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Literary recreation

From the second I walked into the Sheraton Steamboat Resort on Saturday morning, I could feel the excitement looming around the 14th annual Literary Sojourn. I was surrounded by over-excited attendees who immediately informed me that this was the greatest event in the world.

As soon as I saw the brunch buffet, I started to get the picture. I may not have read any of the books by the featured authors, but there are few things that excite me as much as bookstores, brand new or really old books, and the potential of millions of other worlds contained between a front and back cover.

The speeches given by the five featured authors and the master of ceremonies were amazing. For all I know, they could have been actors posing as authors because they were so funny and well-spoken. Aren't authors supposed to be introverts? They came across as master storytellers with well-refined senses of humor. And they were not afraid to use any word they wanted to describe their process of cultivating a story.

Everyone present at the event shared a common love for words and appreciation of their infinite arrangements and connotations. The 500 attending book-lovers were described by one Sojourn volunteer as "aggressive." People were lined up at the door for hours before the event began, and it was cutthroat trying to get a seat.

I didn't understand the power of the Sojourn until I hung on to every word each author said with fueled inspiration and a comforting sense of connection.

Killing me softly, with blisters

As a woman, I don't believe you can be dressed to kill if your feet aren't killing you. So, propped up on my 4-inch silver sequin heels, I got to strut my borrowed token threads on a mock catwalk during the Dress to Kill party at Three Peaks Grill on Friday night.

Token Threads dressed the models for the mini fashion show, Jackie Owen took pictures to promote her photography business and Steve Boynton dee-jayed.

It's always nice to see people in the 'Boat dressed up, because we typically are covered in mud, snow or T-shirts from our most recent triathlon (well, maybe not all of us). At Dress to Kill, I saw attendees in tuxedos, short skirts and even a man in a black dress (thanks to the efforts of me and my friends).


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