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I was born and raised in Oak Creek. Being one of 12 children, we were poor, and we are of Mexican decent. I grew up with the prejudices of a small town. Kids teased you because you were different.

As a child, I used to hang my head in shame. As I grew older, I became very aware that I am a person. I am a good person. I am an asset to this community.

However, because of all of the things that have gone on at Town Hall, I find myself trying to defend who I am once again. I have done nothing but what I felt was right. I went to work and gave my job 150 percent everyday because that is the way I do things.

The Steamboat Pilot & Today's printed version of the problems makes the employees sound like liars, and, worst of all, untrustworthy employees. I am humiliated and saddened by the assumptions that are being made as to what is the real truth.

I, for one, tried my best, to keep all of this within the confines of Town Hall. After all, it is a personnel issue. The so-called untruths, "lies" cannot be construed as lies because they were my interpretation of the situations as I saw them. If my integrity is in question, the Board of Trustees has the power to hire and to fire. It is that simple.

I sat by silently as things started to unravel. This is my fault. I should have spoken up earlier; maybe things would not have gone as far as they have.

Since the petitions have been passed around, friends and families have been divided. People have chosen sides. How sad for the town.

I believe, in one of the letters written by former Mayor Cargo Rodeman, it was stated that Oak Creek is made up of hippies, sheep herders, and ranchers. That is true, however one category that was not mentioned, just everyday people that do not fit into any certain classification, such as myself.

Oak Creek is no different than any other town. It is made up of all types. After all, this is what makes a community. We do not have to like each other, but we do have to respect each other.

We did not ask Cargo to step down. Her reasons to do so were her own. I will not take responsibility for something that she did, because I did not have anything to do with it.

I have worked for the town for 5 years. I have tried to do my job and stay out of the political arena. If I have stepped on the toes of any customer or citizen, I apologize; I never meant any disrespect to anyone.

I hope that Oak Creek and the citizens can get past the differences and let the wounds heal that have divided us. I, for one, would just like to move forward and make this a community that we can all be proud of.

Vivian Johnson

Deputy Town Clerk

Oak Creek


embarressedtoknowOClocation 10 years, 5 months ago

Haveyou ever stoped and thought about the fact that you and everyone else on the secret tapes is why this town is divided? If you have been at Town Hall, for 5 years, it can't be as bad as you whinned on those tapes. and if it was then get off your lazy butt and find a job you can be happy at and maybe stop the whinning, but wait to stop the whinning you would have to be a strong women.To defend yourself that would mean some one cared about who you are, but the truth is. people just want you to get your job done, and done right, while being polite to your customers! What happened to the old adage...."The customer is always right!"


candylane 10 years, 5 months ago

It amazes me that you say you give 150% to the town. How much more precentage would it have taken to have your facts right? So, then if you had , maybe the town wouldn't have been divided! But for that to have happened, you couldn't have straddled the fence. Maybe there is more of this division that can be laid at your feet then you are ready to admit. The truth will set you free! Try it! When the Town Hall starts with admitting their part in all this, with their only agenda "to get rid of the Mayor", then clean out the present Town Hall employees and get back someone like...I don't know, Cathy or Nora, maybe then the town will heal! Your heritage is not what you should be ashamed of!


bluntman 10 years, 5 months ago

thanks, Vivian. the only one who should be ashamed is cargo (and a few other gibbering village idiots). ignore the frail barkers and keep on doing your job, that's what you're getting paid to do. you are doing just fine, by the way.

emblarrassed & candlame; give it up, already. you two wouldn't know the truth if it bit your fat behinds. endless, mindless repetitions of the "gospel according to the poor victim cargo" makes for good entertainment value for this "paper" and a few sods down at the bar, yet substantially fails the "facts" test. wake up and smell the roast, dummies. if you want the truth to set you free, open your narrow minds and attend an OC budget meeting or two and really learn about the legacy of financial mismanagement the RESIGNED FORMER mayor has left behind for everyone else to deal with. or read the documents that are available to the public regarding these matters. until then, shut it. you know not of which you speak.



upstream 10 years, 5 months ago

What is about mean people? Oh, yeah- They Suck! Hey Candy and Embarassed, howz about you leave the gals down at Townhall alone? Something tells me neither of you has a monopoly on "truth". Oh, and have a nice Thanksgiving- I'm sure Vivian will considering all the terrific harrassment and cruelty your big-mouthed posse has dished her way. Upstream


candylane 10 years, 5 months ago

B u t man, seems to me, you only come out of your dark scary place, when the "secret tapes" are mentioned...which leads me to believe either you are on the tapes or some how connected to one of the of the speakers. Are you one of the one that does not have past a 3 letter, 4 letter or truthful vocabulary. Help out OC and yourself....go to town hall and buy a set of tapes....Now you will need to tell them you do not want the abridged version! Happy listening (It would be in the fiction section)!


JazzSlave 10 years, 5 months ago

Good heavens. Can we PLEASE grow up, and abandon this "oh woe is me, what a victim I am" crap.

Vivian says she hung her head in shame as a child, and now she's "humiliated and saddened."

Call your mommy and have a good cry, Ms. Johnson.


tooner 10 years, 5 months ago

Wow! you folks should read your blogs to yourselves and hear how ridiculous you sound. There is nothing you can do about the situation but to compalin about it. It doesn't even involve you. Let Cargo step down, that's that, no coming back. Oak Creek financial woes? If there's one, they'll fix it. Have faith, OC has made it for a long time. But you all sound like; angry-tailgating-no signal-cell phone abusing-frown clowns. Deep breaths everyone.


katrinkakelly 10 years, 5 months ago

Good Morning Oak Creek,

Have you folks been sleeping? Have any of you been around for the past thirty years? The Town of Oak Creek got what it asked for!!!! Cargo and the Cargettes have been running the town into the ground for YEARS!!! We must audit everything she did. Excuse me, but do any of the citizens know how many lives have been destroyed or permanently altered by our (hopefully never elected again) x-MAYOR! Do the homework FOOLS. She is never wrong, gets arrested multiple times for DUI's and drugs but never goes to jail, destroyed many a marriage, thinks she is above the law and proved it with her many assaults on people including minors without prosecution. Many of her X-friends have left the area, ended up addicted, divorced, in jail or DEAD! The comments that I have made have been a long time coming and if any citizen has been around long enough, then you all know it is true. !!!!!!!I wonder what BLUE would think of this??? Cargo, Go back to your sewer people and fall in.


nekiah 10 years, 5 months ago

i am writing, i guess, on behalf of all the slugs, barfliesl and sewer people. and on behalf of my mother, cargo rodeman. i guess it is indicative of my bad breeding (slugs, barflies, sewer people) that i attach my own name to the opinions that i write... better-bred people, apparently, use pseudonyms. but for all my faults (sewer people, see above) i still feel the inexplicable right to voice my own opinion. god forgive me. apparently, my mother has run off with the candy store. diabolical woman that she is. and she has left oak creek in the lurch. yet somehow, deep within me, i nurse the belief that my mother is not evil incarnate. call me a bubble-eyed, cotton-candy fool, but for some crazy reason i think she served as mayor with the best interests of the town of oak creek at heart. as for the rest of this nonsense, the grammatical nazis, the ad hominem attacks, the vicious personal slander; for some reason (call it maternal fidelity, call it simple human reason) for some lunatic reason i think these attacks have less to do with the common weal of oak creek and more to do with long-standing personal biases, long-hidden, coming out to bark like ugly dogs at the unfortunate passersby. if it weren't my mom, i wouldn't care. humans do ugly things. but it is my mom. leave her alone. she tried her best. she just forgot for a while that she was a sewer person/ barfly/ slug, and as such she had no right to try to change her world. her role was to get drunk and lament, not to effect. she forgot the basic social equation: honest people + power = burnt people

(feel free to correct my spelling)

my own ad hominem gladly, she has been enlightened by such anonymous luminaries as "bluntman," who undoubtedly is a brilliant political critic and agitator for for social change in a major metropolitan area, not just some useless piece of dung attacking people's spelling in a tiny transitional mining town.

with the wisdom thus garnered, we may all hope that my mom and her sewer people will never again try to effect the world. she will learn another equation:

some people live in the feces, some people make it.


cargo 10 years, 5 months ago

Let's get one thing straight. I am not the victim, the Town is. I have no computor and did not read any of your rantings until yesterday. I have intentionally refrained from telling my children anything about all of the ugliness associated with my resignation and subsequent rescintion. I found out this morning that someone had told my oldest son about the the infantile blubberings on this site and I am now compelled to chime in. (NOT anonymously) I was elected 3 times by the majority of Oak Creek voters as mayor and those elections were not intended to be a popularity contest with the employees. I could care less how many of you like me or approve of how I ran the office of mayor and I venture to guess most of you know little or nothing of what you speak. I have friends and acquaintances in all walks of life and virtually every occupation. The idiotic generalization that all my friends are various types of low-lives is absurd and midget-minded. If you spineless fools want to bash me, go right ahead. Leave the Town, my friends and MOST IMPORTANTLY,my children out of this. No one can take away all of the good that has occurred over the last four years. Those who insist the Town couldn't afford these many projects should get it through their impotent heads that the Town couldn't afford NOT to make these improvements. The ignorant statements about boycotting the local business that have the audacity to allow the support petitions in their establishments, need to realize that the sales taxes paid by those businesses go directly to the general fund. Remember, the general fund is the ONE fund that IS in deficit. If you don't shop locally, you will not only hurt the revenues of the general fund, you may not have that business available in the future when you wake up to your ignorance. If you have something you would like to say to me, my phone is 736-8529. If your thrill is seeing your uninformed puke in print and inciting hatred, I guess you'll continue as you have been. With all of the REAL problems in this world, your focus on me seems a waste of your obvious excess time and energy. If you all unite that time and energy towards the betterment of your world insteadof the belittlementof me, I'd imagine you could accomplish a positive effect in most any area. I wish you all peace, laughter and a wonderful holiday season with your families.


katrinkakelly 10 years, 5 months ago

Freedom Sewer & Drain and Cargo make, live in and clean up FECES! We should check out how much work was done on the Oak Creek pipes by them before they dumped us for McCoy?


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