The best CD ever


KT Tunstall's debut album "Eye to the Telescope" stands out to me as both the best and most unique CD I have ever listened to. And coming from a senior in high school with several cases of CD's and a full MP3 player, that is saying something.

Tunstall's style is 100 percent original and fresh. I can only assume that comes from her hand in writing every song on the album, which is a true testament to the comeback of the singer/songwriters. Her lyrics are riddled with catchy rhymes, underlying messages and an overwhelmingly refreshing individuality. Tunstall's voice is one of a kind to the point where I am at a roadblock to describe it. The music itself -dominated with captivating drum beats and backed up with exquisite guitar and piano -blends seamlessly with Tunstall's distinctive vocals. This CD played non-stop in my car both ways to school for two days, something that would be unheard of and unbearable without the fresh uniqueness that characterizes this album.

Even of you are not looking for something to create variety in your CD case, this album is definitely worth a look. You won't regret it.


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