Sound Off for Nov. 19


About time

If it's true that Steamboat Springs has become too politically liberal, then it's about time.

Say no to labels

It is so typical of the Pilot & Today and the media in general to try to label us as liberals and conservatives. I vote for Republicans and I vote for Democrats. I vote for the person, not the party. So does that mean I'm too liberal? What does it matter anyway?

Stanford bores

What is Scott Stanford writing about? We don't care how you put the newspaper together. Maybe you could focus on spelling names right and fixing the grammatical errors in your newspaper instead of telling us about something nobody cares about.

Waves of Democrats

Routt County's shift to the Democratic Party has more to do with who has moved here than the current political climate. If you look at the voting results through the mid-1990s, it was primarily Republican, but from the mid-1990s on, the population has almost doubled. My guess is the bulk of these people are Democrats.

Stupid question

You know this is really a stupid question of the week. Steamboat always has been a politically liberal town. Coming from a preacher's family, this was a very difficult town to reach as a Baptist minister's daughter. You're not even reporting the news right.

Avoid generica

As a community we have to make an ongoing conscious effort to affect change and avoid becoming "generica." Thank you City Planning Commission for sending the Steamboat Crossings North development plan back to the drawing board. Please keep saying, 'no,' until something is proposed that is unique, distinctive and utilizes the natural amenities of the site.

Nauseating trend

It was a real cultural shock that marijuana, gay marriage and civil union issues passed in Routt County and nowhere else in the state. Whatever happened to family values in a town and county that used to be law-abiding and reasonably moral? One feels a little nauseous at this trend in our value system.

Support youth hockey

The comment in last week's Sound Off about youth hockey coverage was the single dumbest thing I have ever read. Of course the newspaper should provide youth hockey coverage. In fact, the newspaper should provide more youth hockey coverage than it currently does. I do not know who the foolish person was who called in that comment, but the newspaper should never have printed something so dumb.


Tom Whiddon 10 years, 5 months ago

The community lighting of the Christmas tree lighting at the Court House was a nice family event. It would be great if Main Street Steamboat, the Chamber, Commisioners, City Council and Yampa Valley Electric would chip in a little money and light up our Court House with colors and put lights on more trees such as the Denver Citiy and County building. Just a suggestion. Nice job Tracy!


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