Wall addresses traffic citations



Gary Wall

— Gary Wall pleaded guilty in 2004 to driving with expired license plates and paid a $100 fine for the traffic violation.

He also was cited for driving under suspension and driving with a foreign license or a suspended license, but those citations were dismissed. The citations stemmed from a traffic stop at U.S. Highway 40 and Hilltop Parkway on Sept. 7, 2004.

Wall was cited earlier this year for careless driving. That citation also was dismissed.

Wall is the Democratic nominee for Routt County sheriff. His Republican opponent, Garrett Wiggins, has no Routt County citations on his driving record.

Court files indicate the driving under suspension and driving with a suspended license charges were dismissed by Routt County Judge James Garrecht. Wall said those charges were the result of clerical and paperwork errors by his insurance company and the the state's Department of Motor Vehicles. He said he was unaware of the problems until he received the citation.

Wall said his license was "technically" suspended, but only because of the errors, which were beyond his control. "Those charges were dismissed because of a computer glitch and some paperwork errors," Wall said. "My license has never been suspended."

Wall admitted to driving with expired license plates. "You know how that goes," he said. "I just forgot about them."

Court files also indicate Wall was cited in 2006 for careless driving after he ran into a trailer while driving on slick roads in North Routt County.

"The trailer had no tail lights," he said. "He stopped, and I wasn't able to avoid him. I ran into him."

Court records show Garrecht dismissed the charge in February because the case file had been "misfiled and temporarily lost."

Wall said he would rather have fought the careless driving charge. He said he was not at fault in the accident.

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Editor's Note: The original version of this story misstated the traffic citations issued to Gary Wall. He was never charged with reckless driving. He was never charged with driving without insurance.


kencor 10 years, 6 months ago

Too much smoke for there not to be some fire somewhere. If an individual has that many occurrences in that short a time, and they are attributed to lost files or clerical errors, he should not be elected to a position that requires a "0" tolerance when it comes to errors. Further, careless driving, expired license plates , driving with suspended license and driving without license are all violations to be enforced by the sheriff. He seems to think they are not important when it comes to himself. Not suited to hold such an important position in the community.


steamboatcrazy 10 years, 6 months ago

Well its looks like Walls true colors are coming out. Sure everyone makes mistakes but as Wall has been screamin about Wiggins personal file and such, he has been hiding his own back ground. So go politics. I want a Candidate with some integrity and honesty. So far it is definitely not Gary Wall. My Dad used to tell me if somthing stinks its because its rotten. My concern is as he continues to make excuses about Bankruptcy, being charged with disorderly conduct, tax liens with the IRS, Driving while suspended, reckless driving and expired license plates. he continues to try to pull the wool over our eyes. Where does it stop? maybe Wall will tell us.


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