Sound Off for Oct. 29


Recognize others

Steamboat has many great people and businesses. Why does it seem that every year the Chamber nominates the same people and the same businesses to be honored. It seems to be a problem. There are many good businesses and business people that should be honored.

Questions are weak

I think somebody must be on vacation, because you can be a lot more creative than "Who are you going to vote for" in your Sound Off the past few weeks. Very weak.

Keep dogs off trail

Tom Ross is absolutely correct that Bruce's Trail is a wonderful place to go for early skiing, but it is requested that skiers not bring their dogs on this groomed trail. Skiers will be classic and skate skiing, and it will be busy at times. There are other trails on Rabbit Ears that are better for dogs.

Kerrigan for assessor

I think Mike Kerrigan is the most qualified and personable candidate we have for assessor.

Klumker for assessor

A fresh and friendly face in the Assessor's Office would be wonderful. I'm voting for Dick Klumker.

Terry for assessor

I'm voting for Nancy Terry because she's not a bureaucrat and she's the only one with commercial assessing experience. Also, she's running independently and won't represent just one party.


Don Carter 10 years, 5 months ago

It's no accident that election day falls on Halloween.....Lard help us all....please chill on those dog trails and give it a rest.....Later....Hollywood


Don Carter 10 years, 5 months ago

You got me!....I'd just gotten back from a halloween party...was a little off kilter....Thank God for designated drivers......I still miss Steamboat...left in '89....check these stories out of nostalgia..


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