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Council pay raise

I will vote the same way on Referendum 2A as I will vote on Referendum 3C, and that is "no." They all knew the salary when they took (or ran for) the job.

In the private sector, salary increases are based on performance. If that criteria is used for City Council this past year (i.e., the waffling on the Community Center, the mishandling of the city manager's departure, secret balloting to select a new council member, micromanaging staff), voters should send a message to council by soundly defeating Referendum 2A.

A pay raise for the most dysfunctional City Council in (very possibly) the history of Steamboat Springs? At least they still have their sense of humor.

I suggest we take the amount requested for a pay increase and instead have all council members attend a finance class on responsible and proper budgeting, including keeping costs at or under budget.

While the City Council is certainly a hard-working group, I believe that most of the voters are unaware that council members are also eligible for city health insurance equal to about $6,000 a year, and the city budget includes $100,000 a year for City Council costs, including meals. I'm voting "no" on 2A.

School referendums

Before voting for more taxpayer money being spent for teachers pay, could we have a report on just what the amount teachers do get in salary plus all of their health insurance and retirement pay - the total amount, not just the salary. Even more interesting would be a breakdown compared to actual workdays.

As a community, we need to support education by voting "yes" on referendums 3C and 3D. The school district has done its homework over the past year. Please be an informed voter and get the answer to your questions and concerns.

Oak Creek

I'm sorry to here that Mayor Cargo Rodeman has resigned. She has done more for the town than the last five mayors put together. If anyone needs to be put off of the board, it's the four board members who held the secret meeting.

I was hoping that because the Steamboat Pilot was able to make the Town Board members release the tapes of the "secret session," could you make them hire Cargo back as the mayor? Please?

Radio choices stink

Let's see, we now have two radio stations playing country music along with four playing adult-contemporary. The same songs come around on the playlists with such regularity you can set your watch by them. Are we listeners expected to think this is really an improvement?

Dangerous situation

Why is it that for high school sporting events held at Gardner Field, most spectators choose to park on both sides of Maple and Conifer streets? The main parking lot remains empty, and it is only a few hundred feet away. The gauntlet created on Maple Street is dangerous with pedestrians and cars trying to maneuver through. Clearly someone will eventually get hurt. Come on Steamboat Springs police - instead of looking the other way, please enforce the parking regulations.

Re-evaluate program

The city should seriously consider using the existing fee-in-lieu funds to purchase existing one- and two-bedroom condominiums and townhomes and then deed restrict those properties and sell them to qualified buyers for affordable housing.

A better choice?

Is there another candidate for sheriff we can choose from? I'm very tired of our two candidates bickering at one another.


Lee Cox 10 years, 7 months ago

I am sick and tired of people saying that teachers don't need a raise because they don't work very many days in a year. How many of you have jobs where you are at your job for 8 hours, but then you have to do 4 hours of work at home (or at school after the students are gone) each night, and 8 hours of work over the weekend?


Matthew Stoddard 10 years, 7 months ago

Just like any job, teaching is working "at will," meaning you can move on at any time to a better job. Heck, look for a better paying job from the get-go.

I personally do think teachers should get paid more. Maybe if there were a true shortage of teachers all across the country, we'd see a larger pay scale to attract them.


snowysteamboat 10 years, 7 months ago

Hey pilot-

What the school district wants is to have competitive pay with other similar resort towns. Ferrell Gas has to maintian a competitive salary structure in order to retain its employees. Why shouldn't the school district do the same? It costs a lot more to train them and have them leave than to retain them.

As for your attitude, I would hate to think you might have to thank a teacher some day.

Are you still sore at that D+ you got from your math teacher back in the day?


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