Jessica Halverson: Store uses false ads


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This Thanksgiving, I went to our local Steamboat Sports Authority, simply because of the ads I saw leading up to the holiday in the Pilot & Today, expressing "25 percent off Entire Purchase."

Upon entering the store, I picked up several items to purchase, when a saleswoman informed me that these items were not on sale. I replied that I was aware of this, but had a 25-percent off coupon. She shook her head and again said that these items were full price. It was not until I pressed her to find out what she meant, that she pulled out a list. After telling me not to blame her, she said that the corporate office had "made a mistake" in its advertising, failing to list all of the exclusions in this sale.

This list was comprised of most of the name brand items that brought me into the store in the first place. On top of this, there was no exclusion mentioned of items on sale. I promptly put all of the items I had planned to buy back on the racks. This advertisement was nothing short of blatant false advertising, meant to lure people into the store during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Anyone can make a "mistake," but I won't be making the same one twice by shopping at Sports Authority again.

Jessica Halverson

Steamboat Springs


secretshopper 10 years, 4 months ago

I've been living here for over 9 years now and have been very active in the retail spector. I also try to shop locally before heading elsewhere for my needs. The holiday shoppng season is now here. I believe some local businesses need a WAKE UP call. I realize that getting quality help in a resort town is limited. However, if local retail establishments wish to stay competitive, they must rethink their policies and customer service. There are stores that perform stellar customer service here in Steamboat Springs, but for every one of those there are ten that I think "what is the owner thinking?!" I would like to share some examples. I was shopping for ink cartridges at Radio Shack. I called to find out a price and the salesperson said she had a line of customers and asked if I'd like to hold. I did, for 9 minutes and she never came back. As I was holding and had the time, I popped on the internet and a site had the ink I wanted, and free overnight shipping to boot. I decided to give Radio Shack another chance (as I've said, I'm in retail, I can be simpathtic to a mistake), I got a different salesperson this time. When I asked the question if he had the item in stock, he said as nicely as he could, "We're really busy, could you come down?" And I'm not busy? I thought to myself. I said "no" and clicked submit on my order and had my ink the very next day without having to leave the house, or pay shipping, or pay our tax rate. I just don't have time to deal with that kind of indifference toward their customer. It sounds harsh, but if I didn't care about keeping shopping local, I wouldn't be writing this. One more example, I recently went into All That Jazz and wanted to exchange 7 used cds for credit in their store (I still get my music the old fashioned way, I buy it!). I realize they need to turn a profit, but they offered me $2 a cd and 6 out of 7 would have landed in their "hot box". And, I just wanted to turn around and spend the money in their store. I said no thanks and turned to the net. I found a site that I can buy any new release and older cd, they have most of it used too (I'm in retail! I don't make a lot of money). I also set myself up as a seller, and now I can get $6 at least, for the better music that's in top shape.

My intent is not to rant. Local retail establishments need to stop doing business as usual, and wake up to the fact that their customers shop at their stores for a reason. Customers are not fools, they have choices, and they will turn to "big box" stores or the internet for better prices if local stores keep serving up this kind of service.

I do believe in signing my name to such comments, but in doing so I'm assured not to be able to secretly shop your store. So think of me as your ordinary, Joe Customer.


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