Schubert-Akin: Future bright for GOP


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With apologies to Mark Twain, the rumors of the demise of the Republican Party in Routt County have been greatly exaggerated. Despite losses in the recent election, the Republican Party in Routt County, as well as throughout Colorado and the nation, is focused, determined and preparing for victory in 2008.

In 1976, during a period of national discontent, our country elected Jimmy Carter as President (remember the "misery index"?). Four years later, in 1980, the Reagan Revolution began, with Republicans claiming a landslide victory over the failed policies of Democrat Carter. In 1992, Democrat Bill Clinton was elected President. Just two years later, in 1994, Republicans swept to victory in both houses of Congress. In 2006, during a period of national unrest over the Iraq war, Democrats regained majority control of both houses of Congress. In 2008, Republicans will once again earn the opportunity to lead America, still the greatest country on earth.

Why will this happen? The Republican Party recognizes that the greatness of America lies not in the government, but in its people. Consequently, our party firmly believes in the right of the individual to choose how to use his or her talents, free of government intervention and meddling. And the Republican Party believes that the individual who earns the money will be a better steward of that money than a roomful of politicians in Denver or Washington, D.C.

Lower taxes, limited government, individual rights and responsibilities, free markets and a strong national defense. These are the fundamental beliefs of the Republican Party.

Faith in the people versus faith in government. This is the fundamental difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

1980, 1994 and 2008 ... landmark years for the Republican Party and for America. We invite you to join the Republican Party as we prepare for victory in 2008 and for the opportunity to help keep America the greatest nation on earth.

As for the Routt County Republican Party, "we can't wait ... for 2008!"

Jennifer Schubert-Akin

Chairman - Routt County Republican Central Committee


dogd 10 years, 6 months ago

Your analouge of the home and the mortgage is VERY useful if applied HONESTLY to the disastrous BUMBLERS of team-little-w. First of all-rcwatch- the fools have the equivelant of 5-6 full mortgages on that house... and are deferring BOTH principal and interest at a ridiculous rate. Option-arm for America...just great.

The tax-cuts are the pride of ONLY the Americans who have NO PRIDE. Putting a war on the credit card is weak as hell, morally, financially, and strategically.


dogd 10 years, 6 months ago

RC Watch:

You do not have a clue about the irony of your ignorance. Your apparent conclusion that there may be somebody out there even less knowledgeable than yourself might explain your earnest attempt to explain the world.

Your statement that "the government does not create money by printing it" shows your level of understanding. When a dishonest administration such as little w's wastes more than it takes in by such huge margins, the money is indeed made to be there "just by printing it. Bonds are sold to the folks from Japan and China in huge quantities to "pay" for this outrage.

The low interest rates you enjoy are the result of an economy that is going nowhere, not some shrewd game plan by the idiots Karl Rove has created with his political tactics. I know just why those tactics work- drooling idiots like you. There will eventually be a retreat by bond investors as little-w screws things up more and more. 11% just might be back.

Read Boodog's post again and try to comprehend, if you can do that sort of thing.


seabirth 10 years, 6 months ago

unfortunetely, there's a lot of bs on this thread. first, rates were not cheaper during the clinton years vs the bush years. in fact, the average mortgage rate currently is less than from 1992-2000 at any time. but giving the credit to bush is just crazy.

rates are set by the federal reserve and the reason for the rates going lower since 2000 is not because the "economy is booming" but as a reaction to the massive equity bubble pop from 1999-2002. of course, the lowering of rates caused a real estate bubble. bush has nothing to do with interest rates. of course, i will give credit where credit is due. parts of bush's tax cuts were important to help america deal with the equity meltdown and 911... especially reductions in dividend and capital gains taxes.

in fact, interest rates usually move up in an economy moving upwards due to inflationary pressure and move down in a slowing economy in an attempt to boost economic growth.

unfortunetely, bush in my opinion was not responsible in the spending he allowed domestically. forget military spending which was due to increase in a time of war, the republicans spent money like a drunk sailor in a whorehouse... actually that's an insult to sailor's. there was an incredible opportunity after 911 to ask americans to sacrifice to help us through a tough time, both economically and emotionally... but we were asked to keep spending. bush may have been talking to american consumers, but the republicans in congress took it to heart and became worse than any democratic congress.

hopefully, this loss will help republicans right their ship, but many just cannot see the blunders of their party and bush and will make any excuse for incompetant financial leadership.

it's too bad there is so much rigid partisenship now in america. it clouds the reality of both sides, of which neither has the correct answer.

happy turkey day


dave reynolds 10 years, 6 months ago

I've heard some crap from dems that Bush is the worst President soon we forget the Carter administertion..AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE DAY 276..his whole last year was AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE..I just hope both parties can put political differences aside and FINALLY work for the good of this great nation..we try to show other countries how great democracy is but yet lately we can't seem to get it right


dogd 10 years, 6 months ago

RC watch:

You have a right to speak, like anybody else. But considering your basically third-grade grasp of how the economic and political fundamentals work in this world, at this time...don't try to condescend down to anybody.. you have noplace to go but up.

The phrase "follow the money" is a good place for your education to begin. To do that you've got to know where it (the money)starts....we just print it. Our currency is not backed by silver,gold, oil, or even peanuts. We just print it. If there is anything at all which has, over the last few decades, backed our currency, it is the confidence, thus far evident worldwide, that we are good to repay the outstanding trillions of IOU's in the form of treasury bonds, and a HUGE proportion of these are held by Japan and China.

The game we are playing was once a lot safer..because the world basically lacked an alternative currency. Now comes the Euro.

We are in a state of collapse waiting to happen. All it would take is for the major holders of our trillions of dollars (which we DO NOT HAVE) in IOU's to call for immediate (depending on the maturation of the notes) repayment IN EUROS.

As long as the OVERALL behavior of the world flow of revenue benefits enough of the right people, that situation stays out of sight and under control.

A lot of things which make no sense can be understood when you begin to factor in the dangerous game we are playing and the fact that little w is playing it rather badly. Say what you want about the peanut farmer..Carter. He was a smarter guy than you could ever know. He saw this coming. The truth about Iraq is that the thing was not about WMD, and at this point in time, you've got to be substandard to believe that malarkey. Nobody who runs things ever did or does now. What little w attempted to do was to secure and manipulate (using the same "development" strategem which has been so successful so many other places, including the Arabian penninsula) a major source of strategic oil with reserves as large as those of the Saudi's. The "development" always demands a symbiotic relationship with the Bechtels, and Haliburton's ect.

But he(actually the Shultzes, Wolfowitzes, Cheneys, and other arrogant puppetmasters) played it as poorly as hell, and now instead of enhancing the security of our currency, and it's place in the world, the situation is worse than ever before. If you think 54 hostages, under Carter was deplorable... let me break the news to you right now. You either are or are soon to be a hostage to the multinational games, in the form of less and less beneficial trade agreements with the people who own us. Iraq was a screwed-up attempt to gain leverage in that game. It ain't goin all that good.

RC Watch: print these words of mine up and keep them someplace. Call them bull now...fine. I almost puke when I hear fools say how the US media is "left". They won't touch this story. And it is the only true one out there.


dogd 10 years, 6 months ago

RC Watch:

One of the prevailing impediments to a clear understanding of how we better start playing to win again is this: The myth of "how we defeated the world in world war two and could do it again anytime we want to".

We did some great and heroic things, as a nation, in World War II, but because we were the only ones with economy and infrastructure left standing, a potentially dangerous misunderstanding exists that we jumped in, kicked ass and that was that.

Truth is, then, as well as now, that we are not big or bad enough to go it anywhere near by ourselves. There were 13 million dead Russians alone who had a bit to do with the outcome, and even the countries which were not on our side in the official sense provided hundreds of thousands of partisans to help secure the happy outcome. There were turning points where it could have gone either way. Right can add greatly to might. We had one hell of a lot of help.

Truth be told, if something big blew up again-we'd need even more help- uninterrupted shipping of hydrocarbon fuels would be essential, for instance. That ONE contingency could tie up an unbelievable % of our military resources. Add it up.

You need to pull your head out. This nation can't even operate without the desire of other nations to send us what we need on time. We better integrate our objectives a little bit with some strong enough friends to weather a big storm. This "go-it-alone" crap is stupid and unrealistic.

The idiotic little-w notion that we can SH%%#$$-can the idea of diplomacy is brain-dead. The threat to our status as a super-power is coming from within, and the WWII myth has a lot to do with it. Rc-watch, your idea of our supremacy is a dangerous misunderstanding. Just because we are superior does not mean that we are supreme-huge difference.


seabirth 10 years, 6 months ago

wow, i am confused. you brag about being so much better off than under carter and clinton, but then think it's acceptable for the government to default on their loans and become an agrarian economy.... to hell with the consequences.

this is too stupid, i'm gonna throw the hook on this troll.


dogd 10 years, 6 months ago


Quit posting and start reading-something besides brain-dead blogs. Your ignorance is not unusual these days, but it is pretty severe. examples:

  1. "Our system of laws and stability is something other nations can take to the bank" answer: the unfortunate lapse of judgement by the American people-little-w- has called that once-safe proposition into question-all around the world, and that is not good.

  2. "Islamo-fascism is the only viable military threat." answer: leave that topic alone RC, because you obviously know nothing about it. China and North Korea are a 100 times greater threat, even factoring in Iran.

  3. "Look how many loans have been forgiven by us". answer: Again your ignorance is nearly total. Study those "forgiven" loans one by one, and it becomes clear that most were designed to create default in the first place. The " forgiving" comes at a price: huge concessions to our government and even more to select private and well-connected concerns- the Bechtels, Root-Browns, Haliburtons, United Fruit Companies, ect and, when applicable- the huge energy conglomerates. NOTHING is forgiven.

  4. "Real Americans can do what's necessary to survive and be free." (you seemed to mean-get along with no interdependent or imported technology) answer: I was down in Denver last week in the South part of town when the electricity went out. Found out later that a big transformer blew out. Power was out for a few hours in about half the city. The chaos was unbelievable. Like it or not we are built in a way(suburbs miles from food,water, or power sources) which has us locked into dependence upon those ships arriving and leaving. To become "independent" as an economy would take years of very painful and chaotic transformation, and buddy you wouldn't like it. RC: You may "WATCH"- but I figure you haven't got a clue what yer watchin.


dogd 10 years, 6 months ago

How bout me?

Rc again you dream badly. It took about 10 years, during the gold rush period in Colo to wipe out nearly ALL the deer, elk, grouse, mtn sheep, basically everything that you could knock down and throw in a pot, over wide areas of Colo. Your Jerimiah Johnson fantasy will get wiped out by the reality of a huge and desperate population with very good weaponry, laser sights, go-everywhere vehichles of many types, and no desire to leave anything for the next guy.

Rc, you may survive, but you will get tired of eating bugs. Considering the level of smarts you indicate in your posts, I think I'd do okay out there, in comparison to you.


dogd 10 years, 5 months ago

Rc Watch:

You never respond to an intelligent response to your childlike BS except to start a new unconnected tangent of BS. Hiding under the porch???

YOU are the one hiding under the porch. You dodge every response. Bet you were good at dodgeball-except the throwing part.


dogd 10 years, 5 months ago

It's a river in AFRICA you braindead wimp. No wonder you like little-w so much, you two have the same level of intelligence, and the same lack of honesty..... pup.


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