Omar M. Campbell: Article ignores illegals


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The article in Steamboat Today on Nov. 17 titled, "Amistad Feel Earns Award For City," was a paean for diversity and tolerance of immigrants.

I read it several times looking for any mention of the illegal immigrants that we all know are here in substantial if unknown numbers. Not one word. Just laudatory comments for the Mexican consul, the City Council, the Chamber Resort Association and the various immigrant advocates.

For the legally documented aliens, green-card holders, etc:, well and good. They respected the laws of our country.

Are these Mexican celebrations open to illegals as well? If so, is this the reason only friendly City Council, CRA and various immigrant advocates are invited? People who are tolerant of the illegals and are not about to finger them?

For several years the frequent appearance of the Mexican Consul in Steamboat has aroused my curiosity and suspicion. I accused the last council of using the Consul's connections with illegals to influence or direct more cheap labor here to staff the lodgings, construction jobs, etc: All I got in reply was some schmoozing that it was only about "diversity and tolerance." To follow the money trail, however, usually leads to the true motive - in this case I suspect it to be cheap and plentiful labor to clean the rooms, drive the nails and so on.

The last I heard, illegals comprised about 5 percent of Routt County's population. What is it now? Ms. DeLaCruz could do the community a big favor by using her obvious talent to do an investigative report to bring us up to date. Also to tell us their impact on the school and welfare systems, law enforcement and drugs.

This is abhorrent, of course, to the paper's liberal policy of no-names-no-pictures of illlegals in the paper; soft position on welfare benefits; and its reluctance to print anything that sheds daylight on illegals who have broken our laws by sneaking into the country and into our communities.

In a sense the employers, council and the newspaper have aided and abetted violation of the constitutions and laws of our state and nation. The council ignores the oath of office it took to uphold those. The newspaper simply and quietly aids and abets through its liberal persuasion and in picking and choosing what to print. A sort of censorship by omission?

I will be immediately labeled a racist by some for the above. Truth is that I respect any person of a different ethnic origin - so long as they are citizens or are legally documented and are law-abiding.

I lived and worked amicably with Hispanics at Monte Vista for five years in the early 1970s, when their population was 50 percent. Some had been there for generations. Good people. I had some good friends and even learned a little Espanol.

Omar M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs


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