Rodeman to return?

Oak Creek residents disagree on ex-mayor's new position


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— Former Oak Creek Mayor Kathy "Cargo" Rodeman told the Oak Creek Town Board and dozens of residents Thursday night that she wants her job back.

During the packed Town Board meeting, Rodeman read a letter expressing interest in returning as Oak Creek's mayor. Rodeman said she made the decision after listening to the tapes from a Sept. 25 secret session in which town employees complained about her to the Town Board.

"Once I recognized the disgruntled employees' presentations were not at all accurate, I have changed my outlook completely," she said. "I realized I would never have stepped down had I been privy to what had been said behind closed doors."

Rodeman resigned Oct. 13, saying other Town Board members had been hateful toward her over the employee complaints. In the complaints, town employees said that Rodeman overstepped her bounds as mayor and interfered with their jobs.

The Town Board has 60 days from the Oct. 13 date that Rodeman submitted her resignation to fill the vacancy.

Mayor Pro-Tem J. Elliott told Rodeman that the town would have to consult its attorney, Bob Weiss, on how to handle Rodeman's position before making any decisions.

Several Oak Creek residents at the meeting applauded Rodeman's decision. Others said the town needed to move on.

A woman who would give only her first name, Jennifer, told the Town Board that discussing Rodeman's new stance was a waste of time.

"She resigned. I'm not interested in her reasons and I believe most people aren't interested in them either," the woman said. "She's been an OK mayor, but she isn't what makes this town what it is. We are."

Other spoke in support of Rodeman.

"I have listened to the tapes (from the Sept. 25 meeting), and what I got from them was that we had a mayor and an ex-mayor that did too much. I have seen her in ditches digging dirt, I have seen her at the high school painting a maintenance building and I have seen her, and sometimes the only one, at the trash day," Janie Romick said. "I, for one, am proud to say we had a mayor that did too much."

Rodeman said she would not seek a return to her grant-writing position with the town.

After discussing Rodeman's decision, the Town Board set a Nov. 17 deadline for receiving letters of interest from residents wishing to fill the vacancy.

Elliott noted that the town needed to confirm with Weiss that the mayoral position was still vacant since Rodeman rescinded her resignation.

"I don't know where we stand," he said. "We need to find out if we even have a vacancy."

In other business, the Town Board:

- Approved its minutes from the Oct. 26 meeting and its accounts payable for October.

- Renewed the Elk's Tavern liquor license.

- Heard from Dina Murray, the president of the Oak Creek Hockey Association regarding the maintenance of the Oak Creek Hockey Rink.

- Adopted an Energy Outreach Colorado resolution ensuring the town's compliancy with the program, which assists residents who can't pay their energy bills.

- Encouraged resident Tony Morgan to work on becoming compliant with town codes before Nov. 30.

- Decided not to sell Rodeman her computer because the town may need the computer as a backup in the future. Board members also expressed concern that an erased hard drive can be salvageable. Board member Steve "Spike" Beven opposed the board's decision.

- Agreed to allow police Chief Linda Koile to handle a compliancy issue with a Dumpster on Nancy Crawford Boulevard.

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Scott Wedel 10 years, 5 months ago

I think there is no question that Cargo did resign. But I see no reason why she cannot submit a letter saying she interested in being appointed mayor by the Town Board. And the Town Board shoudl seriously consider appointing her because she would no longer be a town employee which was apparently the source of the biggest conflicts between her and some town employees and other board members.

Considering none of the current board members were elected by opposing Cargo and no one running an anti-Cargo campaign has done well at the ballot, it would be awfully gutsy for Board members to appoint anyone else.


bluntman 10 years, 5 months ago

the board decided not to put town property (the computer that the former mayor used) up for bid. it was NOT her computer... why can't you get the story straight, Alexis?



JQPUBLIC 10 years, 5 months ago

Cargo stepped down, let her live with it. Making the comment that "once she recognized the disgruntled employees were not at all accurate" makes me think she believes she has done nothing wrong and the employees better beware. Let the Board appoint a new Mayor and let Cargo find somewhere else to make a living. Oak Creek survived before her "reign" and will survive without her, it's time to move on.


Montana 10 years, 5 months ago


Is that kindof like ......... the SEVERAL times you heard converstations regarding #'s being an undercover, secret Police Force errand girl?

I am sure, provided with your advice, Kathy will change her ways and see the light once and for all.
Unprofessional, that bothers you.

Did anyone look at Cargo's re-election numbers? Wasn't it like... one quarter of the people who MADE it to the 'poll' voted for her? The rest left it blank.

Lookey heeer IN APRIL, small towns throughout Colorado elected new mayors. Despite the popular image of small towns as harmonious places, these positions can come with some controversy.

For instance, some years back former stripper Koleen Kae Brooks was elected to the office of Georgetown mayor. According to the Rocky Mountain News, she was accused of flashing her ample breasts in a Georgetown bar. She then allegedly staged an assault on herself and was subsequently charged with filing a false police report. Ousted by a recall election, she temporarily hosted a show on KBPI.

Certainly Brooks added color to Georgetown, but tarnished its dignified reputation and angered many residents. However, not all was a loss. Tourists started visiting her tanning saloon to be photographed with Georgetown's famous ex-mayor.

Kathy "Cargo" Rodeman was elected in 2002 by a 64% margin as mayor of Oak Creek, an old coal-mining town north of Steamboat Springs.

According to the Denver Post, Rodeman had previously been arrested for cocaine possession. She claimed that no cocaine was found, only marijuana. There were, however, her two DUI convictions and one for resisting arrest. Rodeman freely admitted to past cocaine use and defended her purchase of marijuana saying that she had bought it for a friend with cancer.

The chief of police resigned the day Rodeman took office, and one of the two police officers was soon fired. The one remaining officer quit. The sign on the trunk of Rodeman's car said it all, "Well-behaved women rarely make history."


Montana 10 years, 5 months ago

You are right, partially, I don't have what it takes to run for an office. Nor do I have the desire. I am an Indian, definately not a Cheif. It would be a great service to the community for some others to recognize that they too don't have what it takes but.......

We deserve someone we can respect and too many people are tired of Ms. Rodeman. Why don't you run yourself, dogpoop?


grins 10 years, 5 months ago

I Love You Cargo! Thanks when things where thin! ! !

Encluding the ICE, my children, Played on.(!!!) THE help!, When nobody else cared. Your truity shines though!


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