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Stanford off mark

This is about the community center. Is the City Council stalling on this project or does it just appear so. And Scott Stanford was off the mark with the editorial on Sunday. Scott if you had been here longer you might appreciate how important and how vital the seniors have been to Steamboat. Hopefully, you will be a senior one day, and will appreciate respect.

Reinstate Cargo

I think Cargo Rodeman should be reinstated as Mayor. I think she has done a great job for the Town of Oak Creek. She steps up when no one else will and will get things done. If some don't like how she gets things done then maybe they should stand up and get things done instead of bullying someone who does. Bring Cargo back.

Who pays?

I am confused about who pays for what in Routt County. The city is asking the county to help pay for the community center and then I read last week where the city is going to help pay for a road in the county (West Steamboat Plan). Why don't the governments stay in there own jurisdictions? The city should pay for city issues and the county for county issues.

Run Cargo

Yes, Cargo should be re-instated and in two years she should run for county commissioner against Nancy Stahoviak.

Yes to Cargo

Yes, I think Cargo should be returned as mayor.

No to Cargo

Cargo should not return as mayor. She quit. Bye bye.

Doing good things

I absolutely think Cargo should return as mayor. She has done many great things for this town.

Cargo signatures

I am calling in regard to Mike Lawrence's column in the newspaper. He said that there are 85 signatures in favor of Cargo at the grocery store in Oak Creek. That's fine and dandy. But they are letting kids sign them, out-of-towners sign them and hunter sign them. When you subtract those, it's a lot less.

Doesn't deserve Cargo

Oak Creek does not deserve Cargo. Someone else is going to come along who can see her brains and her dedication and the fact that she is a committed person and very smart person. Oak Creek will lose out.

Working hard

I absolutely think Cargo should keep her job. She has done nothing but work hard for this town.

Bring Cargo back

Yes, I think Cargo should be returned to the seat of mayor in Oak Creek. She has done so much for the town since she was elected. As a former mayor myself, I know the stress that you are under and sometimes you make mistakes. But that is no reason to go behind her back and bad mouth her at an illegal meeting. As for the employees and their complaints, she had the right to be in that meeting to confront them. If there was any justice, the board would ask her to come back and finish her term.


JQPUBLIC 10 years, 6 months ago

What part of putting a town in bankruptcy do these people not understand???? The ex-mayor herself says that the only fund with a deficit is the general fund....duhhh, do your homework!


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