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Posh Porsches

From the outside, the Porsches on display in downtown Steamboat last weekend looked too small for any person to fit inside. I was mistaken. George Dunn, a true Southern gentlemen from Georgia, opened the door and let me in. The front seat was spacious, and there was a certain power that came over me after getting behind the wheel of a high-end sports car. For those who braved the rain, the display was amazing, and the owners each had interesting stories to tell.

- Melinda Mawdsley

Worried woman

"Worried Men" used to be synonymous with Friday nights for me. And then Levelz closed. Redirected bands found their way to the stage at Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill. Cover charges followed, and Worried Men finally got some weekend nights off.

Last Friday night, however, the popular local band played its patented night at Mahogany Ridge. It was like old times. There was the happy, bouncing dance floor, the familiar fall conversations and the usual suspects.

Late night lounge, dance hall

I finally checked out Chelsea's late-night scene. It has a great set-up. There's a back room for important or intimate conversations and semi-circle seating for the dance floor. The ground-to-ceiling windows add a great backdrop to the DJ station, and you can take up the whole dance floor with your snazzy moves when it's not crowded.

Mmm: breakfast croissant

Sunday breakfast has to be one of the greatest traditions. You get to catch up with friends you haven't seen all week, recap crazy weekend adventures and drink coffee as if the future of your day depended on it.

Mexican hurtlocker

I discovered a good alternative to going out on a Saturday night - going out to dinner at Fiesta Jalisco. There's nothing better than getting way too stuffed on Mexican food and going home to sleep it off. Margaritas optional.

- Allison Plean


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