Oak Creek still seeking new mayor

Town Board strives to set application deadline, appoint leader


Nearly a month after Oak Creek Mayor Kathy "Cargo" Rodeman resigned her position, the town still is accepting letters from residents interested in filling the vacancy.

At its meeting tonight, the Oak Creek Town Board is scheduled to set a deadline for appointing a new mayor.

Town Clerk Karen Halterman said Wednesday that she expects the Town Board to fill the vacancy soon.

The town already has received "a couple" of letters from residents, she said.

"Right now, we're still accepting letters but the (Town Board) needs to decide how much longer it will continue to accept those letters," she said.

Rodeman resigned in October after she accused three Town Board members of "lynching" her during a secret session in September. In her resignation letter, Rodeman said she could not work with the Town Board because of members' hostility.

Also during the meeting Thursday, the Town Board is scheduled to discuss selling Rodeman the computer she used during her tenure as mayor.

Halterman said Rodeman has expressed interest in purchasing the computer, but the Town Board must decide whether to sell it because it is town property.

"If the Town Board decides to sell it, it will go to bid because it belongs to the town," she said.

In other business, the Town Board is scheduled to:

- Renew the Elk's Tavern liquor license.

- Hear from Oak Creek Hockey Association representative Dina Murray regarding responsibilities at the hockey rink.

- Discuss a resolution regarding Energy Outreach Colorado, a program to help residents who can't pay their energy bills.

- Discuss a resolution regarding designated emergency response authority. The resolution would keep the town in compliance with the state's Department of Public Safety requirements.

- Hear from resident Tony Morgan who is seeking an extension on complying with town codes regarding his trailer home.

- Discuss complaints about an illegal Dumpster on Nancy Crawford Boulevard.


bluntman 10 years, 5 months ago

not exactly seeing the "difficult" you refer to, river_tam. maybe the board (in their profound wisdom) is taking a reasonable amount of time in making a decision, or merely waiting for viable potential applicants to step up. by statute, they have 60 days to appoint a new mayor, FYI.

the real "screw-up" would more likely be Cargo herself, who QUIT. and by the way, that fact has still not changed at all, she QUIT. she is the one who chose to throw a giant-sized hissy fit and resign, just because she couldn't (or wouldn't, who knows?) participate in mediation, answer a few legitimate questions, or resolve the massive CONFLICT OF INTEREST concerning her elected position and the one funded by the taxpaying citizens of Oak Creek, which she promoted and voted upon as mayor (and for which she had NO CONTRACT since May of 2005, yet was still drawing a twice monthly paycheck). but none of that really matters, does it? then the real excitement (read: drama) begins as she chooses to commit hiri-kiri in any convenient public venue and play victim for the gullible saps who will waste their time listening to her tripe. and there seems to be plenty of 'em down at the local watering hole, where she still conducts a good portion of her "business", rallying the dim-witted and naive. rumor on the street in OC is that the Bitterpuss posse is looking for some high branches from where the upstart New Kids will be treated to a complimentary "stretch".


most anyone can get a dog to play with them, if they hang a tasty pork chop around their neck. even Alexis can get a "story" by going to the same watering hole and buying some suds for the thirsty and those who are eager to talk. if you haven't noticed by now, bar-flies love to hear themselves talk. not much of a story there at all, really. a bit top-heavy on the drama, yet standing precariously on skinny bird-legs of fact, bleary-eyed and plumped up beer muscles. there is something woefully lacking so far as, ahem, "credibility" is concerned when the reporter crafts her spin from the poignant recollections of the inventor of the now infamous "jail house recall" movement, yet fails to include all relevant information.

the reporter (and editor) of this paper, for whatever reason, insist on continuing to call the executive session a "secret meeting" (a bit more titillating and dramatic, perhaps?). comments by the resigned FORMER mayor are published that are untrue at best, and far more likely, straight up libelous. congratulations, Alexis. this must be your finest hour as an alumni of the Fox News School of Yellow Journalism. the reporter, and paper for that matter, could do a whole lot better.

it's time to stop brutally flogging that old dead nag. and leave the horse alone too, while you're at it.

the curtain drops to the sound of one hand clapping



river_tam 10 years, 5 months ago

This is NOT difficult for the board to fill the mayors position appoint the Mayor pro-tem to finish the mayors term or a trustee who's term ends in 2008. Then select a replacement to fill the trustee position till 2008. Anyway, the board will screw this up too!


Hmmm 10 years, 5 months ago

Why would the former mayor want to buy the computer she used? Is there something on there that she needs and doesn't want others to know about? I'm not saying there is, I just think it's a little strange that somebody would want to buy a used office computer....especially after the fallout that took place between her and the town board. Furthermore, I would hope that the town board would not sell a computer without going through the hard drive and checking for things that should not be sold with the computer (i.e. files, account info., employee info., etc.)....that would be the real issue with selling the computer and hopefully the town board utilizes common sense and checks on those things.


bluntman 10 years, 5 months ago

just wondering Alexis; who were the three heroes that stood up to tyranny and "lynched" poor ol' Cargo? are they to be named, or merely alluded to in the typically perjorative style that has entertained so many thus far?



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