Jeff Moag: GOP fantasies


Wow. If we vote Democratic, Bush and Cheney get impeached, Nancy Pelosi becomes president, troops leave Iraq, Saddam comes back, digs up the hidden weapons of mass destruction and smuggles them across the porous Mexican border to blow us all to bits.

I'm not sure what is scarier: that the Bush administration and its Fox News minions are selling this fantasy, or that an actual person - our neighbor Kathryn Thaller, no less (Letters, Nov. 4, 2006) - is buying it.

Here's a very brief reality check: 1. Our Congressman is already a Democrat, so re-electing him won't change anything. Cleaning up the House is a task for voters in districts with Republicans to throw out. 2. The Dems won't try to impeach Bush. They don't have the guts. 3. Saddam will hang before U.S. troops leave Iraq. 4. One more time: There are no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Not buried in the desert, not in other Arab countries, not even in President Bush's imagination. He's just lying to us. 5. Mexican port security is better than ours, so it would be much easier for New Saddam to smuggle his imaginary bombs straight to the U.S. That Mexican border argument is a racist canard; the Canadian border is far longer and less secure.

Let's stick to the truth. Iraq is a real war, where real American kids sacrifice life and limb every day. That our leaders steered us into such a mess on false pretenses is reprehensible. That they will neither commit the resources to win, nor admit the defeat that is certain if they do not, is craven. That they force the blood burden of this war on an over-stretched volunteer military, while cutting taxes for the rest of us, is morally wrong.

The truth, Ms. Thaller, is that you're being lied to. We all are.

Jeff Moag

Steamboat Springs


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