Three candidates hope to draw votes from Beauprez and Ritter


— Three independent candidates are hoping to draw votes from Democrat Bill Ritter and Republican Bob Beauprez in the gubernatorial race, but pollster Floyd Ciruli says they haven't exceeded a combined 4 percent in his surveys.

"There's nothing going on there," he said. "Almost always, the major-party candidates lose anywhere from 4 to 7 percent just from people who don't like the two major parties. Once in a while, a Ralph Nader-type of individual will get more," he told the Boulder Daily Camera.

GOP political consultant Katy Atkinson was more cautious. "In the past, they can be a significant factor in a very, very close election," she said.

Clyde Harkins of Arvada, running on the American Constitution party ticket, wants to do away with separation of church and state.

"Colorado needs a governor who will stand up for the Biblical World View in the public square and alert citizens of the Globalists' plan to destroy the lives, liberty and property of Colorado's citizenry," he says on his Web site.

Dawn Winkler-Kinateder, the Libertarian candidate, said she is the only pro-choice candidate and she would oppose the state imposing any restrictions on a woman's right to choose. The Gunnison resident also wants to audit and balance the state budget.

Paul Fiorino of Clear Creek County, running unaffiliated, is hoping to reach independent voters with a message that arts and health care need more attention. The performing arts studio owner helped form the Denver arts district. "Colorado is ready to become the state of the arts," he said.


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