Skiing vs. snowboarding

What your ride says about you


Do you ski? Do you snowboard? Or do you both ski and snowboard? Or do you do nothing?

I personally enjoy both of these winter activities. They're both great to get out and get some exercise or just chill with some friends. But, what are the differences between skiing and snowboarding? Do people treat you differently when you are skiing rather than snowboarding?

Many people in this town prefer to ski. Here are some of the pros and cons of skiing: When you get trapped on a flat catwalk, you can just pole yourself out. On a snowboard, you have to unstrap one foot and walk on the catwalk, which is a big hassle. Also, on skis you can jump off the lift and go, but when you're snowboarding, strapping in your foot is very tedious. When I was 3, my parents bundled me up in all that neon toddler ski-gear and strapped two tiny skis to my feet. I've been skiing now for almost 12 years. I think it was much easier to learn how to turn on skis than on a board. I mean, I didn't start snowboarding until last year, and you know how they always say it's easier to learn things when you were little, so maybe that's why I feel it's harder. Some of the cons of skiing include the fact that you have four pieces of equipment to keep track of - and especially in deep powder, all the stuff can go flying everywhere and you may never see those skis or poles again. When you go riding, the only thing to keep track of is your board, and it's stuck on your feet anyway. Another bad thing about skiing - the boots. They are so hard and uncomfortable. On the other hand, snowboarding boots are soft and nice.

On the slopes, when people see a skier, they tend to treat that person respectfully. Skiing has been done for hundreds of years, and people think it is a more traditional sport.

Personally, I love snowboarding. I think it is a good sport to learn if you are a skier and are up for a strenuous challenge. But snowboarding has some positive and negative aspects as well. Snowboarding is good because you can just float around in that famous champagne powder. Skiing isn't as graceful. When you're snowboarding in push-piles, they're kind of like a map to where you're going to turn next. On skis, the push-pile road map doesn't work. While you're snowboarding, you have to be careful. It is extremely easy to catch an edge. I know this from experience. One time, I was riding with a bunch of friends. I was at the back of the group, and I caught an edge. That pearly-white snow came at me too fast. I crashed and it basically knocked the air out of me. I sat there trying to catch my breath with my friends down the run shouting and waving, and I saw a drop of blood on the snow.

"Uh-oh," I thought.

My nose was bleeding. That was the most dangerous encounter I've had on the mountain for a while. So be aware of evil edges. Also, snowboarding is a good way to hurt your wrist. Because you are always supporting yourself with your wrists, they can be easily broken when you fall. The good news is you can prevent this by wearing wrist guards or curling your fingers into fists every time you fall.

People look at you differently when you snowboard. You are considered more like a punk and less like a respectable person. It's a stereotype.

Stay safe this winter when you hit the slopes. Have fun snowboarding, skiing, or whatever snowy sport you most enjoy this winter!


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