.

Tax talk continues on Fund Board

Members support idea, but say Steamboat voters will decide

During Wednesday's meeting, Education Fund Board members expressed overwhelming support for gifting half-cent sales tax dollars to the Hayden and South Routt school districts, but Fund Board members were equally vocal about the role Steamboat Springs voters play in that decision.

Annual cardboard racing event heads to the hill Saturday

Ah, spring skiing: the slush, the sun, the goggle tan and the cardboard.

Gleason resigns from Board

School official: can 'no longer serve in good conscience'

Steamboat Springs School Board member Pat Gleason resigned Wednesday. His resignation is effective immediately.

Tease photo

County officials fire back

Secretary of State puts Routt on Colorado Election Watch List through 2008

Routt County Commissioner Diane Mitsch Bush criticized Secretary of State Mike Coffman for making political hay in the name of election reform Wednesday after he announced the county now is on Colorado's Election Watch List.

Strong named Ski Towns director

Steamboat Springs City Council member Paul Strong has been named the new executive director of the Colorado Association of Ski Towns.

'Predator' appears in Routt Co. court

Noel faces charges of failing to register after 2006 traffic stop

A man classified as a sexually violent predator appeared in Routt County Court on Wednesday for a status hearing.

Businesses agree to suspension

Failed alcohol checks mean liquor licenses held for one day

Three Steamboat Springs businesses have agreed to have their liquor licenses suspended for one day as a result of selling alcohol to a minor.

Scott Stanford: Your chance to serve

It's that time of year when the newspaper starts looking for new Editorial Board members.

Wednesday, April 4

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Nicole Miller of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include the status of school Superintendent Donna Howell; an arrest of a Hayden man on suspicion of attempted arson; and the City Council's decision to lift a moratorium on new vacation home rentals.

Spillane recovering from recent surgery

Sports briefs for April 4

Steamboat Springs' Johnny Spillane is resting and rehabbing his right shoulder after having surgery to repair a broken bone with cadavers. The former Nordic combined sprint world champion plans to be "ready to roll" for next season.

Sailors serve up win

Steamboat moves past Aspen, prepares for Grand Junction

The members of the Steamboat Springs High School girls tennis team cleared another regional hurdle Tuesday night, downing Aspen, 6-1, at home.

Yampa Town Board Agenda

Yampa Town Board agenda for April 4.

Fund Board to hear Hayden presentation

Second readings of Capital Commission also on agenda for tonight

Representatives from the South Routt and Hayden school districts plan to attend tonight's Education Fund Board meeting to discuss sharing in future half-cent sales tax dollars.

The Record for April 2

The Record for Monday, April 2.

Briefs for April 4

The Routt County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday decided to commit $25,000 in taxpayer dollars to the expansion of a vocational education teaching facility in Hayden.

Steven J. Schibline: Misjudgment by CMC

I am writing in regards to a recent article in the Steamboat Today, about CMC's upcoming survey to the community. I would like to bring to the community an issue that I feel all community members should be aware of as they fill out their survey. I have recently learned that CMC will be doubling its fees for many community programs beginning with summer classes in May.

The Rev. David Henderson: 'Locals' article wrong

I write to express my concern with the recent story in the Locals edition highlighting my ministry at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Comments attributed to me, both directly (in quotes) and indirectly, consistently misrepresented what I shared with your reporter, Alexis DeLaCruz.

Tease photo

Permit ban to expire

Old Town Hot Springs waterslides, pools get nod from council

The Steamboat Springs City Council voted Tuesday not to extend the city's 90-day moratorium on vacation home rental permits.

Man arrested on suspicion of arson

A 39-year-old Hayden man was arrested Monday on suspicion of trying to destroy a neighboring business.

Easter services

Routt County Easter Services

Howell's status 'up in the air'

School Board president says conversations ongoing

Steamboat Springs School Board President Denise Connelly made it clear Tuesday that Superintendent Donna Howell's future with the district is not secure.

Our View: D.A. recall isn't warranted

At Issue: Effort to recall district attorney

The effort to recall District Attorney Bonnie Roesink is misguided and could cost taxpayers thousands unnecessarily. We urge residents not to sign the recall petitions.

County OKs GRAMNET funds

$10,800 to come from general fund for administrative costs

Despite losing the support of the Routt County Sheriff's Office, the Greater Routt and Moffat Narcotics Enforcement Team received a boost in funding Tuesday after two county commissioners voted in favor of giving the drug task force $10,800 for administrative costs.

Mike Lawrence: A slice of the GOP pie

Udall: Dems appeal to Western values

What better place to write a column about Mark Udall than a bustling coffee shop in downtown Boulder.

Ski area phasing out discounted pass for young seniors

Few people look forward to becoming senior citizens. However, in the Yampa Valley there was consolation to be taken from the knowledge that their 65th birthdays meant skiers and snowboarders were eligible for a discounted season pass at the Steamboat Ski Area. Now, the valley's newest senior citizens are adjusting to the news that the "young seniors pass," which cost $429 for the 2006-07 ski season, is being phased out.

Tuesday, April 3

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Alexis DeLaCruz of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include a new funding request for GRAMNET; a preview of tonight's City Council meeting; and a look at Happenings around town.

Steamboat girls lacrosse looks to future after loss to Boulder

The Steamboat Springs girls lacrosse team had the hustle and the chatter in its game Monday at Boulder. But the Sailors couldn't control the ball.

The Record for April 1

1:58 a.m. A woman staying at a hotel in the 3100 block of Lincoln Avenue reportedly heard two men fighting outside her door. Officers contacted the men and mediated the situation.

Briefs for April 3

A man accused of sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint had his bond set at $50,000 during a court hearing Monday.

Meeting to address uninsured kids

Sen. Ken Salazar wants feedback before SCHIP reauthorization

Faced with deciding whether Congress should reauthorize a federal and state program to help uninsured children, U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar is seeking professional input.

Take caution with pesticides

The Routt County Extension Office is urging landowners to exercise caution as the weed and spraying season approaches.

GRAMNET request under review

Wiggins asks county to approve DA funding of drug task force

Officials with the Greater Routt and Moffat Narcotics Enforcement Team and the 14th Judicial District Attorney's Office are asking the county today to approve a request that would allow the DA's Office to contribute $10,800 to the regional drug task force's operating budget.

Tease photo

Council to decide on waterslide

Old Town Hot Springs renovations up for final approval

City officials could decide tonight whether to allow construction of two new waterslides that a city planner said would bring "too much Disneyland" to downtown Steamboat Springs. In a meeting that begins at 5 p.m. at Centennial Hall on 10th Street, the Steamboat Springs City Council is scheduled to act on final development plans for $3.5 million in renovations to the hot pool area at the Old Town Hot Springs, a recreation center in downtown Steamboat.

Tom Ross: Big T's Konstructor's Kampground

City staff is going to hate me for this, but I've come up with a way for every homeowner in Steamboat Springs to clear a cool five figures this summer. Even better - about all they have to do is toast a few extra bagels in the morning and welcome strangers into their spare bathrooms.

School Board, charter school contract close

The Steamboat Springs School Board and the North Routt Community Charter School appear close to a new operating agreement for the school in North Routt County.

Monday, April 2

Tease photo

TV18 Video: Steamboat Today News

Alexis DeLaCruz of the Steamboat Pilot & Today provides the morning news, which airs on Steamboat Today between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Steamboat TV18. The top headlines include efforts to remove the gravel piles at Bald Eagle Lake, a preview of tonight's School Board meeting; and a new consignment business.

Area residents 'check up' at 9Health Fair

For Craig resident Marcia East, Saturday's 9Health Fair was the perfect opportunity for a check up.

Hard work that paid off

Former NBA player speaks of life at Christian Heritage School fundraiser

Anytime opportunity and hard work crossed paths, Swen Nater's taken advantage.

Luke Graham: Nater's got it right

Basketball and life. The two really aren't that different for Swen Nater.

Aging Well: Tips for older Americans traveling abroad

International travel can be a rich and rewarding adventure. Whether you have waited a lifetime to take the perfect trip or are an experienced world traveler, here is some advice to help you plan a safe and healthy trip.

The Record for March 31

12:30 a.m. Police arrested a 25-year-old Steamboat Springs man at Mount Werner Road and U.S. Highway 40 for driving under the influence.

Briefs for April 2

Steamboat Springs police arrested a 44-year-old Steamboat man for felony sex assault and menacing shortly after midnight Sunday morning.

Monday Medical: What to do about labels

Imagine that your child is about 18 months old and you have just been told that he has an illness. The doctors and researchers don't know how to cure it, they're not exactly sure how your son got it, but they do know that if he takes prescribed medication every day he will have a 75 percent chance for a better life.

Grants to benefit Routt County youth

Gretchen Van De Carr has lived in Steamboat Springs for 17 years. She has heard countless people talk about changing the lives of area youth.

Store provides opportunity for small-business owners

Craig and Dawn Lodge were thinking beyond just consignment when they decided to open Steamboat Obsessions in Riverside Plaza.

Charter contract up for review

Steamboat School Board to iron out kinks in draft agreement

The operating contract between the Steamboat Springs School District and the North Routt Community Charter School has been drafted, but adoption of the final draft still is in the hands of the Steamboat Springs School Board.

Kerry Hart: Balancing technology with life's lessons

Computer technology in education hasn't lived up to the hype it originally had. There was once a promise and a hope that technology would exponentially improve student learning. But then, we should remember that Thomas Edison proclaimed in 1922 that the motion picture would replace textbooks. So what's the status of children using computers to enhance learning in the 21st century?

Tease photo

Gravel mounds going away

Steamboat Springs eyesore to be transported for construction use

An eyesore that has plagued Steamboat Springs for nearly 10 years at the entrance to the city will finally be hauled away this summer.

Sunday, April 1

Education briefs for April 1

The deadline to apply for the Steamboat Springs Chamber Ambassadors Youth Education Scholarship is Friday. The scholarship is open to Routt County graduating seniors who plan to study business or business-related studies in college. Check with a high school counselor or contact Shauna Steele Lamansky at 879-6213 for more information.

Six Sailors named to All-State Band

In one man's opinion, the bar has been raised to get into All-State Band.

Best of the Web for April 1

Winter Park isn't too bad to drive to for skiing, at least. Personlly, I would have rather had Buddy Passes, but hey, this is better than what we already had, at least. It may also increase out Front Range business in Steamboat to keep those sales tax revenues coming in. Maybe Buddy Passes are in the future!

Judith Harrington: New rodeo needed

Kudos to the Steamboat 700, LLC group.

Reviving area EMT skills

New CMC instructor will offer basic, intermediate EMT courses to students

Instead of waiting tables, Scott Tuning became an Emergency Medical Technician as a way to make money during college.

Dave Shively: The other brothers

When you really put yourself out there, the most memorable episodes seem to be those correlated with distance from your comfort zone - oftentimes meaning it's not what you bring, but what you don't have that makes the adventure. Language, proper equipment and easy access are great starters.

David Scully: Too much Disneyland

In response to the article last Friday that discussed the Planning Commission's rejection of the proposed waterslides in the Steamboat Springs Health and Recreation Associations pool renovations, I would like to offer the following observations:

Soroco Middle School students experience world cultures through art, lessons

Teaching children about the world through art projects and crafts has always been a passion of Christie Scott's.

Our View: Dealing with vacation home rentals

The city of Steamboat Springs has a lot on its plate right now. Its vacation home rental policy does not need to consume excessive amounts of time.

John F. Russell: Rider learns from his journey

It's the journey, not the goal, that is important in life.

Lacrosse battles at tourney

The Steamboat Springs boys lacrosse team brought a clean and aggressive brand of play to its second day at the Border War Lacrosse Tournament in Grand Junction.

Jail Report April 1

Matthew Allen Stone, 29, Steamboat Springs-DUI (Steamboat Springs Police Department)

Chix title hopes on ice

Women's B1 hockey team wraps up season

The Chix with Stix needed a quick fix.

The Record for March 30

12:12 a.m. A woman requested a police officer in the 2600 block of Pine Grove Road.

Soroco opens track season in Kremmling

It was the first track meet of the year.

Sailors fall in doubleheader

Rifle picks up wins despite Steamboat's push to hang on

Just when it looked like the breaks were swinging in Steamboat Springs' favor, Rifle wrestled back the momentum.

Steamboat girls soccer squeaks by Delta, 1-0

Going into the 2007 spring season, Steamboat Springs girls soccer coach Rob Bohlmann thought the Delta Panthers would be this year's dark horse in the Western Slope League.

Steamboat racer Tim Magill guns for world speed-skiing title

Tim Magill can only see the ten meters directly in front of him as he accelerates down a 70-degree slope and pushes past the 100 mile-an-hour mark in a matter of seconds.

Cofer, Hill running full steam to state

Next weekend at the Palisade meet in Grand Junction is when the real season starts for Steamboat Springs distance runner Matt Hill.

Filmmaker teaches how to shoot action-sports movies and Hollywood turns

Michael Martin said all you need to make an action-sport film is a video camera, a computer and something that can burn a DVD.

Dems promote energy issues

At a packed fundraiser for Routt County Democrats Saturday night, energy could be found in the speeches as well as the crowd.

Education key to preventing sexual assault

Knowledge of a sex offender's identity is just one step in community safety, Routt County law enforcement officers say.

Tease photo

Schools: Minefields for students with food allergies

Hayden mom pushes for peanut-free district

Like so many children, Hayden's Makenzie Fry loves sweets. How was she or anyone else supposed to know something as seemingly harmless as a no-bake cookie would trigger a life-altering allergic reaction?

Finance 101

Students take notes on credit, career choices

Steamboat Springs High School junior Liza Darlington does not have a credit card, and she does not plan on getting one any time soon.

Relieving housing ailment

Developer's solution to city requirements aids hospital need

City planning staff has begun reviewing an innovative proposal for 30 new condominiums near Central Park Plaza. If approved, the project would solve the affordable housing requirements for a large residential development while helping Yampa Valley Medical Center establish new employees in the community.

Business File for March 31

Agents receive top honors in 2006

Prudential Steamboat Realty had 22 agents recognized as top producers at Prudential Real Estate's sales convention held in San Diego in March.

Routt County Spotlight: Marchele McEntee

Marchele McEntee

Joanne Palmer: Memorandum

Life in the 'Boat

First-quarter reports are disappointing. Productivity plummeted. Profitability is flat. Aerobic activity hit a record low.

Heidi Harper: What about water?

Community Agriculture Alliance

The shimmering mantle of white that has covered the forests and fields of our valley for the past four months is quickly melting into a noisy trickle of muddy water. Spring is here, and the creeks and rivers are swelling with their annual runoff of melting snow. Water is abundant and easy to take for granted in this soggy time of year we like to call mud season. However, as spring dries into summer, it is important to remember water is our most valuable resource and it needs to be managed with care and foresight.

Area briefs for March 31

Officials with North Routt Preschool are looking for help moving the school. Volunteers are asked to meet at 9 a.m. today at the Moonhill School House. Trucks and trailers are also needed. Call Hillary at 871-4559.

Jimmy Westlake: The Lion of spring

Beginning stargazers are often frustrated by the fact that very few constellations actually resemble their namesake. For example, I challenge anyone to look at the stars of Sagittarius, the Archer, and pick out a centaur, half-man, half-horse, holding a bow and arrow! The spring sky, however, does offer an excellent example of a constellation that really resembles what it is supposed to be.

Looking back: Water supply can't be taken for granted

From the March 30, 1967, issue of the Steamboat Pilot

Real Estate transactions for March 21 to March 27

Seller's name listed first, followed by the buyer

The true brew

Steamboat's homebrewers revel in the fresh taste of a genuine craft

It all started for Charlie Noble when he moved to Steamboat Springs from Boulder 13 years ago with housemate Wulf Levenshtein.