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Sheriff, House candidate speak out on legalization


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— Routt County Sheriff John Warner said the vast majority of people in the Routt County Jail are in custody for the same reason.

"What we see generally in the jail, I venture to say, is that at least 90 percent of the people brought to us are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Or the reason they're brought here is because of an alcohol or drug dependency," Warner said. "If somebody could figure out how to stop that substance abuse, our jails would be far less populated. And certainly, legalizing marijuana would not be a step in the right direction."

Warner adamantly opposes Amendment 44, which will be on the state ballot Nov. 7 and would legalize possession of an ounce or less of marijuana for Colorado adults 21 years of age or older.

Supporters of Amendment 44 say the initiative is a question of choice and personal freedom, not just about the use of a drug that supporters say is less harmful and destructive than alcohol.

"For a long time now, I've believed that the war on drugs is a violation of our constitutional rights," said Mike Kien, an Oak Creek resident and Libertarian candidate for the state House of Representatives. "Your choice in recreational drug use should be equal - and drinking alcohol is obviously a more detrimental choice."

Warner called the idea that marijuana is safer than alcohol "fiction."

"I don't buy that at all," Warner said. "Marijuana, in my opinion, is the same as any other drug. If we legalize marijuana, then should we legalize cocaine? Sobriety is the only safe alternative."

Warner also said marijuana has become much more potent during the past 20 years, because of increasingly higher levels of the drug's active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

"It's like trying to measure the difference between beer and vodka," Warner said.

Support for Amendment 44 is spearheaded by the Denver group SAFER, or Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation, led by Mason Tvert. The group's Web site states that, unlike alcohol, marijuana does not lead to overdose deaths, sexual assaults, domestic violence or violent crime.

The wording of Amendment 44 is simple.

"Shall there be an amendment to section 18-18-406 (1) of the Colorado revised statutes making legal the possession of one ounce or less of marijuana for any person twenty-one years of age or older?" reads the entire ballot language.

To Kien, the answer is simple.

"This nation spends $40 billion a year trying to put people in jail for victimless crimes," he said. "It's time to stop the insanity."

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techdubb12 10 years, 7 months ago

Warner said. "Marijuana, in my opinion, is the same as any other drug..."

Great, constructive, blanketing statement. Should we conduct a field study with marijuana vs. meth/heroine/cocaine?

AND if you truley believe this, when are you starting the GREAT crusade against nicotine, alcohol and caffine? There's plenty of space in the jails for those who enjoy the occasional cigarette, cocktail or soda, right?


Tigger 10 years, 7 months ago

Werner can not measure the difference between beer and vodka? How about somewhere along the lines of 40% alchol for vodka and between 3.2% to 12.0 % for beers? The difference between pot and cocaine? lol, here you go one is in the chemical class "alkaloid". Such drugs in this class are nicotine, caffeine, morphine, codine and cocaine. T.H.C or tetra-hydro-canannibanol, resembles a terpanoid. Alchol is in it,s own class. Among the most adictive substances mentioned would be nicotine and cocaine. There is a difference among all of these "recreational" drugs and should be treated accordingly.


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