Truck stuck, couple rescued


— Bryan Verschoor's perfect weekend was going to include a trip to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs and a little Denver Broncos football at a downtown bar.

Instead, Verschoor, 24, and his girlfriend, Jaime Weisberg, 28, of Denver, found themselves knee-deep in snow Sunday after they got stuck four-wheeling north of Steamboat Springs in Elk Park.

After reaching an open meadow and deciding to turn around, the couple became stuck in Verschoor's 2005 Toyota Tacoma.

"I have locking differentials on my truck, it shouldn't have been a problem," he said.

But it was.

Routt County Search and Rescue member Darrel Levingston said Verschoor was able to call 911 after hiking up a mountain to receive a signal.

Crews were able to reach the couple in a few hours and bring them down on all-terrain vehicles.

"They were OK, just extremely cold," Levingston said Monday. "Their feet were pretty wet."

Vershcoor said the couple wasn't wearing boots, jackets or hats.

"All we had was our sweatshirts and tennis shoes," he said. "I thought I had frostbite because I couldn't feel my toes. The snow was up to my knees pretty much everywhere I walked ... some places higher."

The couple began getting scared around 4:30 p.m. when it was getting dark and temperatures began plummeting.

"We were afraid they weren't going to see us or that we were going to get carbon monoxide poisoning from just sitting in my truck," he said.

When crews arrived, the couple couldn't have been happier.

"Everyone who helped us was amazing. They were just awesome," he said.

Verschoor said he learned a few things from the experience, including keeping winter jackets and boots on hand during Rocky Mountain four-wheeling experiences.

"I guess the biggest thing is that four-wheeling in the wintertime isn't the best idea," he said.


dave reynolds 10 years, 5 months ago

I'm certainly glad these folks are O.K...but come on talk about TOTALLY shoes,no coats or blankets..thats pretty bad..wonder how long they have lived in Co...also you can tell when your 4 wheeling when the road or trail is getting inpassable..I'm sure the clues showed up for them..being as unprepared as they where makes me wonder how good of shape thier tires were in..just cause you have "locking Differentials" doesn't mean you can go everywhere..tough lesson learned here


dood 10 years, 5 months ago

Actually the guy was a native of Colorado FYI. Yes, they were unprepared, but sometimes things happen and you get in over your head quickly... The inability to turn around wasn't totally apparent on Elk Park, yes there was snow, but from what I could tell about where they got stuck it looked like a perfectly logical place to turn around. Clues presented themselves, but none of the turn around options was ideal....Tires were new, just not mud +Snow tires...simply All Terrain tires. Chains would have gotten them out in a second......


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