Wall focused on transition


— Democrat Gary Wall said Wednesday it is too early to speculate about how current sheriff's office employees will respond to his philosophies.

"I don't have any authority at that office for the next two months," said Wall, who was elected Tuesday night to replace John Warner as the county's sheriff.

"What I can say is that I look forward to working with the current administration to make things as easy as possible. I want everyone to know that things are going to be just fine."

Wall garnered 4,235 votes, or 55 percent of the electorate, in Tuesday's election. Republican candidate Garrett Wiggins received 3,423 votes, or 45 percent.

Wall said he wanted to dispel rumors that he was going to come into the office and "get rid of everybody."

"There is absolutely no cause for that," he said. "I have no intention of doing that."

Undersheriff Dan Taylor, a finalist for the vacant Hayden police chief job, said he likely will leave the office even if he does not get the Hayden job.

"Historically, undersheriffs aren't retained when a new administration comes in," he said. "They prefer the undersheriff leaves."

Wall, who chose not to announce his undersheriff during the campaign, said he still would not name someone. "I have people in mind, and I will announce that person when it becomes appropriate," he said.

Wall said he does not want to exclude anyone who may have an interest in the position.

Taylor said his primary concern for the Sheriff's office right now is ensuring a smooth transition from one administration to the next.

"I'm willing to offer my assistance to anyone coming into this office. I want to be as helpful as I can," he said. "Our biggest concern right now is our employees and ensuring that the transition will be easy for them."

Taylor said he did not know how many current employees would leave the office when Wall is in office, but did say he expects some turnover.

"It's no secret that a large number of our employees were supporters of Garrett Wiggins and Rachelle (Redmond)," he said. "Is it possible some folks will leave? Sure. Is it likely? Yeah."

Sheriff John Warner said employees went about their days as normal on Wednesday.

"Everyone came in and went to work. I think that really exemplifies what good employees we have," he said.

Warner said about 30 percent of the office's employees are expected to leave, which is typical when a new sheriff - Republican or Democrat - is elected.

"Traditionally, every time there is an election, you can expect at least a 30 percent turnover," he said. "I would say, though, that the worst thing a new sheriff can do is come in and clean house and start firing everyone. It takes time to get to know your new employees and see if they can work under your management style."


Scott Wedel 10 years, 5 months ago

I think the biggest turnover will be related to Gramnet. Gramnet has had so many ridiculous busts (Gondola, Dan Nord,,,) and so few major busts in a community where drugs are commonplace that a major overhaul of Gramnet has to be expected. And that sort of change will be an open invitation for many of the officers involved with Gramnet to leave.

And the officers that leave will probably leave on their own when they do not get the promotions they were hoping to get. Changes at the top cause a series of promotions and those that have unfulfilled hopes will start looking elsewhere to get the desired promotion.

And from a conversation I had with him, I expect he will change policies to shown greater respect for citizens constitutional rights. and more of treating citizens like how they would like to be treated.

I have long hair and the few times I've been pulled over, I usually am given the choice to let the officer search my vehicle or to get a ticket. I've let them search and find nothing because that is easier than getting a ticket. I doubt any of those officers would be happy if an officer that looked like me gave them a choice of having their vehicle searched or to get a ticket when they get pulled over for going 10 mph over the speed limit.


tooner 10 years, 5 months ago

Numbers, you are very antagonistic. I'm sure Meth is a problem out there. I read it, but I don't see it. Most things in the blotter are ridiculous anyway. I think Scott's opinion was valid. My one experience was with a sheriff tailgaiting me, backing off, rushing up to tailgate again, backing off, tailgating. What was that all about? Purely antagonizing. I see the connection.


workerbee 10 years, 5 months ago

Speaking of the war on drugs, I would recommend that you all watch The Wire, it is on HBO, but the first 3 seasons are out on DVD. One of the greatest shows I've ever seen, shows the war on drugs from the street level to the schools, to the politicians. It is the idea of an ex-cop from Baltimore, who became a teacher after 27 (or 17, can't remember) years on the force and a crime writer for the paper. Talk about an eye opening show. I think they both direct it or produce it, there are something like 50 recurring characters. Check it out.


workerbee 10 years, 5 months ago

I think it may be the other writer that was a cop? And the guy that plays the Reverend, the one that is helping Cutty with the gym, I saw that he was a huge drug king pin in real life, did something like 10 years in prison, got out and started acting on the show. I am obsessed with the show, could talk about it for days! Who are your favorite characters? I would have to say mine are Avon, Omar, Greggs, and Bunk. Oh and Bubbles too, love the way he plays the addict.


workerbee 10 years, 5 months ago

Ok nevermind on choosing a favorite. I just came up with 10 more characters that I absolutely love. I can't decide. I love them all, except Marlo, he bugs me.


goldilocks 10 years, 5 months ago

Amen to that #s. And to Scott- there may be one position turned over in GRAMNET due to the shift in Sheriff- it is a program that runs in Routt, Grand, Moffat, and jAckson counties. There is only one RCSO (Routt County Sheriff's Office) deputy that works in GRAMNET. Don't think that GRAMNET will suddenly disappear because of the new Sheriff. And I think that Wall should announce his under-sheriff now. It isn't fair to us not knowing.


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