Omar Campbell: Patriotism lacking


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On Dec. 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor triggered World War II.

Sept. 11, 2001. Twin Towers. Trigger of World War III?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, were he still alive, would have called Sept. 11 "a day that will live in infamy." Dec. 7, 1941, marked a coming together of public opinion - split at the time by pacifism by some, and the reality by others that our very freedom and way of life were sorely threatened. If we had not mobilized and fought in Europe, the Pacific and North Africa, German might be the language most spoken in the world today.

Sound familiar? Most of today's liberals have not lived the history following Pearl Harbor. Because of partisan politics and an ignorance of the lessons of history, they do not see the coming worldwide threat of radical Islamic fundamentalism. Should the radicals win, our choices will be to convert or to kneel at a chopping block. The new world order would be a caliphate, probably headed by an ayatollah in Iran.

I was dismayed after Sept. 11, when the House and Senate approved the action in Iraq, to hear President Bush say that we citizens should just relax and pursue life as usual. After December 1941, we had conscription; rationing of gasoline, tires, butter, etc.; sale of bonds to finance the war effort; and a sense of participation and patriotism that is lacking now.

Omar Campbell

Steamboat Springs


Tall_Poppy 10 years, 7 months ago

World War II was not triggered by Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor triggered US entry into WWII which started in 1939.


Don Carter 10 years, 7 months ago

I agree with's spoiled brat kids of smarmy hippy parents are mentally abused victims of leftwing professors and teachers from their government schooling since early childhood and don't have a clue about the price of freedom and the sacrifices people have made to safeguard our freedoms. Freedom isn't free as they say. Every vote you cast and every minute you sit on a barstool or soaking in your hot tubs was paid for by the blood of your fellow citizens in days past. The Islamic radicals are a definite threat and the very people who constantly bash Bush and go out of their way to undermine the war effort would be the first ones marched into the gas chambers if those muslim radicals ever took over. Same goes with all politicians who turn their backs on the illegal alien invasion hoping to get more votes by appearing sympathetic to their plight. I've always had hippies as friends and I know how they think. They mainly want to impress each other with how compassionate and hip they are and aren't much interested in what it takes to keep our lives free from the savages who still roam the planet. Lard help us all....

Hollywood Don



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