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We are writing this letter out of concern over the race for the Sheriff's Office of Routt County. Those of us who live in the small towns that do not have a police force need to have a strong, well-trained group of men who work well together and are dedicated to enforcing the law.

We have two candidates who have different views about the law and how to handle it. We also have a newspaper who reports the constant drug and alcohol abuse arrests that make us aware we do not live in a utopia free from such things. Who should we vote for?

Only one candidate has chosen to announce his choice for undersheriff. Rachelle Redmond was chosen by Mr. Wiggins early in the campaign. Many of us know Ms. Redmond to be a dedicated officer who has been with the department for more than 10 years. She has a high profile in the community and is well respected both by the community and fellow officers. We also know that the undersheriff is a very important position in managing the entire Sheriff's Office. Mr. Wiggins has made a wise choice and we feel confident that with Officer Redmond as a second in command and Officer Wiggins in command, the sheriff's department will be run well and efficiently.

We urge you to consider this team when voting so that those of us who live in the rural areas of the county can have some peace of mind.

Bill and Cathie Voorhees



bornigan 10 years, 6 months ago

I thought it was your policy to NOT post endorsement letters to the newspaper.


seabirth 10 years, 6 months ago

the paper is allowing it because they have not done their job in their interviews with gary wall. the undersheriff is a very important position and not knowing who gary wall is going to choose is a major issue in the campaign, at least those of us who are interested in stong law enforcement in routt county.

also, it neglects the true reason behind gary wall's lack of undersheriff candidate. no one that wouldn't hurt his campaign has said they would be his running mate.

again, a vote for gary wall is a vote against strong law enforcement in routt county.


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